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Reading at SMRP 

At SMR we have 4 principles for teaching reading.

1.    Excellent teaching of early reading through phonics.
2.    Teaching of early language and vocabulary. 
3.    Teaching reading strategies to support comprehension 
4.    Love for reading

•    We use Letters and Sounds as our phonic programme. Children have a phonics lesson daily in YrR-Y2. 
•    As part of our phonics provision, all children will have a decodable book to practise at home.  You will find this book in their book bags.  
•    Reading interventions also follow the Letters and Sounds scheme and are supported by decodable phonics books that appropriate for the child's reading level and age. 

•    Teaching and learning of vocabulary is a high priority at SMR. It is well documented that children with a wider vocabulary succeed in their learning. 
•    Books are at the heart of our curriculum and children will be introduced to ambitious vocabulary across the whole curriculum.
•    We will celebrate the use of exciting, ambitious vocabulary and model high expectations to children. 
•    Children will be taught strategies to support them when they come across new vocabulary. 

•    Children will be taught reading strategies to support their understanding and comprehension
of what they read.

•    Children from Nursery - Year 2 have weekly Guided Reading lessons using fully decodable phonics books. These lesson allow the children to practise the phonics sounds they have learnt, learn new vocabulary and develop their comprehension skills. 

•    From Yr 3-6 children will have 3 guided reading sessions a week to learn and practise specific skills linked to their level in reading. 


Love of reading 
•    Our curriculum is built around books and this develops a love of reading. 
•    We build in days and opportunities throughout the year to develop love of reading. 
•    Every class has their own book corner with a class library for children to enjoy books.
•    We have an incredible, well-stocked library which classes visit weekly and have the opportunity to go to at lunchtimes. 
•    Every class has a class book, which they read regularly together for enjoyment. 
•    Reading Buddies from local businesses support and motivate our children.


Your child will bring home:

  • A levelled reading book
  • Chosen Book (from class library and/or school library.)

Phonics Books

  • These books will be linked to your child's phonics knowledge and will be fully decodable. Once your child has successfully completed our phonics program they will receive a levelled Oxford Reading Tree book. 
  • Please support your child to read through the decodable book making sure they are familiar with the sounds, can blend the sounds in the words and can read them fluency (quickly and smoothly).

Chosen Books

  • This is a chosen book from the book corner, library or home that your child would like to read or hear being read. Depending on what they have chosen, they may/may not need support but do make time to enjoy sharing books together.

Reading Buddy

  • All children have a log in to Reading Buddy where by they can read books at their level online. The buddy will prompt children to support them with comprehension and quizzes will help assess children and inform teachers of progress.

Question prompts to support comprehension:

  • What happened when……… did………?
  • What happened to………?
  • What do you think might happen next OR what happened before?
  • How many times…
  • What examples can you find?
  • Where did this happen?
  • Where was…… when this was happening?
  • Have you ever…
  • If you could…
  • If you were going to…
  • In your opinion…
  • Do you agree with………? Why?
  • Do you know anyone who………?
  • How do you feel about…?