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  • To enable the children to develop their understanding for a range of different beliefs, religions and worldviews.​

  • To enable children to agree or disagree respectfully, recognising that different people have different beliefs, both religious and non-religious, and that these should be respected.​

  • To develop children’s knowledge of different places of worship, and where these are located in our community.​

  • To recognise that different religions have different stories and individuals that are of key importance.​

  • To help children become familiar with different religious celebrations and festivals throughout the year, and notice similarities and differences between these.​

  • To inspire and enthuse children about the vibrant multicultural and multi-faith community of which we are all part of.​

  • To develop our children as critical thinkers, empowering them to demonstrate courageous advocacy and develop their spirituality.​

  • To enable children to make connections between religions and develop their cultural understanding and respect.




  • We follow two schemes – Understanding Christianity  and South Gloucestershire’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. ​

  • Attached below is a document showing the yearly overview. Understanding Christianity is highlighted in blue and Agreed Syllabus in red. ​

  • This outlines the big questions that are explored each term for each year group.​

  • The children have weekly RE sessions and sometimes whole days focusing on topics. ​

  • Educational visits will support the children's learning and they have an opportunity to different places of worship.