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Year 3 Larch

Thursday 25th June (Tyler's birthday!)


In Science we had some Skittles and a plate with water in. It was very important that the water was still. We put the Skittle in the water and observed what happened - it's quite interesting and we recommend you try it yourself! After that we designed some investigations based on the variables we thought we could change. We've also had the results of our celery experiment where we placed the celery in different coloured water to see what happened. The red food colouring went pink at the base, the orange didn't change too much but the blue one rotted. We're not sure why but an interesting side effect was the blue food colouring water solution turned back transparent! The celery seemed to filter out the blue food colouring but unfortunately didn't survive too well.


It was Art Day this week (photos will be uploaded soon) and we have started our dinosaur sculpture. A very large thank you to our parent helper's, Aryon's Mum and Dad, Frank's Mum and Ben's Mum - we couldn't have managed without you! We mixed glue and water together to make a papier mache solution which we then covered newspaper with. this went onto our dinosaur and also the floor. Before we did our papier mache we had more help with the structure of the dinosaur model and some of us were able to put the cardboard skeleton together. Its looking pretty healthy at the moment but still a bit damp. Good job it's sunny! Whilst people were working on the dinosaur and its plates, the rest of us were designing and making our dinosaur mosaics. They're looking pretty good too!


In Maths we've been going over equivalent fractions again. We've started with fractions of shapes by finding and discovered the patterns between the denominators, numerators and the times tables that link them all together. For example, 1/4 is the same as 4/16 because of the 4 times table.


In Literacy we have been learning about the features and styles of a newspaper report. We've continued our dinosaur theme by writing about dinosaurs roaming around Bristol and London. Today we spent some time designing headlines and first paragraphs, making sure we put in the essential facts about where, who, when and what. We practised our new skills with stories about aliens and an escape at Bristol Zoo Gardens too.





Friday 19th June (Evie's birthday!)


In Maths we have been adding and subtracting capacity. We touched on adding after converting too. Capacity was introduced when we measured coloured water out on the playground in the sun! We had to measure accurate amounts and decide how to place the measuring beaker in a way that didn't distort our result. Some of us enjoyed pouring away the liquids a little too much.

Before capacity, we tried some new mental maths techniques using jottings to solve all operations quickly, this also included simplifying difficult sums. Why not test us at home?


In Literacy we've been writing our journey story. This finished with a big write where we got to create our own story from scratch. 


In PE we have been learning about cricket. We started by looking at how to throw overarm and underarm, as well as catching techniques including the guard position.


In Topic we've taken on the challenge of developing a derelict building into something that will benefit a community. We have started off with Blue Skies thinking and then started to narrow down our ideas as we learned more about the community and the limitations of the project.


In Science we've been looking at how plants transport water around themselves. We've done this by putting some celery in food colouring and water. Some celery sticks have been split and put into two different colours to see how that spreads.


Finally, we have run our Class Final Speaking Competition. It has been a very tough decision but two winners have been chosen. The winner of the boys is Thomas! The winner of the girls is Tilly! A massive well done to everyone in the class for fantastic speeches, confidence and respectful listening.






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Friday 12th June


In Art we have been designing mosaics on square paper, we will be recreating one using cut out squares in the style of our artist Niki de St Phalle. We have done many different designs from dinosaurs to wobbly monsters.


In Literacy we have been working on our journey story - Abdi and Samira - innovating on the story to create our own version by changing the places the characters have visited. We had to use adjectives, verbs, similes, paragraphs and speech.


In Science we combined some DT skills to make a model of the water cycle. This is where rain falls on a mountain, this is precipitation. This water forms streams that meet at a confluence. This makes a river. Before it reaches the sea though, trees drink the water. Sometimes they drink too much and release it through a process called transpiration. The water that reaches the sea is heated by the Sun causing evaporation. The gases rise, then cool as they are away from the heat causing condensation. This makes clouds, and rain and the cycle begins again.


