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Term 6

Start of Term 6

Our last term in primary school, was the phrase that flew into my mind as I entered the school gate. This term would (hopefully) be the best term to date. This week hasn’t disappointed.


Last week we started on a new project in maths. We had to plan an amazing holiday for Miss Price and three others. But there was a criteria to keep to. The holiday must be two weeks long between the 24th of July and the 26th of August. The holiday must be suitable for a three year old and a five year old. Other things included the flights (if necessary) can only be four hours each way. The temperature must be between 18 degrees (minimum) and 35 degrees (maximum). Finally the total cost of the holiday had to be £2300 or under. We have yet to decide which holiday is the best.

We have also started to design our own theme parks which we had £500,000 to decide on all the things we needed.


In the past week we have written two stories, of two slightly different genres. A flashback and a fear story. A flashback story is when the character(s) remember something that has happened to them in the past. A fear story is when a character(s) have to overcome a fear, a lot of the time a flashback is included in the fear story.


In RE we have been looking at how leaders inspire people, mainly looking at Aung San Suu Kyi and the political history of Burma - know known as Myanmar.


PE has provided a fresh spout of fun for some tired Year 6’s. On Wednesday we did the sprint trials for sprints on sports day (which is this this Friday). On Friday we had a session of bench ball, bench ball is when 4 players battle it out to hit a ball against the opponents benches.


In Science we have been looking at how acid alkali and neutral affects different parts of your body.


By Fred