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2 Whitebeam

Exploring, investigating and having fun!

Exploring, investigating and having fun! 1 We act out stories before we write them.
Exploring, investigating and having fun! 2 We can show you what human features are.
Exploring, investigating and having fun! 3 I know how to use the bar model.
Exploring, investigating and having fun! 4 I am proud that I know how to order numbers!
Exploring, investigating and having fun! 5 I love art. We made 'scratch paintings' on Art Day
Exploring, investigating and having fun! 6 We all love Year 2!

Welcome to Year Two!


This term the children will be engaging in a variety of fun and engaging activities as well as developing new skills and understanding across the curriculum. 


Our PE days will be:

Thursday Indoor: Gymnastics

Wednesday Outdoor: Parachute Games


Please ensure that your child brings appropriate clothing for the activity and the weather!



We will begin the year with a focus on place value. The children will learn to identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations; such a drawing their own number line. They will use equipment including Numicon and dienes to illustrate their understanding of both two digit and three digit numbers. Following this, the children will begin to explore the Bar Model when assisting them to solve addition and subtraction calculations. Please see the link below if you would like more information on the Bar Model.


To help your child at home please work with your child to help them to explore all the different ways they can make 100. Please hit the button below - to help you child with this!



We will begin the term by focusing upon presenting our work neatly, in particular ensuring that lower and upper case letters are formed correctly. Once this skill is consolidated the children will work on developing a consistent cursive handwriting style. 


The inspiration for much of our writing this term will come to from the Chinese tale; The Magic Paint Brush. We will be immersing the children in Chinese life by learning how to make Chinese dumplings and writing Chinese characters. The children will then use the Talk for Writing Model to learn the story and then plan and write their own version of the story using actions and pictures to help them.


Through the teaching of this story we will begin to develop the children's understanding of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Scroll down to find a tricky noun and verbs game!



Our topic this term is entitled The Life Cycle of Animals. We will be investigating the different stage in a life cycle for animals, including humans. We will also be carrying out an investigation to explore how our bodies change and grow as we get older.



This term our main topic will be India. We will be exploring artefacts from this country as well as comparing the human features of India with those found in the UK. The children use world maps to locate both India and the UK and discuss the similarities and differences about the two countries. We will also be bringing a taste of India to SMRP when we cook some tasty Indian treats!


To help at home please sit with your child and look at an atlas or Google maps and discuss the location of the different continents and the countries within them.