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Term 6

Hello and welcome back to the final term of the year! What a year we have had, we can't wait to put in our final push before the summer. 


This term is a geographical based topic focusing on the question - 'What makes a wonder of the world?'


For this, we will be exploring the different wonders around the world including those from the original list and the modern world. Furthermore, we will be exploring the differences between natural and man made. The children will be using their understanding of history to explore when the modern wonders were built. 


In literacy, the children will be exploring newspaper reports. For this, we have made up a story about the Taj Mahal being vandalised by a graffiti artist. We've tried our best to write a newspaper report from scratch. We will be spending the next few weeks looking at the organisational features of a newspaper report and how to be more dramatic in our writing. 


In maths, we'll be working hard to build on our understanding of the key objectives for year 5 maths. This includes place value, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and fractions. 


Home Learning Opportunities


  • Spellings
  • Reading at least 20 minutes a night.
  • Maths tables target
  • Research a wonder of the world - create a poster about the wonder and present it to the class
  • Create a list of the wonders of Bristol - What do you consider a wonderful part of Bristol?
  • Collect a variety of seeds from different plants. Can you collect different seeds that use a different form of seed dispersal? 

Hello all!


It is now the end of week 3 of term 6 - we can't believe it!


This term in 5 Larch we have been very arty. As we have recently had the summer solstice, in art, we have being using clay to make our own mini Stonehenge.


In English, we have been in the shoes of a junior reporter by writing a newspaper report.


P.E has been lots of fun this term with playing inside group games such as dodgeball, gaga ball and bench ball and outside, we have been making the most of this lovely weather playing rounders.


We’ve been looking at equivalent fractions in maths and if you’re ever unsure of how to use a map, just ask 5 Larch as we’ve also been map reading.


The “wonders of the world” has been our focus this term in topic. We’ve been noting the studies of the northern lights and been in awe at the ancient pyramids.


Thanks for reading!

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