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Term 5 -Knowledge Organiser

Knowledge Organisers

Today we have been investigating to see which materials would be the best to protect Attendance Ted in the rain.  We made our predictions based on our knowledge of the properties.  We were very surprised to find that all the materials were waterproof! We did decide that we might have to test them a bit more, by pouring more water on them for a longer period of time. Maybe this is something you can do at home and tell us what you discovered.

Being Victorians

We have had the most enjoyable day as Victorians. We learnt so much about a Victorian school day.  First we did some morning exercises followed by handwriting practise. We learnt about Queen Victoria's empire and the some of the countries that she ruled over and learned the national anthem.


Outside we enjoyed learning some games like: 'Queenio'; Oranges and Lemons; Ring a Ring o' Roses, as well as playing with quoits, hoops and skipping ropes.


For lunch we had a chunk of cheese, baked bread, grapes and a cake - nothing like the world cuisine that is on offered now!


Finally we split in to girls and boys and had separate lessons.  The boys did some maths while the girls leanrt how to weave and sing.



Week 2:

Another busy week gone by.  We have continued to learn and discover what life was like in Victorian times. This week we have looked at what Victorian toys were like and compared them to our toys together.  We have also seen what children wore to school in the Victorian times and how this differs to the clothes we wear to school now.


One of the highlights of our week was our trip to the Synagogue on Wednesday. It was great to go inside another place or worship and learn what it is like to be Jewish.


Next week will be celebrating the Victorians on Thursday with a special Victorian Day! On this day we will be learning like the Victorians, so we would like the children to dress up like a Victorian child (please check your emails for more information). 

Victorian Toys and Uniform

Week 1:

 Welcome back! Happy new year!


We are thrilled to have the children back in class full of energy ready to kick-start the new Term!


We have begun our new topic all about the Victorians. We have begun exploring what life was like back then by looking at objects and artefacts, as well as comparing how things were now and then.  We have visited the park and stood in the exact places that photos had been taken during the Victorian times and compared the similarities and differences.  


Please can you make sure you child has their PE kit in school by Monday and that they bring their book bags every day.


Please continue to read with your child daily and make use of their Reading Buddy for additional reading books.


On Wednesday we will be visiting the Synagogue so please ensure that you have sent in your permission slips and funds to cover the coach cost.





We hope you all had a fun festive break and are ready for another busy term. 


This term our topic is called 'Children Past and Present', we will be learning all about life in the Victorian times and in our English our text will be 'The Grotlyn' which will base our writing around. 


We have lots of exciting learning planned!


On Wednesday 15th January we will be getting a coach to Bristol and West Synagogue to learn abut the Jewish religion and how they celebrate special events.


Included on this page is this term's Knowledge Organiser, please use this to support your child in their learning at home but particularly helping them to understand and use the key vocabulary. 


Our PE days have changed and will now be on a Wednesday and a Thursday. Indoor PE will be indoors and this term it will be dance. Outdoor PE will be on a Thursday and the children will be developing their skills to hit, catch and throw.  Children can wear leggings or tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE, but please ensure that they are black.


We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 7th January.


Today we have enjoyed learning about Somalia.  We've learnt about some of the things that are special to Somalia. Did you know frankincense and myrrh come from Somalia? We created factfiles full of information, did some threading to create a class picture frame in the style of a Somalian woven mat, and we've made and cooked some Malawah (Somalian pancakes).

Life Skills Day - Table Manners and Knife and Fork Skills


We have had a fun time learning how to correctly use our knives and forks.  We learnt how to scrape food on to our folks, lift and then eat the food without dropping it. We also learnt how to cut up food by using a forward and backward motion. Take a look at our pictures to see what we got up to.    Please help us to keep practising at home so that we can keep getting better.

On Wednesday we enjoyed a whole day of art learning about Luicenne Day, one of Britain's most influential textile designers. We created collage opaque butterflies.  

Art Day

Art Day 1
Art Day 2

Hello and welcome to Year 1!


We hope you've all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to the delights of Year 1!


We have been planning the transition from Reception to Year 1 carefully taking in to consideration the way in which the children had been working and learning in the Early years.  We have therefore decided to adopt elements of a play based approach to the structure of this term, to allow the children to explore and get use to their new environment, as well as to enable them to move forward with their learning. 


We have been truly amazed by the children's enthusiasm and positive attitude these first few days. 


Our topic this term is 'Somalia'.  This is a geography based topic which will enable the children to learn about Somalia, as well as other countries in the world.  We will learn the names of the continents, as well as compare similarities and differences between places. We will share more with you about the things we have discovered as the term progresses.  If you have any information, photos, souvenirs relating to Somalia or any other country, we would love to share these with the children.  


Hawthorn Team:

Monday/Tuesday - Miss Shreeves

Wednesday - Miss Mullholland

Thursday/Friday - Mrs Slinn

Ms Cornelius is the LSA in class everyday


We are aware that the children will have many adults which they will be working with, and we wish to assure you that  we have all worked very closely to set and establish the routines for the class and will ensure that there is consistency throughout the week.  All information is and will be shared daily and actions agreed together.    


PE - Mondays and Thursdays.

Please make sure your child has the correct PE kit (black shorts/leggings; plain white t-shirt, black daps or black trainers) and all items of clothing are labelled.  The children will be encouraged to change, dress and keep their clothes safe.  You can help with this by teaching your child how to fold and put their uniform away each night.


PPA - For 1 hour every Tuesday morning Miss Shreeves will have her PPA time. The children will do Art during this time with Ms Cornelius and Mrs Lane (Willow's LSA). 

Mr Germaine will be joining Miss Shreeves on a Monday afternoon to teach the children ICT skills.


We are always looking for people to help out in class, so if you can spare some time each week, we would love to have you. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see us at the end of the school day or make an appointment to talk to us during another time. 


The Hawthorn Team!