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Term 6

Today we visited St.Mary Redcliffe Church. We met  Sarah and she told us two stories from the Bible. The parable of the lost son and the parable of the lost sheep. We acted out the story with props and she took us on a tour of the church. Later we created stain glass windows to show what happened in both stories. We have displayed them in our classroom.

SMR Chuch Visit

SMR Chuch Visit 1
SMR Chuch Visit 2
SMR Chuch Visit 3
SMR Chuch Visit 4
SMR Chuch Visit 5
SMR Chuch Visit 6
SMR Chuch Visit 7
SMR Chuch Visit 8
SMR Chuch Visit 9
SMR Chuch Visit 10
SMR Chuch Visit 11
SMR Chuch Visit 12

Welcome back from the holiday!


Our whole school theme this term is 'Colourful Cultures'. 2 Whitebeam will be learning about India. If you have visited the country or have any photos or artefacts from India please send them in with the children. 

Image result for india map

Geography. We will improve our mapping skills by locating India on a world map and looking at the physical geography of the country.

In DT we will make and taste samosas.

We will research fun facts about India and produce fact files with all we have learnt.

In Art we will model how to make a printing block in a design based on traditional patterns from India. We will use fabric to print a repeated pattern onto. 


Home Learning

  • Research the famous Taj Mahal and add to our learning wall.
  • Can you find India and locate it on a world map?
  • Learn how to make samosas and make a list of the ingredients.

Chinese Meal


Today we made a Chinese meal because our story is 'The Magic Paintbrush' which is set in China.


Our ingredients were courgette, carrot, onion, garlic and noodles and some people tried sweet chilli sauce!


Sebastian said 'It tasted better than Wagamamas'.


Megan thought the sauce was spicy and she put a little too much on.


Audrey said 'When were cutting the onions it made my eyes cry' 



Chinese Meal

Chinese Meal 1
Chinese Meal 2
Chinese Meal 3
Chinese Meal 4
Chinese Meal 5
Chinese Meal 6
Chinese Meal 7
Chinese Meal 8
Chinese Meal 9
Chinese Meal 10
Chinese Meal 11