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Happy Christmas from 3 Juniper

PJ party


On Monday we had a PJ party and we brought in our favourite teddy and we wore our PJ's. We also watched Pink Panther. Ananya.


It was really fun and we had some crisps and snacks and also I wore some slippers. Isabella G.


We danced to disco music and songs from Harry Styles and we had really good dance moves especially from Shameika and Emilia. Mercy.


We played games with our teddies. I wore lama PJ's.  Ta' Shiyah.


RE Advent Day


Today we have been dot painting and we made a Bethlehem scene which included houses, stars, hills and a stable. Isabella Rice.


We used cotton buds to create large dots and small dots. Dilys.


We also made a Christingle using cocktail sticks, sweets, raisins, orange and a red ribbon. We included a candle and lit it and meditated. Ta'Shiyah and Anaya.






3.12.21 PJ Party and RE Day

Emilia 'I liked the play because the lady knew her lines really well and she performed all on her own.'


Rimes 'I liked how she was very calm and she was confident'.


Isabella G ' She had fantastic expressions'.


Bella B 'She acted like she was actually in the story and play'.


Ta' Shiyah 'She was resilient and focussed'.


Travelling Light Theatre

On Monday we went to the farm and we fed the animals, we tried different edible plants. We enjoyed it a lot bye, Ted.yes


1.10.21 Music and Home Learning



This week in music we learnt different songs and played different instruments. We played the claves, shaky eggs, bells, a go-go, triangle and bongo drums. Ta' shiyah.


In music we have been learning how to stop playing when other people are playing and this is called discipline. Naia.


In maths we have been learning how to compare and order numbers using the <  >  and = signs. Emilia.


In English we have finished reading Goin' someplace special. It was a heart warming story and we wrote about Tricia Ann. Rimes.


Dilys. In my home learning I made a food wheel out of play dough and fixed it onto a paper plate.





Year 3 located different places that we linked to the River Avon. We visited Blackbeard's house, the statue of John Cabot, Pero's bridge, Redcliffe Caves, moorings and a steam crane. Ta'Shiyah.


We walked to Bristol Harbourside and walked across the foot bridge, the blue bridge and Pero's bridge. Mercy.


When were at the harbour we spotted the Matthew. It was sailing in the water towards us. It was moving fast! We also learnt that John Cabot sailed in the Matthew. Anaya and Bella.


We also saw Redcliffe Caves and they dug out the red sandstone to make Bristol Blue Glass. Remis.











17.9.21 River Avon Map Work

This week we learnt about the River Avon. We learnt how it connected to another river called the River Severn. Naia and Ta’Shiyah.


We used Ordanance Survey maps to find the River Avon, our school, tennis courts and Bath University. Bella and Emilia.


We located the Roman Baths and we noticed that the Romans built the baths near the River Avon.

10.9.21 Storytime


We have all enjoyed our first week back at school.

This is what the children thought about being in 3 Juniper.


'I liked seeing all my friends again' Euan.


'Playtime was fun on the monkey bars' Tyler.


'Our story is about a young girl growing up in 1950's America'. Isabella Rice.


'In PE we played elephant football and team building games.' Ted


'In music we learnt how to use the musical instruments quietly and safely' Varuni.


Have a fantastic weekend 3 Juniper-you deserve it!