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Term 6

Week 6


This week has all been about the beautiful country Greece.  We have learnt how to say a simple Greek phrase "Hello, we are Greece", as well as Hello.  We've seen many stunning pictures of Greece's beaches, islands, houses and historic buildings. We also learnt about the Greek Olympics.


One of things the ancient Greeks did was make clay pots to store their wine in. We to learnt how to make clay pots and we added our own designs features to them.



Greek pots

Greek pots 1
Greek pots 2
Greek pots 3
Greek pots 4
Greek pots 5
Greek pots 6
Greek pots 7
Greek pots 8
Greek pots 9
Greek pots 10
Greek pots 11
Greek pots 12
Greek pots 13
Greek pots 14
Greek pots 15
Greek pots 16
Greek pots 17
Greek pots 18
Greek pots 19
Greek pots 20
Greek pots 21
Greek pots 22
Greek pots 23
Greek pots 24

Thursday afternoon was an International show of all the countries the children had been learning about across the whole school.  We performed our Greek dance to the school and a large crowd of parents.  We loved it and we hope you did to.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
We ended the week with a lovely Greek picnic of tomatoes, olives, feta, cucumber, pitta and a glass of lime water.  It was delicious! 

Greek picnic

Greek picnic 1
Greek picnic 2
Greek picnic 3
Greek picnic 4
Greek picnic 5
Greek picnic 6
Greek picnic 7
Greek picnic 8
Greek picnic 9
Greek picnic 10
Greek picnic 11
Greek picnic 12
Greek picnic 13
Greek picnic 14

Week 5


The term is coming to an end but Willow class still have BAGS of energy and enthusiasm for lots of exciting learning!  This week we visited a church to look at the features and to become familiar with the customs of the church.  We listened to an organ, sat in the pews, made ceiling bosses and watched the priest perform a mock baptism.  We all loved it and it secured our understanding of what makes holy places special to different groups of religions.

Visit to the Church

Visit to the Church 1
Visit to the Church 2
Visit to the Church 3
Visit to the Church 4
Visit to the Church 5
Visit to the Church 6
Visit to the Church 7
Visit to the Church 8
Visit to the Church 9
Visit to the Church 10
Visit to the Church 11
Visit to the Church 12
Visit to the Church 13
Visit to the Church 14
In science we have been investigating materials based on their properties.  Our aim was to find the best material to help Brunel keep his hat dry in the rain.  We examined different materials and predicted which would be the best.  We then tested them.

Investigating materials

Investigating materials 1
Investigating materials 2
Investigating materials 3
Investigating materials 4
Investigating materials 5

Testing the materials

Testing the materials 1
Testing the materials 2
Testing the materials 3
Testing the materials 4
Testing the materials 5
On Thursday we made the most of the lasting sun before the skies opened and went on an alphabet hunt in the playground.  We worked in pairs to find all 26 letters then work out the correct order.

Alphabet hunt

Alphabet hunt 1
Alphabet hunt 2
Alphabet hunt 3
Alphabet hunt 4
Alphabet hunt 5
Alphabet hunt 6
Alphabet hunt 7
Alphabet hunt 8
Alphabet hunt 9
Alphabet hunt 10
Alphabet hunt 11
Alphabet hunt 12
Alphabet hunt 13
Alphabet hunt 14
Alphabet hunt 15
Alphabet hunt 16
We completed our week by taking part in the Bio Blitz. This was a great event where we got chance to go on a minibeast hunt as well as bird spotting.  There were experts in each of these field on hand to help us identify the minibeasts we found.  Another shared the different types of birds nests he had found and his knowledge of birds.

Bio Blitz

Bio Blitz 1
Bio Blitz 2
Bio Blitz 3
Bio Blitz 4
Bio Blitz 5
Bio Blitz 6
Bio Blitz 7
Bio Blitz 8
Bio Blitz 9
Bio Blitz 10
Bio Blitz 11
Bio Blitz 12
Bio Blitz 13
Bio Blitz 14
Bio Blitz 15
Bio Blitz 16
Bio Blitz 17
Bio Blitz 18
Bio Blitz 19
Bio Blitz 20
Bio Blitz 21
Bio Blitz 22
Bio Blitz 23
Bio Blitz 24
Bio Blitz 25
Bio Blitz 26
Bio Blitz 27
Bio Blitz 28
Bio Blitz 29
Bio Blitz 30
Bio Blitz 31
Bio Blitz 32
Bio Blitz 33
Bio Blitz 34
Bio Blitz 35
Bio Blitz 36
Bio Blitz 37
Bio Blitz 38
Bio Blitz 39
We are still working hard on our Art on the Hill creation and it is slowly coming near to its completion.  A huge thank you to all those who have helped us thus far, we certainly couldn't do it without you.

Art on the Hill

Art on the Hill 1
Art on the Hill 2
Art on the Hill 3
Art on the Hill 4
Art on the Hill 5
Art on the Hill 6
Art on the Hill 7
Art on the Hill 8
Art on the Hill 9
Art on the Hill 10
Art on the Hill 11
Art on the Hill 12

Week 3


This week has been jam packed with creative learning.  As part of Art on the Hill the children have begun their work on the class sculpture and thought about their ideas for creating their own individual pieces.  Next Wednesday will be a whole day dedicated to completing the work and getting it ready for exhibition.


The week has been a historic one we us learning about some prominent people from our past whose actions and attitudes have had great influence on the world.  First the children had the chance to learn about Queen Victoria and her incredible life - nine children; reining for over 60 years; creating a British Empire. Through artefacts, objects and photos the children had to be detectives, piecing the clues together to discover who the mystery person was, that the objects represented.  The children were fantastic, not just using the clues in front of them but applying their knowledge of what they knew about Brunel and Victorian people.


Later in the week the children had an opportunity to travel back in time, to visit another influential person.  Our time travel took us back to a time where there was a war occurring and solider's were marching outside. We were in a room were there was a stench of illness and disinfectant. A woman stood caring for a wounded solider.  The children immersed themselves in to the scene, examining the clues around them through their senses and together they discovered that they had travel back to an Victorian period. The young woman was a lady called Florence Nightgale. She kindly answered the our questions before having to return to her duties.




Our new Talk for Writing story has linked in well to our Victorian topic.  It is all about Mr Adventure who loves going on Adventures, and he to travels back to a time in a Victorian school.  Have a go at the learning the story together using our story map.



In numeracy we have been learning to share objects in to equal groups.  We worked in pairs to solve problems involving numbers and sharing.  We've also been learning about the place value of numbers and using this to understand why some numbers are bigger than others.






Please continue to bring in your homework as we are really enjoying seeing the great work done that has been do so far. 

Week 2


What a week of adventures!  We have certainly had lots of new, but old, experiences that will live on in our memories for years to come.


We started our week learning the Victorian way.  We used black paper to represent chalkboards and learnt classroom etiquette of standing when an adult enter the room, standing when spoken to and referring to an adult as 'Sir, Miss or Mrs'. There were severe consequences for those that didn't comply - the 'Dunce' hat!

This was all in preparation for our visit to Blaise castle, which was loved by all.  The children wowed the staff with their immense knowledge of the Victorian times and thoroughly enjoyed their Victorian lesson in a real Victorian classroom with a 'real' Victorian teacher.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32
Picture 33
Picture 34
Picture 35
Picture 36
Picture 37
Picture 38
Picture 39
Picture 40
Picture 41
Picture 42
Picture 43
Picture 44
Picture 45
Picture 46
Picture 47
Picture 48
Picture 49
Picture 50
We also had the fortunate experience of meeting Brunel!  He popped in to our class and we were able to ask him all our burning questions which he kindly answered.  He even had a sandwich under his hat!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

A well known school that we know is the Child of Hope school in Uganda. This week their Headteacher Mike arrived in the UK and has spent the whole week in our school, visiting us and learning what school is like here.  


Week 1


What a cracking start to our last term! The children have come back energised and raring to go.  Lots of the children solved the homework mystery of the man in black and have come in brimming with some extraordinary facts about this gentleman. Have a look at the pictures below of the homework thus far.

Brunel Homework

Brunel Homework 1
Brunel Homework 2
Brunel Homework 3
Brunel Homework 4
Brunel Homework 5
Brunel Homework 6
Brunel Homework 7
Brunel Homework 8
Brunel Homework 9
Brunel Homework 10
Brunel Homework 11
Brunel Homework 12
Brunel Homework 13
Brunel Homework 14

Isambard Kingdom Brunel has become our new favourite famous person from the past. We can't stop talking about him and sharing our facts.  We would love to travel back in time to speak with him, to ask him the numerous questions with have about his life and work. So we've penned them down just in case a rare opportunity arises!



We've also been thinking about how long ago he was alive and what else has happened in between his birth and ours. From the information we found out we created timelines. 








Timelines 1
Timelines 2
Timelines 3
Timelines 4
Timelines 5
Timelines 6
Timelines 7
Timelines 8
Timelines 9
Timelines 10
Timelines 11
Timelines 12
Timelines 13

Brunel has formed a major part of our topic as most of his incredible achievements occurred during the Victorian period.  So we have been talking about what life would have been like for children during these times, particularly the types of clothes they would have worn.  We compared them to our uniforms and other clothes we wear.




St Mary Redcliffe primary school has for many years taking an active role in supporting the Art on the Hill art trail.  This year the school will be showcasing work inspired by the artist Niki De Saint Phalle. Her vibrant sculptures were well received by the class and we took joy in sketching our favourite sculpture. 





In numeracy we have been exploring quarters, what they mean and how they can be represented.  We found this quite tricky to start with but we slowly started to get the hang of it, eventually finding quarters of large numbers. We used circular wheels of two colours to show different amounts of quarters.







We completed what has been an extremely fun but busy week of learning with an awesome sports day.  We all had so much fun, with our highlights being the sprint winners from the class: Lavell and Malak, followed closely by Billy, Isobel, Harvey and Tia. As well as Miss Pooley winning the teachers 'hopper' race! Also a thank you to the parents who took part in the races to.


Sports Day here we come!!!!













Well we hope the sun continues to shine and you all have a wonderful weekend.





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