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We use the Essential Spelling scheme to teach spelling. This begins in year 2, where the scheme builds on from Letters and Sounds phonics. Essential Spelling focuses on the teaching of spelling so that children understand how to apply patterns, strategies and knowledge to other words. It also provides links to prior knowledge and tracks back to related objectives so that teachers can give targeted support to children who are not yet able to spell words from their year group programme of study.  

Quotes from Pupil Voice


After implementing the new Essential Spelling scheme, the English lead collected the pupils' voice on the new scheme:


"I used to find the lessons a bit bitty, but now they make sense to me as we focus on one rule and perfect it." - Year 4 pupil


 "I like how we really explore a rule and look into the word families; it's really helped me notice errors when I'm writing and editing." - Year 6 pupil


"I love spellings now. I love all the ways we get to practise and my teacher makes the rules really clear."  - Year 3 pupil


"I spotted a prefix in my science knowledge organiser and my teacher gave me a house point!" - Year 5 pupil


Spelling book examples


During a pupil voice survey, the children were asked to share their favourite spelling lessons, which have been photographed below: