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Collective Worship

Collective Worship at SMRP


Call to Worship

"Peace be with you..." 

"And also with you..."

"Asalam alaikum..."

"Wa alaikum salam."


End of Worship

"Our worship in this place has ended..."

"Our service in the world has begun."


 What does Collective Worship look like in our School?

Throughout the year, our school celebrates several religiousSt Mary Redcliffe Church festivals. These include Advent, Easter and an Eid party. We are also lucky enough to have regular visits from our local Reverend, Kat and our local Imam, Mohammad.

During the course of the year, all children have the opportunity to visit St Mary RedclThe Jamia Mosque, Totterdowniffe Church and the Jamia Mosque, both of which are significant places of worship for our school community.

Whole School Reflection Days

Our school values the importance of personal spiritual development. We recognise that children need time and space to explore their thoughts feelings and beliefs. They are taught to reflect in a variety of ways including meditation, responding to artwork, sculpture, prayer and pondering life’s big questions.


Please see photos below.




We focus on our twelve values in a two-year cycle. 2021 -2022 will be Year A.