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  • At SMRP, we believe that the learning of a language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for our pupils.​

  •  It is our intention that children will make substantial progress in one language, Spanish, developing communication skills in speaking, listening and reading. ​

  • Children in Yr3-6 learn spanish and children in KS1 are exposed to basic phrases and greetings prior to this. ​

  • In addition, children’s knowledge of how language works will be developed to lay the foundations for further language learning in future. ​

  • We strive to stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language and develop their awareness of cultural differences in other countries.



  • In KS1, Spanish is introduced to basic phrases and numbers through for example stories and singing to develop an awareness of the language and vocabulary.​

  • In KS2,  teachers follow the scheme of work iLanguages ​

  • Spanish is taught through units  that are age and stage appropriate. ​

  • As we acknowledge children’s different learning styles, our children learn through active participation in actions, rhymes, stories, song, grammar focus, video clips, sentence structure and many more creative ways to extend, embed and combine language skills.​

  • Through themed days, stories, language of the term and assemblies we aim to develop childrens' interests and curiosity about other languages and cultures.