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1MS Hawthorn

This week we have begun learning a new story called The King of the Fishes, all about a poor fisherman called Li.  We have created actions to help us learn the story and we have speaking it out loud together.  We've explored what wish Li would ask for, as he has only been granted one by the fish. We've also been imaginative, creating a visual image of what this magnificent fish might have looked like.


In maths we have been learning to share amounts equally and solving problems involving sharing.  You can help us at home but getting us to share out cutlery and food at mealtimes.


In PE we have been learning some new dance moves for folk dancing.  This week we worked in pairs to say hello through different movements.  We have also been combining moves to make a short dance sequence.  Due to the weather we weren't able to do our PE outside with Akele, so instead we played lots of fun team games indoors.


Let's hope the sun comes back soon!

Wow what a difference the sun can make to a week!


Well we have had a lovely start to the term and particularly a lovely start to our new topic - Water World.  We dived straight in with a wonderful trip to Windmill City Farm, where we had a great time pond dipping.  We saw lots of tadpoles, pond snails and pond skaters. This was a perfect insight in to the underwater world of ponds. We also enjoyed visiting the animals at the farm. On our return we learnt about amphibians, what features they have and how they are different to mammals.  We learnt how frogs change the types of things which they do to survive.  Later on in the week we begun to learn about fish and even though they live in water they are very different to amphibians.  Today we learnt all about the angler fish.  We are becoming great experts, test out our knowledge! A huge thank you to Caolan and his family for the loan of their spectacular mural of a squid.


In maths we have been learning our 2s, 5s, and 10s and using this knowledge to help us create equal groups of objects.  We've also been learning how to represent these groups using repeated addition statements as well as multiplication facts (4 x 5 = 4 groups of 5)


In PE we have been listening to folk music and begun to learn some movements and routines.  This week we explored movement and following in chains.  Outdoors we have been working with Akele again, practising our throwing and catching and today we were learning how to aim and bowl at a cricket stump. Please could you make sure that a suitable PE kit is in school, so white t-shirt; black shorts; black daps.


Our value this term is 'Service'. so we have been reflecting on how we serve our school in the way that we behave and learn.  


Enjoy the wonderful weather.

And that's the end of yet another term!


It has been crammed to the full with lots of lovely learning.  We have become true artist this term, learning all about the famous Vincent Van Gogh, as well as Frida Khalo. We've painted, sketched and printed like true artist.


We've expanded our maths knowledge and can now count in 2s, 5s and 10s quite confidently, we will continue to practise this next term, hopefully mastering counting back in these ways.  We've learnt how to compare and measure lengths and heights using dienes and rulers.


We have finished our RE topic all about Judaism.  We learnt why and how Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah and even made our own Challah bread.


Today, we have danced and danced. We've learn fun new songs, as well as some funky new dance moves, all in the aid of Sports Relief. We also enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in our PJs watching Captain Underpants - Tra la laa!


Have a fun and hopefully at some point restful Easter break.  

This week, we learnt how to screen print with the artist Simon Tozer.  We created beautiful screen prints of sunflowers.  We hope you like them as much as we do!  It is not long until curriculum afternoon, so we have been getting ourselves ready for it.  We can't say to much, but we are sure you are going to like it.


In maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers.  We have been sorting numbers and investigating what happens when you add - odd + odd; even + even; even + odd.  You can continue to help us at home. Just write or say a number and we have to decide if it's odd or even, but most importantly we need to say why we know.


In RE we finished learning the story of Hanukkah.  We really enjoyed this story and loved how the small number of Maccabees managed to defeat the large Greek army.


We have been moving and singing to some very funny silly songs, thanks to the site Go Noodle.  You can access this at home and it's free to join and take part  We'll be dancing away next Friday for Sports Relief, so this is a great way to get started.


We are truly blossoming in Hawthorn class! Over the last couple of weeks, we have continued to explore and learn about Vincent Van Gogh.  We've developed our drawing and sketching techniques to create wonderful replications of some of his famous paintings.  We have also learnt about a new artist, Frida Khalo.  We compared the similarities and differences between her work and Van Gogh's.  She to has inspired us to create strikingly bold, colourful pictures.


The value this term is Justice.  We investigated how historical people fought for justice, through their fights for fairness.  Rosa Parks was a great believer in fairness and we learnt about her struggles in life, but most importantly about her memorable bus journey.  We learnt what it was like to be treated unfairly through a game of snakes and ladders, were one team had an advantage.  From this we gained an understanding that fairness gives everyone an equal chance in life.


In Maths we have been counting in 2s and solving problems ivolving our 2s times tables.

Welcome back!


It has been a fast paced week, with a lot learnt and lots enjoyed.

We kicked of our Starry Night topic this week with the arrival of a very valuable painting - a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.  It looks stunning framed and hanging in our room.  We've loved looking at other paintings by this artist as well as learning some interesting facts about him.  Through this topic we will experience what it's like to create beautiful paintings in a similar style to Van Gogh.


In maths we have been partitioning numbers in to tens and ones.  We've been looking at numbers to 50, and counting in tens and then ones using a range of practical resources.  This will continue next week.


We had a wonderful celebration at the start of the week, celebrating the year of the Dog for Chinese new year.  


Please take a look at our home learning grid and share some time exploring some of our areas of learning for this term.

Welcome back!


Our topic this term is Stories from Around the World.  This will see us travelling to several different continents to listen to and learn about the stories they have.  So far we have be amused and entertained by the cheeky, sneaky spider that is Anansi, who comes from both Africa and the West Indies. Anansi spins his web of stories which are clever and sometimes naughty, but always very funny.  You can enjoy these stories at home by Googling Anansi stories. We have immersed ourselves in to Anansi's world by retelling his story of Anansi and the Turtle through drama; looking at how it feels to be Anansi and Turtle as well as choosing the parts of the story we liked most to write about. 


