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Hope and Courage

Hope is all about a strong belief in the possibility of something.  If we have hope, we have everything we need to learn and show courage!


H = help 

O = other

P = possibilities

E = emerge


There are different kinds of hope:  

Inborn hope - most of us have this, but it can be threatened, so think carefully about how you treat others, especially children.


Borrowed hope - look at really hopeful and optimistic people.  What makes them like this?  Borrow their confidence and apply it to yourself!


False hope - click on this icon and you will win £1000!!  REALLY???  Be careful with this kind of hope as you could make wrong choices. 


Mature hope - this kind of hope helps you to wait to achieve things.  This hope is active and helps you to plan ahead.


Christian hope is based on the belief that God sent Jesus to the world to bring life and light.  This gives them courage to stand for what is right, and oppose what is wrong.  They believe that because Jesus overcame death, there is a true hope; people who trust in Jesus and follow Him will share His everlasting life in Heaven one day.


What kind of hope do you have?