That isn't all we did in Science this week because we also started our Solids, Liquids and Gases topic learning about how the particles are joined creating each state through the addition or removal of energy.


In Maths we have been revisiting our work on reading a clock face. Some of us moved onto finding the interval between times and switching between analogue and digital clocks. We have also been working on all our times tables as we have to answer 100 questions in 5 minutes. Someone has still to take the win!


In Geography we looked up British rivers using an Atlas and marking them on the map. We also learned about how rivers are formed and travel. We found the Thames, the Avon, the Severn, the Ouse and the Tweed.

Friday 5th June (Arlo's birthday!)


We have just got back in from Sports Day and we have a few sprinting champions in 3 Larch. Well done to Reuben (1st place, boys), Jude (3rd place, boys) and Yasmine (2nd place girls). A massive well done to all sprinters who took part and of course, to everyone who took part in the events. Yellow team did particularly well and took the trophy. A great way to end our first week back.


In Literacy we have been learning our new story, Abdi and Samira, which is a journey story. We have been learning how to use paragraphs for major changes in subject and time. We have also been describing a set of different locations for our future journey stories.


In Maths, we have been inverse operations to solve missing number problems for all the operations. We have also been using money to help us explore decimal points as well as record our work in pounds and pence.


In Art we have begun drawing our Niki de St Phalle version of the Bristol Dinosaur which we are hoping to turn into a real sculpture!


The class have begun presenting their different building projects for our new topic of Town Planners, which was their half term project. All have been very creative so far - great work 3 Larch!


In Geography we have been using the Atlases to find different cities in the UK based on their population size.


There should also be the animations videos uploaded, fingers crossed they are small enough to fit on the site!

Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

Friday 15th May (Ben's birthday!),


In Literacy, we have been learning about adverbs to use them in our writing. We have been practising putting them at the start of the sentence to give us another way to open our writing. We did this in our version of the Mary and Frank story.


In Art, we have finished our spider sculptures by putting lots of masking tape over them and used stickers to decorate them. The stickers were fluorescent so our spiders are highly visible.


In Computing and DT this week, we have been completing our mini beasts animation. These will be revealed on our Edison Day - no sneak previews yet! This was done by putting our sets carefully in the camera's view. We then marked this position with masking tape so if the set was knocked, we could return it. After doing this to the camera to, we took lots and lots of photos of our characters making small movements. Finally, we created music to go on our films using Otomata (which is free if you would like to play with it at home). We also played with Incredibox, just for fun (and rhythm). A few people in our class came up with very cool pattern formations on Otomata, and some interesting combinations on Incredibox.


In PE, we have been learning how to hit the ball with control so they go over the tennis nets.


In Maths, we have been measuring mm and cm, using a decimal point. To start with, we had to roll a die and guess which line showed that length. After doing so, we checked the measurement and the closest guess won! This helped us learn that millimetres are 10x smaller than centimetres. We did this using a ruler and turned our lines into full shapes. We have also been reflecting shapes using a ruler, over a mirror line, and we used the tablets to help us with our symmetry understanding.

Friday 8th May


Sadly, it was our last day of swimming for year 3 so we celebrated with a fun swim in all the groups. For group 3 this involved jumping or kneel diving off the diving board for the last time, we tried some volley shots into the goals and falling into the pool! Group 2 tried out the deep end with Mr Gomez. Group 1 had the big float out, at one point 6 of us managed to get on board at the same time until Sue or Mr Gomez tipped it over!


In PE, we've been developing our skills in tennis by practising some rallies. This is where the ball is hit back and forth between two people.


In Maths we've been comparing right angles, acute, obtuse and even reflex! We learned about parallel and perpendicular lines. We used all of this to describe some shapes.


In Art, we've been continuing our work on spider sculptures by covering the newspaper with masking tape so we can paint over it next week.


