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2018-2019 was the launch of our unique curriculum for the children at SMR. The curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and other experiences and opportunities which best meet the learning and developmental needs of the children in our school. Whole school themes drive our curriculum with each year group focusing on a specific area. Children will experience some teaching of the foundation subjects in blocks; this allows purposeful links to be made, opportunities to explore deeper into topics and a chance for children to develop their curiosity.

A yearly overview is planned for each year group and from this teachers plan using subject specific progressions. This ensures skills, knowledge and vocabulary is built upon each year and the children have opportunities to revisit and make links across all their learning. Vocabulary is a focus for us as a school so this year we have introduced vocabulary progressions.

Subject leaders will play an important part in the success of the curriculum by leading training, monitoring and evaluating their subjects. This will feed into a review of the curriculum alongside feedback from children and parents to continue to improve and engage our children in their learning.

Impact so far…2019-2020 ( January 2020)

  • Children are excited, enthusiastic and confident to talk about their topics and demonstrate that they know more and can do more from their learning. For example, the year 3 children shared their learning on different rock types (ingenious, metaphoric and sedimentary) they then talked about the properties and applied this in a letter to Rocky to suggesting what he should use for his roof tiles. The children reasoned using vocabulary including permeable and impermeable.
  • All children could talk about the Life Skills Day and explain why it was important to learn these new skills.
  • Our curriculum design has enabled our children to make links in their learning and apply skills across the curriculum. Staff are collaborating to make meaningful links. For example: Year 5 learnt about space in science, made space buggies in D+T and then programmed them in computing.
  • When discussing their learning children were using more subject specific vocabulary. This showed that vocabulary have been explicitly taught and therefore the vocabulary focus and progressions are having an impact. One of our reception children who was learning all about dinosaurs went to ASDA and spoke to the manager about the lost dinosaur who had escaped from school! She then applied her vocabulary and said ‘you might find the dinosaur in the meat section because it’s a carnivore.’
  • Classroom environments all had vocabulary displayed to support the children. Word pots were being used as tool to support the retention and recall of vocabulary. We will be monitoring the impact of vocabulary retention in T5 and T6.
  • We have introduced knowledge organisers for Yr1-6 to share key objectives and vocabulary with families. This has sparked excitement and engagement in topics, more children bringing in home learning to share. 

Evidence from:  Book looks, pupil interviews, planning, learning walks.!

Implementation and Impact