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Guided Reading

Implementation EYFS and KS1 Guided Reading

Children in EYFS and KS1 have weekly guided reading sessions. The children work in small groups and read phonically decodable books that only contain phonics sounds that they have been taught. The books have been selected from the Collins Big Cat Letters and Sounds collection which allow our children to access a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books.


Each sessions allows the child to practice the following reading skills:

  • Using phonics knowledge to decode words
  • Read aloud to an adult
  • Learn new vocabulary 
  • Read with fluency
  • Read with expression


In addition to this, the teacher is able to assess the children against the reading objectives for each year group.


For a more detailed break down of the session please see the document below.   

Implementation KS2 Guided Reading 

  • Children in KS2 have 3 guided reading sessions a week.
  • They are split into ability groups and throughout the week complete three different tasks. 
  1. pre-read task
  2. teacher session
  3. post-read task 


In addition to this, each guided reading group is given an additional session in the book corner to help foster an independent love for reading.  


The children will read a range of whole texts of different genres as well extracts from texts to support their reading skills and comprehension.

The children will focus on reading objectives throughout their sessions and when working with the teacher they will be taught reading skills including:


  • vocabulary and word choices
  • inference 
  • prediction
  • explanation 
  • retrieval 
  • summary 



At certain points throughout the year (Autumn, Spring and Summer) each class will undergo a formal assessment for Reading – NFER. The NFER tests look at all aspects of reading across a fiction, non-fiction and poetry text.

In addition to this, child's reading attainment is assessed through the use of BAS assessments to find children's reading age, a phonics assessment and during 1:1 reading sessions. Teachers use the results of these assessment, as well as their ongoing assessment, to organise interventions and adapt their own teaching.