In Computing and DT, we were making our sets for our stop motion animations. We also created a stop motion animation with as many of the class as we could, involving a hungry crown.


In Literacy, we have been continuing our Rags to riches work with Mary and Frank. We have been planning our own version of the story by changing who Frank is. We've had a range of choices from pet caterpillars to wobbly tables!


3 Larch and the Hungry Crown

Still image for this video

Friday 1st May


In swimming, Group 3 were falling into the water to experience what that was like if it happened to us outside of the safety of a swimming pool. We then signaled for help by waving one arm above our heads and saving our breath for floating. We also worked on our diving by diving through hoops to try and help us keep our form straight. Some more of us tried our dives off the diving board too! In Group 2, we've been practising our breast stroke technique and breathing from side to side without using our nose. In Group 1, we have been trying to swim as far as we can without touching the bottom of the pool. We've also been playing heads, shoulders, knees and toes in the water - very hard to touch your toes in a pool without getting your head wet it appears!


In art, we have been making the spider sculptures we planned last week with newspaper and masking tape. We looked at our designs and checked which shapes we could make. The legs were made by rolling tight tubes. Then we made the body and attached the legs there. The head was connected to the body too.


In Maths, we have been learning about right angles and the main compass points, North, South, East and West. We also played a game where you had a hundred square,  rolled 2 dice and drew a rectangle using the numbers of the dice (e.g. 2 and 4 gave you a rectangle 2 down and 4 across) and the person who couldn't fit their rectangle in without overlapping loses.


In Science, we've been looking at the life cycle of plant and acted it out from seed to the plant's death. Some of us took a look at how bees see plants differently to us and recreated the plants with chalk drawings.


In Computing, we've started designing our stop motion movie about food chains or life cycles and we watched some stop motion movies made by the Year 6's when they were in Year 3!


In PE, we have been learning how to do forehand shots with tennis rackets.


In Literacy, we've started learning the story Mary and Frank which is a rags to riches story, and filled a 2 x 2 grid about Likes, Dislikes, Puzzles and Patterns. We also put actions to the story to help us remember it. Also, the following words were banned - happy, sad, angry, shamed. But don't worry, we came up with loads of superb alternatives.

Friday 24th April


In Swimming group 3 have been working on their breast stroke and diving. Oscar and Molly have both moved up to group 3 and took to the water, literally, by jumping off the diving board! Congratulations to Jake as well, as he managed a kneel dive off the diving board looking very graceful indeed! In group 1, some people have been trying to swim for as long as they could without stopping. Mahdi, Manveen and Evie managed to swim using a float with their heads in the water, good work. Group 2 have been practising their breath control whilst swimming and some of us (Frank, Yahye, Imogen and Aryon) managed four widths without stopping. Reuben, Zaeed and Jacey-Leigh have moved up into group 2. Great progress everyone.


In Maths, we have been continuing our learning about fractions, this time we focused on equivalence as well as adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. We have used equivalence to help us order fractions with different denominators.


In topic we have been classifying bugs using their characteristics and a branching database. We started off by classifying ourselves before trying a combination of mammals, bugs and plants.


In Literacy, we have been writing instructions explaining How to Play Connect 4, we used bossy verbs, time adverbials and a variety of sections.


In Art, we have been designing spider sculptures with a plan to create real sculptures out of newspaper and masking tape.


In PE, we have been learning about tennis. This week we practised our forehand strokes with our hands and a tennis ball by bouncing it then hitting it.

Friday 17th April


In Art this week we have been drawing some spiders for our topic, Are Bugs Important? We used charcoal and white chalk to create a black and white image.


In Topic this week we have been learning about deadly bugs and where we might find them! (Fortunately, not here in the UK!) We found out about a hornet (the giant sparrow bee) from Japan which is so dangerous it can kill someone with one sting that stops the nervous system.


