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Year 5 Hawthorne

Friday 19th June 2015


"This week we planned a science experiment involving how water travels through materials." (Christina)


"This week we delivered our planned speeches. Congratulations to both Lyra and Will who will be representing Hawthorn." (Yousef)


"In maths we have been ordering fractions." (Lily-May)


"On Wednesday we invited Teacher Mike into our classroom and shared our learning with him." (Houf)

Wb 1st and 8th June 2015


"This week in literacy we have been learning about modal verbs." (India). "We use these to stress the sentence." (Lilly-May).


"In maths we have learnt to find fractions of a whole number". (Rocky and Yousef)


"In art we have been starting to design our Shaun the Sheep sculpture in the style of Niki de Saint Phalle." (Kitty)


"In PE we have been practicing our cricket and athletics skills." (Ilyaas)

Map reading around our community!

Friday 8th May 2015


WOW, what a week it has been, possibly one of the greatest!


"On Wednesday we went on an educational trip to Bristol Zoo and Gardens. We were able to hold different animals and sort different plants into groups based on their characteristics." (Audrey)


- On a side note Audrey, I would like to congratulate year 5 and the parent helpers for braving the horrendous conditions.


"This week we have been consolidating our understanding of the formal methods for both multiplication and division." (Luke)


"In literacy we have started to invent our lost and found stories." (Najma)


"This week we have started to learn our spring show's a real winner.....we hope!" (Ilyaas)

Friday 1st May 2015


"This week in literacy we've been using MAPOS to improve the description in our story." (India)


"Yesterday we held our amazing sports day. My favourite event was the javelin throw." (Yousef)


"On Wednesday we had Alex and Elspeth come into our school to help us grow wild flowers. They work voluntarily for Victoria Park so that they can improve the environment around us." (Lyra)


"This week we have been learning to use the formal method to solve division problems." (Will)

Friday 17th April 2015


"It has been an amazing start to the term!" (Kia) "I can't believe it's gone so quickly!" (Rhiena)


"Today in maths we have been working tremendously hard to solve multiplication problems using the formal method." (Kitty)


"This week in science we have been dissecting flowers and learning the functions of each part." (Rudy)


"This week some people have been participating in lessons with Sara Jane to practice poetry. Next week they will perform their poems to a live audience." (Jess)


"In literacy we have started our new story which has a 'lost and found' theme." (Yousef)


In addition to all of this, Hawthorn would like to congratulate Audrey for progressing into the second round of the 500 word story competition. Her story was chosen from a group of 120'000 and will compete against 3'800 others to get into the next round. Fingers crossed!

Friday 13th March 2015


"On Thursday, during independent writing time, we wrote our versions of The Highwayman using modern vocabulary and twists". (Beth)


"Yesterday the year 3's came to visit us to play with our fairground rides". (Alex)


"On Tuesday, in maths, we started measuring shapes to find the area and perimeter." (Kitty)


"This week we reviewed our understanding of light in science". (Houf)


"Today is Red Nose Day so most of us have decided to use face paint to make our faces look hilarious!" (Shaniya)

Friday 20th March 2015


"This week we went to Weston Super Mare to visit the Grand Pier. We learnt about the history of the Pier and we went on all the rides!" (India)


"Today we got to see the amazing solar eclipse. We had to wear these special glasses so that we could see it." (Kia)


"In literacy we have been planning and writing our own 6th stanza for the Highwayman poem." (Abi)


"In maths we have been learning to read 12 and 24 hour time and finding differences between times." (Rhiena)


"This week in art we have been practicing our drawing skills by illustrating sections of the Highwayman poem." (Rudy)

Friday 27th February 2015


"This week in literacy we have been learning how to write an effective set of instructions. We worked in groups to write about how to make a paper aeroplane. We then tested our instructions." (Lily-May B)


"In maths we have been learning how to draw and measure angles. We tested how many degrees there were in quadrilaterals and triangles." (Rocky)


"In topic we've been reseraching and planning our fairground rides." (Abi)


"In music we've started to learn how perform African drumming." (Yousef)

Friday 6th February 2015


"This week in literacy we have been writing our 500 word stories. To enter the competition we have started to type up our tales". (Lily-May B)


"In maths we have started our termly installment of 'Jess Wins'. This is a place value game and the winner is the person who makes the biggest number using a dice......who will be the next winner?" (Amos)


