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6VP Larch

Home Learning Term 6



  • Initiate market research with friends and family about the game and product your group will make for Mini-Enterprise

  • Design posters and leaflets advertising your stall

  • Use the internet to research different ways of promoting your game and products

  • Practice your skills of persuasion


Preparing for Secondary School

  • Keep practicing times tables and manipulating them to achieve answers

  • Read a variety of genres, including newspapers, poems and posters

  • Take any opportunity to continue writing, even if it is in short bursts, so think about a keeping diary or journal

Friday  4th May 

Since we came back from camp we have done a lot of things. In English we have done character description about the characters in voices in the park as well as revision including relative clauses, modal verbs. In maths we have been doing a lot of revision the same as English like co- ordinates, fractions and angles everybody is very confident now. In R.E we learnt about the Easter story and wrote a play script. Also in topic we have been writing a non-chronological report about natural disasters plus volcanos, earthquakes, tornados and tsunamis. In art and PE we have playing rounders and the colour wheel.

By Jude and Yahye

We have arrived back from our incredible residential trip to the Isle of Wight ready to learn! Having enjoyed a range of fantastic activities (including the terrifying 3G Swing) we have built our resilience, independence and teamwork. This will help us as we begin a term of new learning and revision as we prepare for our national tests at the end of May.


This term we will continue using our exciting adventure story 'Kidnap in the Caribbean' to write in a range of styles across a variety of genres, using the author's excellent prose to inspire us. In maths, we will be working through a revision cycle covering every topic we have studied in Year 6 so far. This will enable us to gain confidence in any areas of weakness and go into greater depth in areas we feel very confident in. 


We will also begin a new science topic: 'Living Things and their Habitats'. This interesting biology topic will involve us learning how animals are classified and sorted to allow scientists to study behaviour and adaptation.   


We have just arrived back from visiting the M-Shed, where were saw lots of information about immigration and how that has effected Bristol over time. We also found the book which had been bound in the skin of the last person in England to be hanged (just out the back door of the M-Shed, where the old jail used to be!)


This term has been fun, we have learnt a lot about measures, including how to convert units of measure, how to calculate the perimeter, area and volume of a shape and apply these skills to solve problems and develop our reasoning skills.


In English we have been using 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan to write our own newspaper article, and identifying how each of the characters felt throughout the story. We realised it relates to refugees, immigration and so much more than just the initial finding of something that is lost.


Science has been focused on evolution and inheritance, identifying how things evolve and adapt over time.


It has been a long term, full of hard work. We are all looking forward to a weeks holiday, when we can rest and recuperate. ready for camp next term.


Thank you for all your support this term.

Just a reminder, children have been given a Maths revision booklet where they can recap on mathematical topics already learnt and apply it to different situations - but don't forget to keep practising those times tables! More revision booklets will be distributed soon.


Other home learning could include reading everyday, practising spellings within context and writing a diary entry for any exciting adventures you may go on.


As our topic is 'Bristol Now and Then', if you have any relatives who lived in the area and have any memories of how Bristol has changed, you could interview them and record their memories.


Term 3


After a relaxing and well-deserved break, we are ready to learn once more!


This term our topic is 'Comparing Now and Then' which involves learning how to use the skills of an historian to compare and contrast a range of primary and secondary sources. 


In science, we will be investigating adaptation and inheritance, a fascinating topic that will allow the children to consider some of the most important questions of the modern age.


In English, we will be unpicking our new text to help us create our own, non-fiction piece of writing using our skills from the Talk for Writing scheme.


Meanwhile, our maths lessons will move into an investigation of units of measure which will allow the children to make comparisons between a range of different units.

Welcome to Term 2 in Year 6.


We have had a relaxing half-term and are now ready for the next term.

This term we will be learning about the Ancient Shang Dynasty, when it was and how it has impacted our current lives.

In Maths we will be exploring fractions, extending our understanding of them and how they change when using the different operations.

We are looking forward to the challenges that await us...

Welcome to 6VP Larch's webpage.


We are really looking forward to the year ahead and have already been developing our skills through all subjects.

Our topic this term is 'Out of this World', looking at the Solar System and how people's understanding have changed throughtout time.


Look out for the next installment...