In Swimming, group 2 have been learning how to do the correct breathing, arm and leg techniques for front crawl without any floats. Some of group 2 are even going to have a try out for group 3 next week! Group 3 have been doing back stroke, circuit training, diving skills and seeing how far we can travel when holding our breath underwater. Many of us managed a full width! Group 1 have been practising swimming a full width without touching the floor, all of us also learned how to do a starfish float on our back!


In Maths, we've been learning about fractions. In particular we have been finding fractions of numbers, 8s, 4s, and 2s (quarters and halves). We did this by dividing the amount by the denominator (the bottom number) and then multiplying by the top number (the numerator).


In Literacy, we have been playing Connect 4 so we could learn how to write the instructions for them using bossy verbs and time adverbials.


Friday 27th March


This week we have been working on our written methods in Maths by solving word problems that mixed up the four operations we have looked at.


In Literacy we have been creating an alphabet poem to develop our adjectives and noun use with a spooky theme.


In Topic we have been playing our created board games with our parents / carers and with Year 5. They gave us valuable feedback which we used to evaluate our games.


From everyone in 3 Larch, we wish you a happy holiday and hope to see you all safe and recharged come Term 5 for Are Bugs Really Important?

Things You Need to Know Term 5

Friday 20th March


Happy solar eclipse everyone! We will be taking part in a solar eclipse experience later on today, but first let us tell you about the week we have had.


In swimming, group 3 pretended we were on a sinking ship and without goggles we had to escape from a dining room. We straddle jumped in off a raised deck, swim under water after a surface dive, to get through a submerged door. After getting out of the ship, we had long swim ahead of us so we rotated between breast stroke and back floats to reach safety. In group 1 we have been revising all the work we have done so far, and Jacey Leigh and Aryon have both moved up to group 2 as a result! In group 2 we have been learning to hold our breath underwater without holding our noses!


In Maths we've been learning division through repeated subtracted and then moved on to repeated chunks of the divisor along a numberline. Some of us even divided large numbers like 156 by 14! Our method includes lots of skills we've developed over the year, including bridging.


In Literacy we have been doing our performance poems in front of the class, who were judges with judging cards. All very X-Factor without the nastiness!

There are some photos below.


In Topic we have been making our own board games in preparation for our Edison next week, where our parents and carers will be testing them out. I hope they like dare-style challenges!




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Friday 30th January


In Maths this week we have learned mass vocabulary - kilograms, heavy, scale, intervals and so on, as we have been looking at mass. We have been ordering masses by sight, feel and measure. We ordered our numbers up to 1000g / 1kg.


In Science we have still been looking at rocks, but this time we got dirty with it and went to soil! We've found out how worms can help plants grow in soil, separated soil in jars of water to see the different layers that make them up. We've examined different soil types through a magnifying glass. Looking at them today, the different layers have separated. We will also be weighing some soil we left to dry out overnight to measure how much water it holds.


In Literacy, we've been turning our researched facts into actual information texts. We are looking forward to getting these published into a full book!


In Art, we've been drawing the people on our table, sometimes with some interesting colour choices! Green and purple faces anyone? We did this because we've been learning about the French artist movement of Fauves (wild beast).


In Swimming this week, group 2 have been learning to do push and glide. Group 3 also did a bit of push and glide with forward rolls, swimming with less strokes per width and had a game of hoop water polo! Group 1 have been doing mushroom floats - we found out how hard it was to sit down on the pool floor!





Friday 23rd January


This week we have been doing loads of research on the rainforest in both Literacy and topic lessons. Here are some facts we've found out:

1) Gorillas are vegetarian (herbivores)

2) Jaguars can open their mouth so wide the top of their mouth can go to the back of their head and the bottom of their mouth can reach their neck.

3) The canopy layer there are chimpanzees, and eagles can nest here too.

4) The understory is one of the hottest, dampest and darkest places in the rainforest.

5) In the forest floor it has loads of carcasses and is very dense.