"In PE we have been practicing our hockey skills - particuarly our shooting, goal keeping and tackling." (Audrey)


"In science we invitied year 3 to come and play with our shaky hand testers." (Ethan)

Friday 30th January 2015


"This week we were told that we are entering the BBC Radio 2 500 Word competition. We are very excited for the outcome!" (Lyra)


"In maths we had Liz Hopkins (our maths expert) come into our class and help us to complete an investigation to do with subtraction." (Will)


"In topic we have been making our shaky hand testers. Next week year 3 are going to be coming in to play with them!" (Jess)


"This week we have been measuring and estimating how far objects fly when being fired from a catapult." (Elijah)

Friday 23rd January 2015


"On Wednesday we had a day on learning about Crime Scene Investigation. A company called PULSE came in and taught about forensic science." (Najma)


"On Thursday, we typed our Madam Zimara stories. I really learnt how to use punctuation on a keyboard". (Rudy)


"Today, in RE, we discussed how labyrinths are used a special jounrey of reflection prayer." (India)


"In PE, we've been learning how to pass a hockey ball with control." (Ilyaas)

Friday 16th January 2015


This week we have........


......"been converting decimal numbers into fractions". (Alex)


"This week in literacy we have been learning our new wishing tale". (Lily-May B)


"In literacy we have independently completed our cold task of a wishing tale". (Lyra)


"In science we have been connecting electrical circuits using materials that conduct electricity". (Nifemi)


"In RE we have been talking about special journies". (Rocky)

Friday 9th January 2015


This week we have.......................


"........been rounding numbers in maths. We have also learnt about negative numbers with temperature". (Amos)


"We had a debate about whether a fairground should be put in Victoria Park. The overall vote drew a NO decision from 5 Hawthorn". (Audrey)


"In RE we have been discussing what places are special to us". (Shaniya)


"During science, we experimented with simple electrical circuits and finding ways to make them work". (Houf)


"In literacy, we planned and wrote letters to ourselves to open in January 2016. We discussed our targets and hopes for this year....let's hope they come true!" (Kia)



Thursday 4th December 2014


"This week in maths we have been finding out about prime and composite numbers". (Jess)


"In literacy we have been learning to use semi colons as well as inventing our own beast stories". (Luke)


"On Monday we researched about the history of Bristol harbour and how it's changed throughout time". (Beth)


"This week we have been looking after the cutest guinea pigs in the world! Yesterday we had the chance to give them a hug and a stroke". (Ethan)

This week we have..............................


  • Planned and written our very own Moby Dick endings.


  • Converted mixed fractions into improper fractions (and vice versa). We have also started to learn how to add and subtract fractions that have different denominators.


  • In topic we have conducted a science experiement on making paper boats that can carry the most amount of weight. Additionally, we discussed how slaves were treated during the triangular trade.


  • Finally, we played our termly parition maths game. This term the winner was Jess who defeated Yousef in a thrilling final.

Friday 21st November 2014


"This week in literacy we wrote our Moby Dick stories" (Anais)


"In maths we have been finding the common denominator as well as starting a new tournament of 'Najma Wins'". (Lilly-May HS)


"In addition to this we had a very special visitor who allowed us to play maths games". (Rudy)


"On Wednesday we made lanterns in the form of insects using plastic bottles and recycled materials". (Yousef)

Friday 14th November 2014


"Today it is super hero day where everybody has chosen to dress up as a hero of their choice. This is to raise money for Children In Need". (Lucie)


"In maths we have been finding the common denominator and ordering fractions". (Yousef)


"This week in literacy we have been learning to add relative clauses to our sentences and we have been learning our talk for writing story, Moby Dick". (India)


"This week in topic we have been piecing together a map that was used to symoblise the slave trade. We also investigated how Bristol played a part during this time in history". (Rudy)

Friday 7th November 2014


"This week we have been learning about the power of ten. For example 10 to the power of 1 is 10. 10 to the power of 2 is 100. We have used this knowledge to add and subtract from large numbers". (Rhiena)


"To kick off our new topic Mr Fry dressed up as a pirate and took us on a trail of life as a pirate. From this we planned our stories about defeating a monster". (Malachy)


"In literacy we have written a story using similes and metaphors". (Kitty)


