St Mary Redcliffe Church of England Primary School

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Words we are hearing and using at Nursery



hello / good morning

packed lunch / school dinner




We are friends

We tidy up (put things back in their place)

please / thank you / sorry / excuse me

share - play with things together

take turns - you first then me

Flush the toilet and Wash Hands 

Sit on our bottoms and fold legs neatly

Listening - turn off the story in our own head and pay attention to the speaker 


Nursery Life


where do you want to learn?

what are you creating?

do you need ....?

are you feeling ....?

(sad, tired, happy, anxious, excited, adventurous)


Things we use and do


sand, water, playdough, painting, making table, construction, role play, home corner, reading stories, mark making, maths table, making table, bikes, wooden construction, sand pit, deck, stage, weaving.