6) The emergent layer is the top layer of the rainforest and has things like butterflies, bats and small monkeys there.

7) About a fifth of the Amazon Rainforest has been destroyed.

We will be putting all our facts into a class book about the rainforest.


In Maths, our class saw how many things we could do in a minute from writing our names, hopping, building towers to collecting counters. We then estimated how many we could do in 2 and then 10 minutes. Calendars have been a focus for us this week too. We know what day our birthday's will fall on this year!


In Science, we have been learning about trace fossils and we made our own trace fossils using toy dinosaurs and play-doh. We had to discover which dinosaur went with which track. We also found out about how trace fossils can teach us many facts about creatures.


In PE, we were learning how to hold a rugby ball and pass effectively.


Friday 16th January


In Maths this week we have been learning to read Roman Numerals up to XX (that's 20), some of us even reached L (that's 50!). We did this because our focus has been time. We also made our own analogue clocks, going onto the 24 clock. We also used the netbooks to solve time problems, and looked at finding the difference between times with number lines.


In Literacy, we wrote a letter where we pretended to be explorers in the Amazon Rainforest. Afterwards we sorted an information text into features, then used the headings to layout the information page including pictures and captions. We then moved onto creating our own information page about a newly discovered animal we found in the rainforest!


In Science, we have been discovering how fossils are formed. Did you know there are 4 types of fossils: Resin (usually insects trapped in amber), Body (whole bodies, quite rare to find!), Trace (these tell us about a creatures habits), Mold (formed when bones imprint onto rock).


In Swimming group 2 have been learning to swim without moving our legs! Group 3 we were throwing and catching in the deep end, then we had a relay race carrying a ball and even did some underwater somersaults. In group 1 we were trying to float on our backs.


In Art we've been drawing pebbles with tones and the stone's shadow.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Friday 9th January


Happy 2015 everyone! We've kicked off our new topic of Let's Go On An Adventure - Brazil!

We've started by looking at why there are rainforests, the different layers, animals and plants that can be found there.


In Literacy, we've been writing a performance poem about the rainforest which is where you put actions, sound effects and rhythm to the poem. We started by listening to the rainforest and brain storming the different animals we could hear, and what they might be doing. The Macaw was Sagal's favourite!


In PE, we have been doing some Samba dancing, we all got a certificate from our coach for it! Not bad for a first go.


In Science, we have been learning about rocks - with chocolate! It might sound a bit weird, but when you eat Mars bars you can squash it into a mountain range. With Curly Wurly's, we put them in a bag and bashed them on the table - this gave us sediment. We then squashed it between our hands to make some sedimentary rock. Finally, we sat on the bag to give it heat and pressure which turned it into a metamorphic rock! We also looked at Crunchies because the inside of them is like the igneous rock, pumice which is very porous. Some igneous rock is porous because gas gets trapped in the lava which freezes into rock. We also had pink wafers, which had many layers to act as our sedimentary rock. A tasty session indeed (some children even ate the metamorphic rock, despite where it had been, but we won't say who!)


In Art this week, we drew a cake and shade in different colours based on their lightness or darkness.


In Maths, we have been partitioning numbers using Base Ten blocks. We didn't just partition them into place values though - for instance 365 could be 300 + 60 + 5 or it could be 150 + 150 + 60 + 5.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

Wednesday 17th December


This week we performed our Christmas production to our parents.

It went well and we enjoyed it. Our parents said we were amazing. We feel it is important to ensure everybody knows Tilly is fine after the unplanned tumble! We might be biased, but our class dance - Don't Want to do no Nativity, was definitely the best dance.


We also wrote some letters to Santa, we told him about how good we had been, wished him a Happy Christmas, what our Christmas wishes were (not just toy presents, some of us just wanted a bit of peace and quiet - and no that wasn't Mr Law's...), some wishes for future destinations, what we wanted to do over the holidays.


3 Larch would like to wish everybody reading our class page, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a great holiday everyone.

