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Impact 2018-2019

The curriculum has had a positive impact in its first year, 2018-2019. Throughout the year SLT completed pupil interviews, regular book looks and lesson observations. Feedback from this and teachers enabled us to make adaptions to our curriculum to ensure the very best for our children.  Cross-curricular learning has meant a broad and balanced curriculum for the children at SMR. The children have opportunities to apply their learning and it has given them more purpose, particularly purpose to write.   We are closing gaps in knowledge, understanding and skills across the curriculum, as demonstrated by our EYFS and KS1 results. Thereby preparing our children for the challenges of KS2 learning and beyond. Sequenced planning, monitoring and feedback will ensure that the knowledge and skills learned in the EYs and KS1 are transferred and applied in KS2. Feedback from our parents has been extremely positive; children are far more engaged and excited by their learning. Throughout the year we have seen children actively promoting our school ethos ‘Rooted in love’. We have had groups of children leading charity events and assemblies on well-being. Our children are excited to come to school and becoming more responsible global citizens.

What the children say:

‘’I know what to do in an emergency now.’’  Year 2

‘’We learnt how to write a CV. I wrote an application to be a mini-cop and had an interview.’’ Year 5

‘’I want to go camping with family now and have my own campfire.’’ Year 2

‘’Before I had no idea what deforestation meant. Now I want to raise money for a charity to stop it.’’ Year 4

‘’I’m more aware of prices in shops now. My parents pay a lot, it’s made be way more grateful.’’ Year 6.