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Year 5 Ash

Art Day

Art Day 1
Art Day 2
Art Day 3

Term 6, Week 4

w/b 22.6.15


'This week in Literacy we have been finishing off our fantastic 13th Task of Hercules stories. Most have been over two pages long!'  Verity


'In PE, we have been developing our rounders skills and using them in a game of rounders'  Samia


'On Thursday, Zoe and I participated in the speaking contest.'  Mikey

'We were each given a medal for taking part'  Zoe


'This wednesday was Art Day. We finished the Shaun the Sheep sculpture by 'mod-roc'ing it, but we haven't painted it yet.'  Daisy







Term 6, week 3

w/b 15.6.15


'This week in literacy we started to plan and write a 13th task for Hercules'  Stan


'In African drumming this week we have been practising all our rhythmns ready for the performance'  Farida


'We have been making a giant Shaun the Sheep for Art Day - in the style of Nikki de St Phalle' Tom & Mikey


'We have been finding the lowest common denominators of fractions in maths'  Sabah


'In maths we have also been learning percentages of amounts' Aideen


'In drama we have been discussing heroes and pretending to be news reporters interviewing the heroes'  Daisy


...and Joe asked very nicely for a drink  surprise



Here we are! We're back online after a long technical hitch.


So, over the past few months we have:


'...been using the formal method for division in maths'   Dylan


'...been learning a new rhythmn and song in African drumming'  Muna


'Last term we went to Bristol Zoo for our topic Do We Make the Most of What is Right on our Doorstep?'  Aideen         'We saw epic animals, like armadillos and spider monkeys!'  Mikey


'This week in Art we have been designing Shaun the Sheeps in the style of Nikki st de Phalle. This is for the Art on the Hill art trail'   Daisy


'In Literacy we have been writing Hercules Cleans the Augean Stables'  Sabah





Term 3  Week 5   w/b  2.2.2015


'In Literacy we have been writing for '500 Words', a writing competition. We have to write a story in 500 words!'   Adam


'This week in Maths we have been testing our minds to see if we can solve number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 in a time limit.'   Verity


' In P.E. we have been developing our passing, defending and attacking skills further in rugby.'  Djafar


'This week in our Topic lesson, Year 3 visited to try our shaky-hand testers. We all had fun!'  Farida


'This week we received the marvellous news that Wilf solved his Rubik's Cube in 1 minute 33 seconds!!'   Wilf  surprise



Term 3 Week 4    w/b 26.1.15


'This week in Literacy we have been rewriting 'Madam Zimara' in the first-person.'   Muna


'We have planned stories for the writing competition 500 Words.'   Daisy


'This week in Samba drumming, Silas said that we will be performing for all the parents to see. I am a bit nervous!'   Jonah


'This week in Maths we have been using the formal method to answer addition and subtraction word problems.' William


'This week in Art we have been doing writing in the style of Ben Eines.'  Aideen


'This week in DT we have been making our shaky hand testers. They all have really good designs!'  Wilf

'...ranging from Lego and gardens to Pac-Man and steam-punk!'  Dylan

Term 3  Week 3    w/b  19.1.15


'In Literacy we have been writing our Talk for Writing story 'Madam Zimera'. We created our own story maps.'  Billy


'This week we had CSI day on wednesday. Thats 'Crime Scene Investigation'. In the morning we learnt about fingerprints and footprints. In the afternoon we were investigating a crime.'   Muna


'This week in Science we learnt about different forces, such as gravity and air resistance.'  Wilf


'In maths we have been solving a dice problem, that was finding out the number with the highest probability using 2 dice.'   Evan


'We learnt some new rhythms in drumming this week using a tambourin'  Sabah


'In RE this week we have been learning about pilgrimages and labyrinths. We compared football to faith!'   Samia

The KS2 CSI Day

The KS2 CSI Day  1
The KS2 CSI Day  2
The KS2 CSI Day  3
The KS2 CSI Day  4
The KS2 CSI Day  5
The KS2 CSI Day  6
The KS2 CSI Day  7

Term 3, Week 2  w/b 12.1.15


'In P.E. this week we have been developing our dance skills - expressing the character of different cards, eg. the Joker, the Ace, the King and Queen'  Luca


'In Literacy we have been writing our own wishing stories. In my story the wish comes true!'  Muna


'In ICT this week we have been creating diagrams about the fastest, longest, steepest and highest rollercoasters. Also, we came across some very unbelievable rollercoasters, such as, a ride that breaks off from the track!'  Josh


'In Science we have been testing various materials to find out if they are insulators or conductors of electricity'   Joe


'In maths we have been simplifying fractions and finding their equivalents'   Ellie-May



Learning our topic story 'Madam Zimara - Wishes Granted'

Learning our topic story 'Madam Zimara - Wishes Granted' 1
Learning our topic story 'Madam Zimara - Wishes Granted' 2
Learning our topic story 'Madam Zimara - Wishes Granted' 3

Term 3, Week 1   w/b 5.1.15


'In maths we used thermometers to find temperatures around the classroom. We were learning about negative numbers'  - Billy


'This week in Topic and literacy we have been writing letters to George Ferguson about whether there should be a fun fair in Victoria Park'  -  Tom


'In P.E. we developed our rock and pop passes in rugby' - Samia


'This week we found out our new topic - Fairground. We are all hoping to go to a real fairgound!' - Aideen


'In science we have been completing circuits: connecting lamps, motors, buzzers and switches with wire' - Verity


'This week in Literacy we have been writing New Year resolutions and targets' - Djafar


'We have been learning in R.E. about different people's special places. Christians have churches, Muslims have mosques, Hindus have temples and Jewish people have the synagogue' - Logan



Week 7, Term 2   w/b 15.12.14


Its the end of the term and the Christmas holidays are here!