We have had a busy week making lots of Christmas cards for Mr Law and each other.

It was great fun using all the different resources. We learnt even if we made mistakes it was alright because we learn from making mistakes.

Thursday 11th December


This week has been a bit different to normal as we have had a big science focus!


In science, we've been learning about how different surfaces effect marbles rolling along them. We called this force friction. We also looked at another force - magnetism. To study magnetism we used magnets to measure the distance it could attract a paperclip over. We tried ball, wand, horseshoe, chip, ring and bar magnets. Fatimah's investigation showed the horseshoe was the strongest but John's investigation showed the bar magnet was the strongest. We've also tested which items were magnet and then looked at what materials they had which made them magnet.


In Computing we've taken part in our Hour of Code (with the help of Fred from Year 6, one of our Digital Leaders) and made our of Flappy Bird game. You can have a try yourself on


In swimming, Group 3 we did diving, safe entry into water and gather up floats and noodles and all sorts! Arlo managed to gather up the majority of them. We also tried to get dive sticks from the deep end. Group 3 had to do some purposefully bad swimming to see what effect their arm and leg strokes had on their energy and speed.  Group 1 played volleyball in the water, girls vs boys, the boys hit it more. In group 2 we saw how far we could swim underwater, Harry managed a bit over half a width! This was our last swimming lesson this term and we will go again on Tuesday week 2 of the term 3.


Our maths was done on Sumdog this week, which is an internet based program full of games to improve our learning.


Friday 5th December


This week we have been rehearsing for our performance, however we've still found time to squeeze in valuable learning!


In Maths, we've been doing fractions - both fractions of shapes and fractions of amounts. We've learned the words "numerator" and "denominator". The numerator tells us how much of the fraction we have, and the denominator tells us how many equal parts an item has been cut into. This is a bit like dividing!


In Literacy we've been planning, creating and finishing off our own Defeat the Monster stories. This has followed on from our Night at the Museum story from 2 weeks ago. We planned the opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending.


In swimming, group 1 practised to float and swim without a float. Group 1 also did a competition about who could blow the Egg Flips to our partner. Cheaters had to start all over again! In Group 2 we had to pass a float under water along a chain, without it popping out of the water! In Group 3, we've been learning some safety skills - self-rescue techniques - in case we end up in water accidentally.


In Science, we've been making pulleys using string, cotton reels, pencils and Newton meters. We looked at a link between grams and Newtons and how pulleys use gravity to help us lift masses (the correct word for weights!)

Friday 21st November


In Literacy we have been learning our new story - The Night in the Museum, which is a Defeat the Monster story. We have looked at the stages:

Opening - Where the main character (MC) is introduced and all is well (if a bit dull)

Build Up - MC ignores a warning + MC makes a mistake = a monster!

Problem - MC fails to beat the monster

Resolution - MC senses help. Help arrives. Monster is defeated.

Ending - Learns a lesson but hint at the same mistake being made!

Our spellings we learned about words with a y that were pronounced with an i.


This week has been Anti-Bullying, we have learned how to stop bullying and help others who are being bullied. We also took a look at what Cyber-Bullying is and how to avoid / prevent it.


In numeracy we've been doing measurements with rulers and found things that were under 5cm and others that were over 10cm. We also looked at how to work out perimeters.


In swimming we've had another change in groups. Frank has moved up to group 2 and Jake has moved up to group 3! Amazing work guys. The deep end crew did an assault course in the water too!


In Computing, we did a lot of our Anti-Bullying work and had our first go at collaborative learning using


In Topic, we tried to make buildings out of card that had to hold 20 marbles. We had many different designs and lots of successes!

Friday 14th November


In 3 Larch, we have been doing our new topic, Who Are the Greatest Builders in the World, by making buildings out of blocks with arches and domes. To help our towers get really tall, we added support to them, just like the Roman's did with their stone arch bridges! We even managed to make one taller than Mr Law!


