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2018/19 Term 1 - Attendance Update


Last year, our overall attendance was 96% which is excellent! Well done and thank you to those who came to school everyday. We discovered that when children come to school consistently they make good or better progress as well as make stronger relationships with their peers. 


This year, our target is 97% - this is a percentage that we have never reached as a school. I believe that we can do it! 


In order to achieve this we need to make sure our children come to school as often as they can. We have designed a brand new curriculum for the children to enjoy so it is imperative that they do not miss out on a single moment of learning. 


If your child is going to be absent from school please could you contact the school as soon as possible to inform us. Where possible, please could appointments be made out of school hours, during weekends or holiday time. 


If you require to take your child out of school during term time you will need to complete a holiday request form. This will let us know the reasons behind the absence, which children are involved and the dates of the trip. We hold the right to unauthorise holiday requests based on the reasons given. If an absence has been unauthorised for 4 or more days this could lead to a penalty notice being submitted to the Bristol City Council. If you would like to talk to someone about a proposed trip then please do not hesitate to contact Mr Kevin Fry who is the attendance leader. 


We hope that you have had an excellent start to the year. 

Reviewed Attendance Policy - 15th October 2018

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The impact of children arriving in school on time

The impact of children arriving in school on time 1

School attendance: Is your child missing out?



In a week means missing …….


Over a year means missing ……….


Over the seven years of primary school means missing………


100% attendance

No days

No weeks

No learning at all!


90% attendance

½ a day

Almost 4 weeks

Over 4 terms


80% attendance

1 day

Over 7 weeks

1 school year and 2 terms


70% attendance

1 ½ days

11 weeks

More than 2 years


60% attendance

2 days

Over 15 weeks

2 years and 4 terms


50% attendance

2 ½ days

Almost 20 weeks

3 ½ years


Gates open at 8.45am. School starts at 9am though teachers are in class from 8.45am and there are learning activities from then.