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Script to support Listening Attentively to your Child

The questions and phrases can be used individually or to help structure a conversation.  If you have not had this type of conversation with your child before, start with phrases 1 or 2 and see what happens.  The most important thing is that you are being very attentive to your child - and that is the best gift to them. 


1.   Thank you for sharing your feelings with me.  It must have been frustrating for you to feel misunderstood.


2.   Now that you've told me your point of view it makes sense that you would be upset about ___________.


3.  This is a tough situation.  I believe that you can do hard things.  How can I help you through this?  Do you want me to listen or help you problem-solve?


4.   If that happened to me I would feel ___________ too!


5.   You deserve to be heard.  Will you sit down with me?  I want to understand your perspective better?