We had a wonderful time at the theatre watching a modern twist on the story Little Mermaid, by Hans Christain Andersen who was from Denmark. We not only loved the show, but also enjoyed our journey there and back on the 'banana' bus!


Our value this term is Perseverance a perfect complement for the beginning of a new year, new hopes and dreams.  We will be pushing ourselves to overcome challenges whether big or small, remembering not to give up!


In RE, we are beginning to look at what things are special to us. Thank you for sending things in to share. We will talk about what makes it special to us and how we look after them. This will lead in to us learning about the special things that Jewish people have which are special to their religion.


In Geography, we have begun learning about the seven continents and knowing which continent Great Britain is part of. We have learnt a song (to the tune of frere jacques) to help us remember the names:

Europe, Asia,


North America

South America

Then there is Antartica

Don't forget Ocenia

Seven continents

Seven continents


In Science, we have been learning about animals and the different groups that they can be classified in to. So far we have learnt about mammals and birds and what features they have.


In Maths, we have been using our knowledge and understanding of tens and ones to add a single digit to a number.  We have used Tens frames to help we our calculations.

Week 3


This week we have returned to the mischievous world of Anansi. We heard about a new tale: Anansi and the Tug of War. You can watch it together here:

Through this story we will be learning to recite it and perform it. This will enable us in the weeks to come to write the story and make some changes of our own.  So far we have begun to create our own story map to help us.


In Science, we have been learning all about reptiles and what makes them different to mammals and birds. We created posters and in teams created large reptiles such as snakes, crocodiles and lizards. 


In Maths we have been working really hard to recall our number bonds for making 10.  We have been using this to help us to make 20. So If we know 3 + 7 = 10, then 3, + 7 = 10 = 20.  We took this even further to add our 10 to one of the numbers so: 13 + 7 = 20 or 3 + 17 = 20.  You can continue to help us with this at home by given us challenges to solve.


A reminder that PE this term will be on Thursday and Friday.  

This week we have been learning how to skip.  For some of us this was quite a challenge, but we didn't fear going in to the learning pit and after some practise we began to climb out!

This term has been packed full of amazing learning. We've travelled the world learning about the continents; we've travels the Uk to visit the countries within it. We've learnt about the different types of animals and how they are categorised. We've really enjoyed learning about Judaism.  Below are the things which we have loved learning about.


  • I have enjoyed RE because I like learning about Judaism. I really liked having the Jewish and making the Challah bread - Pearl
  • I liked learning how to skip in PE, I persevered and know I can do 6 skips in a row! - Raph
  • This term I have liked learning my number bonds in Maths - Sameera
  • I've enjoyed learning the new clusters shr, thr in phonics - Ophelia
  • I liked learning how to play hockey with Akele - Audrey
  • I liked learning and making different animals in Science - Isaac
  • I've liked learning about all the countries in Great Britain - Megan
  • I liked learning all about mammals - Amelie
  • I've enjoyed learning about the countries of the World - Salwa

Term 2


We have had an incredible term of learning and are all ready for a well deserved Christmas break!


We have not only performed some incredible dances in our Christmas performance, but we have learnt so many new things.


In Literacy we are becoming familiar with Talk For Writing which enables us to learn new stories such as The Papaya Who Spoke. We thoroughly enjoyed creating actions and expressions to dramatise the story. We created story maps and rewrote the story to.  We used this concept again with the Three Little Pigs story.  Not only did we become better at retelling this story, we also had to deal with the sneaky, naughty behaviour of the Wolf, who thought it was okay to steal our things from our classroom! Not to worry though, he soon put things right.


In Numeracy, we have been developing our number sense of numbers to 10. We've also learnt how to find number facts for our number bonds to 10 using a Part, Part Whole model. This has really helped us to see the connection addition and subtraction have with one another, for instance we have spotted the relationship 4 + 6 = 10 has with 10- 6 = 4.  Ask us to show you how the part part whole model works.


In Science, we have been looking at different materials and discovering what properties they have and how these make them suitable for various things.  We even carried out a scientific investigation to see which material was waterproof.


In PE, we have been learning a range of sports such as hockey, basket ball and catching. We have been having our lessons with Akele and although at times the weather has been quite cold, we have still had great fun.


In RE we have been learning all about the Christmas story and about the role in which each person plays in it.  This all tied in nicely with our Christmas production of the Curious Sheep, which we hope you enjoyed.


We think Santa will be extremely pleased with all our hard work and we hope he will be generous with his gifts to us!


Merry Christmas!

Term 1


We are now very settled in to Year 1 and are becoming very busy learners.  

We have kicked of our term's topic all about Pirates.  We've become pirates thanks to the help of a theatre workshop and we've learnt all about the jobs pirates do on-board their pirate ship. We've been linking our writing to this topic by writing pirate facts and pirate descriptions. 


This term we are also learning all about our bodies.  We are learning about the different parts of our bodies and how they help us. We will also be finding out more about our 5 senses and why these are important. Please feel free to share any books or posters you have.


Our Maths so far has been exploring place value.  We are making sure we are secure at knowing all about our numbers up to 10. We've solved problems and started to try and explain how we have discovered the answers to these problems. Please help us at home to always make sure our numbers are written correctly and even challenge us to tell you three different facts about one of the numbers to 10!


In RE we are learning about the Creation story. We've worked together to create a beautiful collage picture of all the days combined.  We'll continue to explore our wonderful world during the term.


During PE this term, we will be creating a dance linked to our pirate topic.  We may be in need of some costumes, so if you have any that we may use, we'd be very grateful.  We shall look after them and return them to you.


Please help us to read at least three times a week.