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Term 6 Home Learning Ideas:

  • Make a pirate map for Captain Tom and direct his ship to the treasure.
  • Describe your dream holiday.
  • Look at places you have been, what temperature is it there? Compare this to Bristol. What can you find out?
  • Record the weather and temperature for a week. Describe what you have found out?
  • Research and talk to relatives about Western Super Mare. How has it changed?
  • Choose some books from the library that interest you.
  • Watch Newsround and tell a friend what you found interesting.
  • Make a times table treasure hunt for a friend.
  • Continue to learn your year 2 key words.
  • Recommend a book to a friend (write your own book review).

Today we have been celebrating the royal wedding. 


This morning we worked in teams to make wedding outfits from brides and grooms. We used masking tape, paper and wall paper to create the outfits. We watched the brides and grooms walk down the cat walk!


We have also designed our own coat of arms representing ourselves. 


We have been decorating biscuits with a royal theme and this afternoon we will get to eat them!!



Royal Wedding


Last week we went to Longleat!

" Did you know how Madagascan hissing cockroaches make their noise? They blow air through their abdomen so hard that it makes a hissing noise! "


"Did you know that giant ant eaters eat ants"


"I learnt that mearkats can be cheeky"


" I liked it when we went to the workshops because there were 5 or 6 animals and we learnt loads of facts that i didn't know"


"I learnt iguanas whip their tails when they are scared"

"Can you believe that one species of marmosets can be found in tropical cities"


" Can you believe a red panda eats 5, 000,000 bamboo leaves everyday"


" I liked the lions. We saw them from the bus"


" I liked it when we got to hold an orange and white snake round our necks" 


" I liked to when we went on the safari because i liked all the different animals like a lion and a flamingo"






Welcome back!


We hope you had a brilliant Easter break and are refreshed for another busy term. 


This term our topic is All Creatures Great and Small. Lots of learning about animals, habitats and foodchains. We are all very excited to go to Longleat next week for our trip!


Please remember to read daily with your child and remember to practise spellings and times tables.




Miss Dudding 

Ideas for home learning:

Make a fact file about your favourite animal. 


Write a book review for your favourite book, bring it in for our book corner. 


Measure things in your bedroom. Put them in order and draw a picture to show this.


Make your own clock. Practise telling the time.


Make up your game for learning the year 2 spellings.


Write your own story about a Fox. 


Make a treasure map. Give directions to get the treasure (forward, backward, quarter turn, 3/4 turn, 1/2 turn, clockwise and anti-clockwise)


Design your own animal. Draw the animal then write a description underneath. What does it look like? How does it move? What does it eat? Where does it live? 




Welcome back!


We hope you all had a restful holiday and are looking forward to another exciting and busy term in year 2.

Home Learning Ideas


Your child will continue to take home a reading book, spelling and times tables.

Here are some other things you could do at home relating to our topic:

  • Visit the library. How many books about owls and cats can you find?
  • Can you make an ‘Owl and Pussycat’ 3D scene?
  • Find and read some poetry books. Which poem is your favourite?
  • Can you write a poem about an owl or a pussy cat?
  • Can you research about owls? How many interesting facts can you find out?
  • Find 10 things in the house and measure them with a ruler.
  • Draw your routine for the day. What time do you do each thing? Draw a clock to show the time next to each event.

Term 3 Curriculum Map

Dance Festival

Home Learning Ideas

Here are some things to try to extend school learning at home:

  • Visit the library and share stories together. Can you find any books to do with our topic?
  • This term we are learning all about materials. How many different materials do you know about? How many objects can you find made out of them?
  • Use the top marks website to play English and Maths games:
  • Use clocks around the house to tell the time. We need to know o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.
  • Play dotty 6 dice game
  • Write a book review about your favourite story.
  • Write your own poem using adjective, noun, verb pattern.
  • Learn your times tables and spelling for your tests on Fridays.

Christmas Celebrations

Our Plants

Highlights of Year 2 so far:

  • In literacy we have been writing about Bristol, it includes lots of useful information.
  • On Thursday we went on a trip to the ss Great Britain. 
  • In maths we are learning the 2 x table.
  • In literacy we are writing about our amazing trip. 
  • We have been learning about greater and less than symbols in maths. 
  • With Mrs Miller we were learning about who made the world.
  • With Coach Kane we have been learning to do different poses in gym. We have been learning about stretching. 
  • In art we were drawing a rainy day. We also were looking at taking a line for a walk.