"Finally, we did some Bollywood dancing to celebrate Diwali". (Shaun)

Thursday 23rd October 2014


"In science we have been investigating how to separate gravel, sand, salt and water. We discussed we need to use a sieve, filter paper and evaporation". (Will)


"In literacy we have written a non-chornological report about Mr Fry who fell out of a tree whilst trying to save a cat (not actually true, just pretend)". (Sarah)


"In maths we have been learning to turn decimals in to fractions. We have also learnt how to simplify fractions using common multiples." (Elijah)


"Also in maths we have been measuring  length and converting the measurements into different units of length." (Abi) 


I can't believe it's the end of term 1! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with you about mysterious matierals. Go home, have a great half term and stay safe! Prepare yourselves for Term 2!  smiley

Friday 17th October 2014


"In maths this week we have been multiplying and dividing numbers using the formal and grid methods". (Nifemi)


"This week in literacy we've been investigating the features of a non-chronological report". (Malachy)


"In science, we have been doing an experiement to see which materials keeps ice cream from melting the longest". (Christina)


"Finally, we were able to use the new laptops whilst researching about our black history hero, Norbert Rillieux". (Ilyaas)

Friday 10th October 2014  #Greatweek!


"This week we have been writing our invented warning stories. As a way of celebrating our progress, we have edited and published our stories". (Rhiena)


"We have been learning about the formal method in division. Additionally, we have noticed patterns in division problems". (Rocky)


"In science we have been planning an investigation about which materials are the best thermal insulators (slows down the rate in which ice cream melts)". (Lucie)


"This week in outdoor PE we have been using the skills that we've acquired over the past 5 weeks to play games of football in small teams". (Referee Luke)



Monday 6th October 2014


Sorry for the delay......last week we......


"Last week we went to @Bristol and explored around the exhibits. We also spent time in a workshop and learnt more about how particals form together...we now know alot more!" (Lyra)


"In literacy we planned our invented warning stories." (Kitty)


"In maths we multiplied numbers mentally using our understanding of place value." (Houf)


"Also in maths we investigated the sentence 'If I know that......., then I know.......because......." (Lilly May HS)



Friday 26th September 2014


"This week we have been investigating subtraction rules; for example if you take an odd number away from an odd number the answer will be even". (Najma)


"We have also been planning our invented warning stories using a story board." (Amos)


"In science we have been learning to separate different insoluble materials." (Shaniya)


"Today we finished our place value championship where players competed against each other to roll a dice and generate the biggest number. Happily, Najma came out victorious! Well done Najma from Hawthorn class." (Shaun)


Yet again Hawthorn, you have staggered me with your learning this week. Together we have learnt a whole heap of information and battled hard to solve tough investigations! Mr Fry and Mrs Allies. frown

Friday 19th September 2014


This week we have been learning........


"Today we have been learning to write a short story based on the 'Talking Skull'" (Elijah)


"In English we have been planning and writing our own innovated stories". (Jess)


"In maths we have been using column addition to solve word problems. Additionally, we used our using and applying skills to solve various investigations." (Will)


"In science we did an experiment to test whether sugar, flour and sand dissolves in water." (Audrey)


5 Hawthorn, I want to take this opportunity to say you have worked your socks off! Thank you for taking risks with your learning. smiley

Friday 12th September 2014


"In maths we have been learning about place value and solving problems that involves rounding". (Kia)


"In writing we have learnt our new text, The Talking Skull". (Ethan)


"During science we have been exploring suitable materials for a new sustainable carrier bag". (India)


"In PE we have been learning how to pass and dribble a football". (Yousef)


"Lastly, we discussed the importance of passwords in ICT. We learnt the best way to make a password and how to keep it safe". (Lily May B)

Friday 5th September 2014    frown


What an amazing way to kick off the new year! This is what the children of 5 Hawthorn had to say........


"During our writing sessions we wrote a recount about our holidays" - Abi


"In maths, Mr Fry gave us a hard challenge of putting sheep into pens" - Ilyaas


"In English we wrote a cold task, a warning story" - Rudy


"In science, we started our new topic, Mysterious Materials. Additionally, we've began to investigate the different properties of a range of materials" - Anaïs


"Finally, we started tables clubs and we found it really challenging" - Beth

Term 3 and 4 - The Fairground

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