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WC 24.5.21


Well done 3've a completed another term of learning and I'm really impressed with all the progress you have made. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments you shared about your learning this week...unfortunately I forgot to press save and they have been lost!!! Please tell your parents and carers about all the things you learnt this week. Your non-chronological reports about hummingbirds were fantastic and well done for persevering with the origami hummingbirds. I've put some photos of these below.


Have an amazing half term!


Mr Hewett



We have come to the end of a jam-packed week full of learning with lots of highlights. Here is what the children have remembered / enjoyed about their learning this week. There are lots of photos below for you to check out too!


"We went to the farm and we saw lots of animals."

"We tasted flowers there."

"We did some fun Caribbean cooking! We made Caribbean Stew and flatbread...we got to cut the ingredients and stir the stew!"

"We did online CPR training and we learnt how to put our partner into a recovery position." (Part of our Life Skills first aid day.)

"On Tuesday we learnt a new chord called E minor during our ukulele lesson."

"On Monday in geography we made physical features of an island using a rope (as the coastline) then we added human features such as harbours and jetties." (We drew these bits on using chalk)

"In maths we've been learning about equivalent fractions and how to use a 'fraction wall.' It's been really tricky!!!"

"In English  we made  up our own 'boxed-up' story plan, based on the story Gregory Cool. We have started writing our own story."


Wishing you a fantastic weekend.


Mr Hewett

WC 10.5.21


Another busy week in 3 Larch. Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim families, we hope you had a wonderful time celebrating!


Here is what the children had to say about their learning this week.


"In Maths we were learning about finding fractions of a number." (we used counters and bar models to support us with this)

"In English we learnt about Gregory Cool." (our class text)

"This week were playing ukuleles in our music lessons and we the learnt the chords G and C."

"We've been learning about using inverted commas for direct speech." (and we've applied this in our story opener writing activity).

"We've read some more of our class story...The Wombles!"

"In Science we've been learning about friction and we drew a bar chart to show how far our cars travelled on different surfaces."


Have a really fantastic weekend everyone!



Mr Hewett

WC 3/5/21


3 Larch have worked really hard this week to complete their term 5 assessments, but we did manage to squeeze in lots of other learning. Here are some quotes from the children about this week:


"On Tuesday we learnt the chords G and C on the ukuleles!"

"Last Friday we planned a Shuan the Sheep animation with Mr Germain and we are really looking forward to completing it this afternoon."

"We had an amazing Science assembly over zoom with lots of fizzing and bubbling!"

"In maths we were learning more about fractions and how to count in tenths!"

"In our Science lesson we measured how far a toy car would go depending on which surface it was on. We made the test fair by making the ramp the same height and making sure the cars wheels stayed at the back of the ramp every time before we let go."

"In English we explored character voice through reading and drama."


Have a well deserved weekend break 3 Larch


Mr Hewett

W/C: 30.4.21


We've had another great week of learning in 3 Larch this week. 


In English we watched an animation called 'Once upon a lifetime.' We used the animation to plan and write our own endings to the story.


In Maths this week we have been learning all about fractions. We now know that a fraction is a number of parts of a whole shape or number.  We also learnt that the parts of the fractions have special names aclled the numerator and denominator. 



In Science we have begun to learn about forces. During PE we explored which forces we used when using the PE equipment. We now know that a force is wither a push or a pull.


Have a good weekend,


Mr Hewett


WC 19.4.21


We have had a productive first week back and the sun is still shining! In maths we have been exploring fractions and all the mathematical vocabulary that surrounds them (numerator, denominator, unit fraction).

We have started learning about the islands of Trinidad and Tobago (where this term's text Gregory Cool is set). In Geography we labelled the key features of each island using a key and in English we wrote a diary entry as Gregory Cool, when he first arrived on Tobago. We used lots of drama activities to help us appreciate what Gregory would have been thinking and feeling at this point in the story. In a combined Science / PE session we explored pushes and pulls as an introduction to our forces topic. (Please see Science Knowledge Organiser for more information.)


Hope you all have a fantastic sunny weekend


Mr Hewett