In Swimming, Group 1 jumped into the water and some of us learned to swim a width without stopping. We need to say a special well done to Yahye as he has moved up to group 2! Group 2 we have been diving under the water to get weighted sticks off the bottom of the pool and then played Stick in the Muddy Water! To unstick people we had to dive under their legs!


In Literacy, we have been learning to start our sentences in lots of new ways: adverbs, conjunctions, time adverbials, prepositions.


In Maths, we have been doing loads with calculating! We have started the grid method for Tens X Units, some of us even did Hundreds x Units, and then we did some division by moving up in groups on a numberline.

Friday 7th November


This week we have begun our new topic 'Who were the greatest builders in the world?' but we had an interesting development. We were digging in some soil for mini-beasts and found an ancient skeleton which still had leathery skin and damaged skull.

It also had a rope around it's neck and was missing its legs and hands. We did some description work on this gruesome finding and read those out as a performance piece to the whole class.


In numeracy we have started working on multiplication using arrays to support our calculating. We've worked on the 3 and 4 times tables. Today we found an interesting fact about checking if a number is divisible by 3, ask us about it!


In literacy we have been planning a letter about the dead body to the Historical Society as we believe they will be interested in knowing about it.


We have continued our swimming this week and a big congratulations to Molly as she has moved up a group!


On Thursday this week we did some Bollywood dancing and the photos are below!

Discovering the Lindow Man

Discovering the Lindow Man 1
Discovering the Lindow Man 2
Discovering the Lindow Man 3
Discovering the Lindow Man 4
Discovering the Lindow Man 5
Discovering the Lindow Man 6
Discovering the Lindow Man 7
Discovering the Lindow Man 8
Discovering the Lindow Man 9
Discovering the Lindow Man 10
Discovering the Lindow Man 11
Discovering the Lindow Man 12
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Friday 24th October


Thank you for all your support over this term. Enjoy the half term break everyone.

I hope you enjoyed our Edison afternoon and I'm glad so many of you could make it. If you didn't, worry not, the photos for the afternoon are below.

Our topic of Electricity and Magnets has come to an end and the new topic curriculum map and Things You Need to Know letter are attached below.

Have a great break and see you in November!

Edison Afternoon in 3 Larch

Edison Afternoon in 3 Larch 1
Edison Afternoon in 3 Larch 2
Edison Afternoon in 3 Larch 3
Edison Afternoon in 3 Larch 4
Edison Afternoon in 3 Larch 5
Edison Afternoon in 3 Larch 6
Edison Afternoon in 3 Larch 7
Edison Afternoon in 3 Larch 8

Friday 17th October


This week we began the exciting task of building our pig's house. We are in groups of 3 and so far we have been painting the boxes yellow (straw), brown (sticks) and red/orange (bricks). Some of us have begun making furniture and designing doors, windows and such.


We have been doing noun phrases in Literacy and wrote an invitation to our Millionaire Pig's House Warming Party. This had many fun activities going on, with a bit of a wolf-theme about them (unluckily for the wolf!)


In Maths, we have been bridging by ten and we have been using blank number lines to work out how much change we would get after buying some goods.


In History we have been learning about Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, electric car and the phonograph. He was a millionaire by forty.


In Art we have been dotting a rainbow, this technique is called Pointillism  and next week we are going to be doing the background this will see us adding dots of plants and other items.


In Spanish we are going to find out about the names of household pets - however we are writing this just before Spanish!


In PE we have been developing a 3 step sequence with a tuck jump on a bench.



Friday 10th October


As you can see from the pictures below, the main event this week was our trip to @Bristol. Here are some of the highlights:

Ben: "One of the highlights was Build It where we got to build a big house."

Tilly: "One of my favourite things was the newsroom because you can play around in the studio."

Aryon: "One of the highlights was going inside the Mummy's womb because I liked it when the floor started to bump up and down and I saw some red lights."