Here is a seasonal poem to get you in the mood, written by our very own Wilf.


Getting For Christmas

The elves are working, slaving away,

Whilst Santa is drinking a cup of tea from a tray.

The children are hoping to hear the sleigh on their roofs.

All of the reindeer getting ready, preparing their hooves.

Presents being loaded onto the sleigh, so big.

Gifts for St Nick being left by the fire.

Santa will soon have to leave for his journey,

First gift to deliver to a girl called Kirney.

A stomp of his feet, a tap of his nose,

In the sleigh, up he rose.

Over the huge towering hills,

Flying over the frozen water mills.

A miniature sleigh with a reindeer,

The sound of bells only believers can hear.

Floating over the barren pole,

they discover a hut with a fire burning coal.

Over night Santa finishes his work,

To get home to a cup of tea from an elf called Kirk.

But was it all over?

Oh no, it was not.

A single present of a fake baby's cot,

Over the city, over the towns,

The reindeers flew there in leaps and in bounds.

They arrived at the house just in time,

You see being late is such a crime.

He slid down the chimney

And with a wink of his eye,

The stockings filling and he let out a sigh.

His work was done, now time to get back home.

A little came from his cute little phone,

That meant he had to go back to his house.

But just before he left the town,

He bellowed out very loud




By Wilf, 5 Ash


Week 6, Term 2  w/b 8.12.14


'On Tuesday, I showed the whole school a fantastic keyboard piece in the keyboard & trumpet concert' - Billy


'This Tuesday we had the Hour of Coding, which is a national scheme to get kids around the country to do at least an hour of coding' - Luca & Sabah


' On Wednesday, we went on our school trip to the Mshed for our topic of Maritime Bristol' - Wilf


'In P.E. we had a netball tournament with different teams' - Samia


'This week in R.E. we learnt that Christians believe Jesus to be the son of God as we discussed the Nativity' - Stan & Josh


'In English this week we were preteding to be rich merchants, debating whether or not the slave trade is good' - Tanusha


Our visit to the Mshed on Wednesday 10th December.

Our visit to the Mshed on Wednesday 10th December. 1 What's in the bag?
Our visit to the Mshed on Wednesday 10th December. 2 On the dockside.
Our visit to the Mshed on Wednesday 10th December. 3
Our visit to the Mshed on Wednesday 10th December. 4
Our visit to the Mshed on Wednesday 10th December. 5 A scrimshaw.
Our visit to the Mshed on Wednesday 10th December. 6

Week 5, Term 2  w/b 1.12.14


This week... 


• we began to investigate prime numbers in Maths. 


• in Literacy, we planned and wrote our own invented stories - based on the story structure of Moby Dick. We have also started to learn how to use semi colons.


• on wednesday we had an all-day lantern making workshop. Katie and Dee from ACTA visited the class and showed us how to design and build lanterns.


• rehearsals for the Christmas performance of Puss in Boots have continued. First dress rehearsal on monday! sad

Week 4, Term 2  w/b 24.11.14


Mr Germain is glad to be back in school after two weeks paternity leave! His newborn daughter is keeping him awake at night, but he is happy to be back in class with 5 Ash.


'In English this week we have been writing our own endings to stories like Moby Dick and Treasure Island' - Stan


'This week in Topic we have made wanted posters for the evili pirate Edward Teach aka Blackbeard!' - Tanusha & Verity


'In P.E. we have been developing our skills in netball and American Football' - Kaiden


'In maths we have been adding and subtracting fractions' - Muna


'In Science this week we have been making paper boats and putting marbles in them. Then seeing which boat can hold the most marbles without sinking' - Josh



Week 3, Term 2. Week beginning 17th November


"In drumming, we have been learning a new rhythm called Son Clave." - Daisy


"In English, we were pirates sailing the seas or Queequeg in search of Moby Dick. We wrote diary entries about our experiences." - Tanusha


"In maths, we mixed up the classes and took part in different activities." - Logan


"This week in PE, we developed our American football passes." - Samia


"In drama, we practised our promotion and selling skills." - Luca



Term 2, week 2. Week beginning 10th November


"We had some very exciting news this week - Mr Germain's wife had another baby!" - Mikey and Dylan


"In maths we have been comparing fractions." - Evan


"This week on Friday, it was Children in Need and most of us dressed up as superheroes." - Wilf


"In PE, we have learned two American football passes." - Sabah


"In music this week, we wrote our own tunes to play on an online keyboard." - Verity


