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The curriculum at St Mary Redcliffe Primary has been revised for the academic year 2018-2019. Each term there is a whole school theme with each year group covering a different aspect. The themes are as follows:

Term 1: Giving Back- The theme will focus on the children's role as Global citizens in giving back to both the local and wider community. Each class will focus on a particular charity and throughout the year will hold a fundraising event for that charity.

Term 2: Wise Choices, Brighter Future- The theme will focus on teaching children important life skills related to their age. They will also be introduced to a range of careers which will develop their aspirations for their future.

Term 3: Take Five-The theme will focus on the creative arts. Each class will have a theme and from this they will take a book, a picture, a food, a dance and a song.

Term 4: A moment in Time-This is a history based theme. All year groups will look at an aspect of history and look at the impact it has had on the development of Bristol.

Term 5: Our sustainable city-Each year group will look at different ways to improve the environment in Bristol.

Term 6: Colourful Cultures-Every class will study a country, finding out about its climate, culture, history and landscape.

For more details please see the individual year group's curriculum overviews.