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WC 20.9.21


3 Larch have had a busy week and we were so excited to go on our first trip in a very long time!

Here is what the children remembered about the history of the River Avon.

"The River Avon is over 80 miles long!" - Angelo

"The River Avon's water level changes a lot throughout the day". - Leona

"The River Avon is the biggest River in Bristol and it goes into the River Severn" - Aryan

"We looked at Blackbeard's house ...he was a pirate, but his real name was Edwatrd Teach." - Dottie


We showed the children the floating harbour and looked for signs of Bristol being used as an important port many years ago.



Other learning

"In Maths we have learned about number lines." - Ted

"In Art we painted plates in a style that represented our identity" - Minna and Suhaib


Have a wonderful weekend 


Mr Hewett




WC 13.9.21


Here are the children's comments about our second of week of learning in 3 Larch


"We learned about digits in maths" - the children played games to strengthen their understanding of place value

"We learnt more about the character of Tricia Ann in our story 'Goin' Someplace Special' and we wrote letters from Tricia Ann to her mum".

"In History we looked at maps and we found the River Avon" (We are going to be looking at how the use of the river Avon has changed over time).

"In PE we played more elephant football and we played a new game called ladders in gymnastics."


We are all really excited about going on our trip next week where we will be learning more about the River Avon and looking for clues about how it was used in the past. We will also be having our first music lesson with our tutor Mrs Stevens.


Have a lovely weekend everyone


From Mr Hewett and 3 Larch.

WC 6.9.21


We have had a fantastic first week of learning in 3 Larch. Here's what the children had to say about this week:


"In Maths we learnt about Flashback 4!"(quick fire questions at the start of each lesson)

"My favourite lesson was English... we played a guess who game where we wrote about ourselves and the other children had to guess who had written it."

"In PE we played  elephant was my favourite thing this week because there was lots of drama!"


We were also introduced to our Art on the Hill project and we had our first music session, learning how to use glockenspiels! Please see photos below.


Have a wonderful well earned rest over the weekend 3 Larch...


You deserve it!


All the best


Mr Hewett