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3TG Lime

Year 3 Homework ideas

Term 6 Curriculum Map - Ancient Egyptians

Welcome to Term 5!

Our topic this term in Year 3 is 'Are Bugs Important?' and we have already begun to investigate this question by going on a mini-beast hunt in Victoria Park. In our English lessons we have also been studying non-chronological reports about ladybirds. We have started to write our own reports about insects that we have invented ourselves.


Later this term we will be visiting the National Trust site Tyntesfield. Here we will be taking part in a mini-beast safari and enjoying forest school activities in the woods. A letter will be coming home soon with more details - we are really looking forward to it and hopefully the sun will continue to shine! smiley

Term 5 Are Bugs Important? Curriculum map

Curriculum Afternoon - playing the board games we made!

Our trip to Windmill Hill City Farm

Year 3 homework ideas & spelling list

Welcome back to Term 4!


At the end of last term we visited Bristol Zoo which many of the children expressed "it was the best trip EVER!" Check out some our photos! 


Our topic this term is called "The Games that Children Play". We have started learning about toys that date back from Egyptian times to the present day and the children have been so engaged and full of discussion already! 


To link with our topic, we are looking forward to having an educational visit on Tuesday 6th March from the Skip Hop Man! We are also looking forward to designing and making our own board games.


Please do read our curriculum map, have a go at some of our homework ideas and continue to learn your spellings and times tables. The Year 3 and 4 spelling list is on our class page and we will continue to assess your child on these words each week. 


Happy Term 4!

Term 4 'The Games Children Play' Curriculum Map

Our trip to Bristol Zoo

Creating our huge map of South America!

Term 3


Happy new year everyone! 3TG Lime are looking forward to en exciting term and start to 2018! 


We have already been engrossed in our Talk 4 Writing text called "Dobber and the Silver Ring". The children went on a hunt to find the ring for themselves and we are wondering if there is more to this ring than meets the eye! We are learning the text by heart, describing and inferring Amy's character and creating a LOST poster for the ring. 


We are also enjoying our topic called, "Let's Go on an Adventure!" Using atlases, we created a giant map of South America, which located all the countries, major rivers and rainforests. We have particularly focused on the Amazon Rainforest, creating leaflets full of interesting facts which we have displayed in our classroom. 


All of Year 3 are looking forward to our Educational Visit to Bristol Zoo where we will have a Rainforest Workshop Experience! 

Term 3: Let's go on an Adventure! Term overview and Things You Need to Know letter.

3 Lime's Freshwater Theatre Volcano Explorers workshop

Our salt dough volcanoes!

Term 2: Natural Disasters - term overview and Things You Need to Know letter

Term 1 Week 4


'We have been to We The Curious, and it was incredible!' - Isabella  kiss


'When we went in we saw lots of machines that were amazing!' Vlas  mail


'One part had colourful sand and you could put your hand over it and it looked like it was raining!'  Amro broken heart


'On Art Day this week we made the Suspension Bridge out of cardboard and everybody was part of it' Saul  smiley


'We all had a  part to make out of cardboard. It was all inspired by Paul Klee'  Hannah yes



The Year 3 trip to We The Curious

Term 1 - Bright Sparks term map and 'Things You Need to Know' letter

Weeks 1 & 2 Term 1


This week in Science we have been learning about electricity and how it works. mail - Isabella


We tried to light up a lamp, we put wires onto the lamp and connected a battery to make a circuit. no - Vlas


We went swimming and we had to swim across the swimming to impress the teachers! smiley- Alice


At the beginning we walked or swam across the pool, however we felt comfortable. Afterwards we pushed off from the wall and had a little float across the water.laugh - Hannah


In PE we have been practising football by dribbling.  surprise- Jackson


We found the Iron Man's head! We found it in a dirty and smelly garden and it was raining! sad - Freya


We made electrical danger poster about things you shouldn't do, like, don't put your radio in the bath!  broken heart- Molly