St Mary Redcliffe Church of England Primary School

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  • Inspire our children to be creative and express themselves​

  • To provide opportunities to promote positive mental health and wellbeing​

  • Enable our children to develop art skills ​

  • Allow our children time to experiment, enjoy and succeed in creative activities ​

  • To build children’s confidence and allow them opportunities to be individual artists ​

  • Inspire our children to understand how the creative arts are incorporated into society and how the creative industries can be a valued career. ​

  • Enable our children to explore diverse and contemporary artists, with a particular focus on Bristol artists. 



  • Provide a varied art curriculum which is both experimental and project based​

  • Cover the core disciplines of drawing, painting with colour theory, sculpture particularly through using clay and learning from diverse contextual sources​

  • Pupils will also have opportunities to further develop their creativity and through Collage, Printing, Textiles, Sustainable Art and World Crafts, and their self-expression skills. ​

  • Enrichment opportunities include taking part in the local Arts Trail, whole-school Art and Clay Days, off-site exhibitions, getting involved in Community Art events, and visits from Bristol artists. ​

  • This approach offers the children a broad, aspirational range of creative experiences, enabling them to find their own artistic interests and strengths.