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We've had a great last week of term.

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting fractions and practising our times tables using times table rock stars.


In English we have been writing a non- chronological report based on Humming birds  using sub- headings to organise our information. 


In Geography we researched human and physical features of Trinidad nad Tabago and created our own leaflets.

Here are some comments from the children.


"We learnt that Humming birds can fly up to 30 mph"


"Hummingbirds are the only bird that can hover and fly backwards."


" We learnt that a traditional food in Trinidad and Tobago is shark meat and they cook bread in a outdoor oven."


Well done on all of your hard work this term, enjoy a well earned rest and we will see you in Term 6!


The year 3 Team



Another really exciting week of learning in 3 Juniper.

We visited Windmill Hill Farm for the first time this year. We fed baby lambs, tasted some herbs, saw baby chicks and cooked a Caribbean stew with coconut flat bread. It was delicious!!!


This week for our life skills day we have been learning about First Aid. We learnt how to assess an emergency situation and put someone into the recovery position. We also had a zoom session where we learnt how to perform CPR.


In science we sorted objects into whether  they magnetic or not.


In English we have been  planning and writing our own story based on Gregory Cool.


In maths we have been been learning about equivalent fractions. 


Here are some comments from the class:


" CPR should never been done on someone who is breathing."

" We had a zoom session on CPR"

"We saw turkeys at the farm." 

" We drew an island using string and chalk to make coves, peninsulas, bays and  jetties."


" The metal tin was magnetic." 

"We made coconut flatbreads." 


WC 10.5.21


Another busy week in 3 Juniper. Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim families, we hope you had a wonderful time celebrating!


Here is what the children had to say about their learning this week:


"We’ve been learning  how to find non- unit ad unit fractions in maths."


" In English we re-rote the opening to Gregory Cool." 


" We have also been learning how to write direct speech."



“ In Science we drew a bar chart to show our friction results for our experiment."



“We wrote and performed our own weather forcast for Trinidad and Tobabo – Emily


" We have learnt two new cords in ukulele."




Have a really fantastic weekend everyone!

3 Juniper 



WC 3/5/21


3 Juniper have worked really hard this week to complete their term 5 assessments, but we did manage to squeeze in lots of other learning. Here are some quotes from the children about this week:


"We had an amazing Science assembly over zoom with lots of fizzing and bubbling!"

"In maths we were learning more about fractions and how to count in tenths!"

"In our Science lesson we measured how far a toy car would go depending on which surface it was on. We made the test fair by making the ramp the same height and making sure the cars wheels stayed at the back of the ramp every time before we let go."

"We learnt about Friction is science. We learnt that the smoother the smoother the surface the less friction there is."

"In English we explored character voice through reading and drama."


Have a well deserved weekend break 3 Juniper


W/C 26.4.21

W/C: 30.4.21


We've had another great week of learning in 3 Juniper this week. 


In English we watched an animation called 'Once upon a lifetime.' We used the animation to plan and write our own endings to the story.


In Maths this week we have been learning all about fractions. We now know that a fraction is a number of parts of a whole shape or number. 



In Geography we have started out new topic 'Take me to the Islands!" We used balloons to create our own globes to identify where The Equator, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn  are as well as the continents ad oceans.


In Science we have begun to learn about forces. We know that they can be pushes and pulls. We explored which forces we use when playing with our PE equipment.


Here are some quotes from the children.


"We know that the top part of the fraction is called the numerator and the bottom part of the fraction is called the denominator." Yasmin


"A force is a push or a pull, to kick a football you use a push force." Jonathan


"The Tropic of Cancer is the line above the Equator." Amos

WC 19.4.21


We have had a productive first week back and the sun is still shining! In maths we have been exploring fractions and all the mathematical vocabulary that surrounds them (numerator, denominator, unit fraction).

We have started learning about the islands of Trinidad and Tobago (where this term's text Gregory Cool is set). In Geography we labelled the key features of each island using a key and in English we wrote a diary entry as Gregory Cool, when he first arrived on Tobago. We used lots of drama activities to help us appreciate what Gregory would have been thinking and feeling at this point in the story. In a combined Science / PE session we explored pushes and pulls as an introduction to our forces topic. (Please see Science Knowledge Organiser for more information.)


Hope you all have a fantastic sunny weekend


Miss Mullholland