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1AN Ash

Term 5


This term our topic is 'Water World'.  To kick off our topic we enjoyed a fantastic trip pond dipping at Windmill Hill City Farm.  We learned so much about pond habitats and found all sorts of creatures, including tadpoles, a newt, fresh water shrimp and leeches!  In our literacy and science lessons, we have been learning about the characteristics of fish and amphibians and have even imagined what we would say if we were a frog. 


Ash Class have also been learning about the seasons and tracking the changes in weather each day on our weather charts.  We loved spotting the signs of spring on our trip to the farm.  We saw primroses, cherry blossom, as well as little lambs and kids! 

Welcome back!


It has been a fast paced week, with a lot learnt and lots enjoyed.

We kicked of our Starry Night topic this week with the arrival of a very valuable painting - a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.  It looks stunning framed and hanging in our room.  We've loved looking at other paintings by this artist as well as learning some interesting facts about him.  Through this topic we will experience what it's like to create beautiful paintings in a similar style to Van Gogh.


In maths we have been partitioning numbers in to tens and ones.  We've been looking at numbers to 50, and counting in tens and then ones using a range of practical resources.  This will continue next week.


We had a wonderful celebration at the start of the week, celebrating the year of the Dog for Chinese new year.  


Please take a look at our home learning grid and share some time exploring some of our areas of learning for this term.


Week 3

This week we have returned to the mischievous world of Anansi. We heard about a new tale: Anansi and the Tug of War. You can watch it together here:

Through this story we will be learning to recite it and perform it. This will enable us in the weeks to come to write the story and make some changes of our own.  So far we have begun to create our own story map to help us.


In Science, we have been learning all about reptiles and what makes them different to mammals and birds. We created posters and in teams created large reptiles such as snakes, crocodiles and lizards. 


In Maths we have been working really hard to recall our number bonds for making 10.  We have been using this to help us to make 20. So If we know 3 + 7 = 10, then 3, + 7 = 10 = 20.  We took this even further to add our 10 to one of the numbers so: 13 + 7 = 20 or 3 + 17 = 20.  You can continue to help us with this at home by given us challenges to solve.


A reminder that PE this term will be on Thursday and Friday.  

This week we have been learning how to skip.  For some of us this was quite a challenge, but we didn't fear going in to the learning pit and after some practise we began to climb out!


Week 1 and 2


Welcome back!


Our topic this term is Stories from Around the World.  This will see us travelling to several different continents to listen to and learn about the stories they have.  So far we have be amused and entertained by the cheeky, sneaky spider that is Anansi, who comes from both Africa and the West Indies. Anansi spins his web of stories which are clever and sometimes naughty, but always very funny.  You can enjoy these stories at home by Googling Anansi stories. We have immersed ourselves in to Anansi's world by retelling his story of Anansi and the Turtle through drama; looking at how it feels to be Anansi and Turtle as well as choosing the parts of the story we liked most to write about. 


We had a wonderful time at the theatre watching a modern twist on the story Little Mermaid, by Hans Christain Andersen who was from Denmark. We not only loved the show, but also enjoyed our journey there and back on the 'banana' bus!


Our value this term is Perseverance a perfect complement for the beginning of a new year, new hopes and dreams.  We will be pushing ourselves to overcome challenges whether big or small, remembering not to give up!


In RE, we are beginning to look at what things are special to us. Thank you for sending things in to share. We will talk about what makes it special to us and how we look after them. This will lead in to us learning about the special things that Jewish people have which are special to their religion.


In Geography, we have begun learning about the seven continents and knowing which continent Great Britain is part of. We have learnt a song (to the tune of frere jacques) to help us remember the names:

Europe, Asia,


North America

South America

Then there is Antartica

Don't forget Ocenia

Seven continents

Seven continents


In Science, we have been learning about animals and the different groups that they can be classified in to. So far we have learnt about mammals and birds and what features they have.


In Maths, we have been using our knowledge and understanding of tens and ones to add a single digit to a number.  We have used Tens frames to help we our calculations.

Term 1


We are now very settled in to Year 1 and are becoming very busy learners.  

We have kicked of our term's topic all about Pirates.  We've become pirates thanks to the help of a theatre workshop and we've learnt all about the jobs pirates do on-board their pirate ship. We've been linking our writing to this topic by writing pirate facts and pirate descriptions. 


This term we are also learning all about our bodies.  We are learning about the different parts of our bodies and how they help us. We will also be finding out more about our 5 senses and why these are important. Please feel free to share any books or posters you have.


Our Maths so far has been exploring place value.  We are making sure we are secure at knowing all about our numbers up to 10. We've solved problems and started to try and explain how we have discovered the answers to these problems. Please help us at home to always make sure our numbers are written correctly and even challenge us to tell you three different facts about one of the numbers to 10!


In RE we are learning about the Creation story. We've worked together to create a beautiful collage picture of all the days combined.  We'll continue to explore our wonderful world during the term.


During PE this term, we will be creating a dance linked to our pirate topic.  We may be in need of some costumes, so if you have any that we may use, we'd be very grateful.  We shall look after them and return them to you.


Please help us to read at least three times a week.