"In drama, we have been performing our own stories and writing what we liked about other performances." - Farida


"This week in literacy, we learnt our new Talk for Writing story, Moby Dick, with incredible actions, and wrote instructions about how to defeat him." - Samia


"In samba with Silas, we have been learning a new rhythm." - Josh


"I've had a fantastic week with 5 Ash and I was really pleased that EVERYchild was present EVERYday to work hard and have fun. Thank you!" - Miss Porter smiley




Term 2, Week 1   w/b 3.11.14


'We have learnt some well groovy Bollywood dance moves, like 'The Snake'. You put your hands together and wiggle them up!'   Daisy


'In P.E. we played netball and developed a simple pass.'   Billy


'In maths we have been learning powers of ten.'  Muna


'This week we have been told our new topic... Maritime Bristol! We were kidnapped by Captain Germain and held on his boat!'   Josh


'This week in music we have been learning new rhythms.'   Farida


'This week we have been deciding parts for our Christmas play, which this year is 'Puss in Boots'.'  Dylan


'In drama we made our own stories up and performed them in front of the class.'   Samia


'In Literacy we have been learning to write a defeating the beast story.'  Ellie





Week 8   w/b 20.10.14


'This week, in music with Silas we have been learning a new rythmn, the Afoxe, and repeating it.'    Aideen


''This week in Literacy we have been planning to write a newspaper report. I think it is fun and I can't wait to write it up properly!'   William


'In P.E., with Coach Josh, we played a football match. If you didn't want to play in the match we could play a passing game instead.'    Samia


'Im maths, we have been converting decimals into fractions. I think it was really easy to simplify the fraction by looking for common factors.'    Djafar


'In maths we have also been using the laptops to play maths games.'   Muna


'In Art we have been making either 2D or 3D sculptures using wire.'  Wilf





   Week 7  w/b 13.10.14


'This week in maths we have been learning about fractions, percentages and decimals and how they all link together'.   Jonah


'In P.E. we have been learning about healthly eating'.  Muna


'This week in literacy we have been studying a news report about a man called Victor. He had a suspected broken ankle because he tripped over a rock while hiking up Mount Snowdon. We have been writing a diary entry as if we were Victor'.    Josh


'This week in music with Silas, we have been learning how to do proper Samba rhythms'.  Daisy


'In Art we have been making looms out of CDs and wool'.   Wilf


'For Science we conducted our experiment with tin foil, cling film and bubble wrap to see which was the best insulator. In the end it was bubble wrap'.  Tanusha



Week 6    w/b 6.10.14


'This week we have been learning the inverse operation of multiplication, the formal method of division.'  Farida


' This week in Literacy we have been publishing our invented stories and making a front cover for them.' Tom


'In Science we have been planning an investigation on what keeps ice lollies coolest. Bubble wrap, tin foil or cling film?'   Verity


'In P.E. we have been learning how to catch the ball from left and right, as a goalie.'  Stan


'In maths we have also investigated division were the answer always equalled 11.'  Samia


'In music, with Silas, we have learnt a new rhythm and a vocal break.'  Tom


Week 5  wb/ 29.9.14


'In maths we were multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.'  Verity


'We went to @Bristol science musuem. Unfortunately, Mr Germain missed the trip because he was ill.'  Dylan


'In Literacy we wrote a newspaper report of our trip to @Bristol.'  Djafar


'Also in Literacy we were planning a story based on a picture of an abandoned city.'  Tanusha


'In P.E. we have been defended and tackling but not hurting each other!'  Samia


'In art we have been learning how to draw circles accurately in different colours' Ellie

'In maths this week we have been investigating patterns of numbers when subtracting.' Muna


'We were using column and number lines.' Anas


'Our topic is Mysterious Materials. We had a pot of pasta, sand and paperclips. We used a sieve to separate the sand and then used a magnet to separate the paperclips into another pot.' Tanusha


'In P.E. we have been developing our shooting skills and dribbling skills.' Samia


'In literacy we have been making up our own characters and a setting for our story called The Abandoned City.' Logan


'In art we have been mixing colours and making marks.' Aideen


'In drama we have been creating our own characters and showing their emotions.' Farida



'This week, on monday, in science we were learning whether solids dissolved' - Aideen


'In maths we have been learning about place value, rounding and word problems.' - Dylan


'On thursday, Silas taught us some Brazillian music!' - Samia


'We used tambourims, agogos, hepernikis and cashas. We also used surdus.' - Mikey


'In Engish we changing bits from the story and made our own innovated stories.' - Muna


'In history we have been learning how the bike has changed throughout the decades.' - Verity


'In P.E. we have been improving our dribbling skills and passing skills and starting to learn how to shield.' - Josh

Salsa & samba!

Salsa & samba! 1
Salsa & samba! 2



We've had our first full week in 5 Ash and its been a busy one!


'This week we have been learning a new Talk for Writing story, The Talking Skull.' - Aideen


'We have been getting to know our AMAZING new teacher Mr Germain more this week.' - Josh


'In maths we have been learning place value and rounding.' - Samia


'In music we made up our own beats to words.' - Ellie


'We played football and rugby in PE' - Sabah

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