Evie: "Upstairs there was a newsroom where we could make songs and videos."


There are of course, many more things that were great at the museum, please ask us about them and enjoy the photos.


In Maths we have been adding multiples of 10 and a 100. We discovered a rule for this - "The unit of the number you begin with always stay the same when adding a multiple of 10 or 100 because the multiple of 10 always has a 0 in the units." (thank you John!)


In Science we've been making pressure plates with a buzzer to make a noise. This will be used to protect our pig's houses from hungry / sneezey wolves.


In Literacy we have been identifying and using prepositions. There are quite a few of them starting our sentences in this post!


3 Larch's trip to @Bristol

3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 1
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 2
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 3
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 4
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 5
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 6
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 7
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 8
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 9
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 10
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 11
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 12
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 13
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 14
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 15
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 16
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 17
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 18
3 Larch's trip to @Bristol 19

3rd October 2014


In Maths we have been adding money together, to buy items from a toy shop, and rounding the answer to compare it to a pound.


The highlight of the week had to be the swimming we started on Tuesday, and what a massive success it was - everyone got into the water and travelled across the pool. Superb everyone! Just don't ask us about trousers.


In Computers we were trying to track down international thieves who were stealing treasures from all over the world by researching flags, money and capital cities.


In Literacy we have been writing our own Topsy-Turvy version of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and writing a wanted poster for the troll (who was totally innocent and set up by the wicked Goats Gruff!) Out story is based on our class text The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.







¡Buenos dias! This week we have been rewriting our class text to become The True Story Three Little Wolves, as told by the pig! Whilst doing this we were making the sentences in compound sentences.


In maths we've been rounding to the nearest tens and hundreds. We also looked at sequences, spotting patterns and deciding on rules. This is also the focus of our homework this week. Ask us about sequences!


We have begun our Spanish learning, starting with greetings. We've been learning good morning, good afternoon and good crisps (oops, night!) Test us to see if we remember.


In PE we learned about shape and movements as part of our gymnastics.



This week we have been playing snap! But wait, it wasn't just snap with playing cards (that would be far too easy) we have been playing snap with electrical symbol circuits. In fact, if you look at the pictures below, you will see us playing.


In 3 Larch, we've been playing with (safe!) electrical circuits and motors. We turned our circuits into professional circuit diagrams.


In Maths this week, we have been doing our two, five and ten times table! Ask us any of them!


In Literacy we have been retelling The True Story of the Three Little Pigs - this is our text this term and we're doing a great job of reciting it, complete with gestures!


Watch this space for updates on our Spanish work!

16/9/14 Discovering circuit symbols

16/9/14 Discovering circuit symbols 1
16/9/14 Discovering circuit symbols 2
16/9/14 Discovering circuit symbols 3
16/9/14 Discovering circuit symbols 4
16/9/14 Discovering circuit symbols 5
16/9/14 Discovering circuit symbols 6

In 3 Larch we have begun our topic on Electricity and Magnetism. So far, we have been focusing on the electricity side of things. This has included joining circuits together using wires, batteries and light bulbs. Some of us used motors and buttons. The most important part of the circuit was the power supply because without this the circuit would not work.


We also created our own thunderstorm. Whilst doing this we found out that if you count in seconds after seeing a flash of lightning, when you half the number of seconds before the thunder clap you will know how many miles away the storm is. The lightning bolt is when the negative ions of the cloud get close to the positive ions of the ground and the electricity arcs across them. The thunder clap comes from the lightning leaving a gap in the air which the air rushes to close, as it meets it makes the clap.


In Maths we've been making number sentences using the greater than and less than sign, as well as going through our two times table (which we are fab at, test us!)


In Literacy we have been using connectives to join simple sentences together, we've used 'and', 'but', 'because', 'meanwhile', 'yet', 'or' and 'so'!

Things You Need to Know for Term 1, Bright Sparks

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