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Term 1

W/B 18.10.2021

Week 7

Well done to 2 Whitebeam for there hard work this term! (10 marbles!!) yes


Dusty - I really enjoyed RE.  We were writing about peace, forgiveness and friendship and how Jesus spreads the good news.laugh





Victor - I have really enjoyed maths especiallly looking at 10 more than and 10 less than. Did you know that 10 more than = 20 and 10 less than = 0 angry



Robyn - I have really enjoyed english.  We wrote a non-chronological report about St Pauls Carnival. Did you know St Pauls Carnival started in 1968!wink


Hope you all have a fantastic break.  Relax and enjoy your holiday!!

Miss Aliyesenlightenedsurprise

Week 6 

W/b 11.10.2021

Wow, another fab learning from all of 2 Whitebeam! +10 marbles for working together as a team - Keep it up!



Jessica - I really enjoyed maths.  We looked at related facts.  Did you know 6 + 4= 10 and I know the 60 + 40 = 100!! surprise


Lina - I really enjoyed RE because we looked closely at how God spreads the good news.  We made hearts and wrote all the different types of peace. laugh



Jihtya - I liked English.  We pretended to be the boy in the book 'My name is not a refugee' and wrote a postcard to our friend or loved one. mail


Jonah - In Topic, I really enjoyed looking at Black history month.  We focused on St Pauls Carnival.  Did you know that the music box at St Paul's Carnival is as tall as a door!  devil


Arthur and Robyn - I really enjoyed our computing morning.  We looked at how sprheos work.  We inputted 2D shapes on an IPAD and the sphero followed our instructions! WOW!  cheekyenlightened




Seren : We had our life skills day and we learnt how to tie our laces.  Click the link to help you tie shoe laces: smiley


Have an amazing weekend 2 Whitebeam. 

Miss Ali laugh


Week 5 

WB 4.10.2021


What a fab week we have all had this week!heart



In Science, I really enjoyed observing closely at the life cycle of a chicken.  Did you know chickens are the most common birds in the world? cheeky Jonah


Arthur - I really enjoyed maths when we looked at greater than, less than and equal! devil

Dusty - I really enjoyed making oragami enveloped for our RE.  We wrote a letter to God or our loved ones asking for forgiveness. mail


Abdi & Jessica - I really enjoyed english.  We started our new book 'My name is not a refugee' winkenlightened


Robyn - I really enjoyed our topic, we created a timeline  and looked closely at the maps around Bristol. surprise






WB 27.09.2021

Week 4smiley


Another busy week for 2 Whitebeam

Well done for working incredibly hard +5 Marblessmiley



In English, we worked hard to peel and chop vegetables in preparation for our soup making. We looked closely at imperative verbs.  We knew that this would help us write a set of instructions on Monday! As a class, we enjoyed eating crusty bread and soup together.  It was delicious!cheeky


In RE, we looked at how Jesus spreads the Good News to Christians.  We then looked into the Salvation Army and noticed that they also spread the good news by helping the poor.wink


The highlight of our week has to be our carnival workshop.  We really enjoyed learning about St Paul's carnival and especially creating our own carnival music.  We also learnt about some of the other carnivals that happen around the world.  Our favourite one was the carnival of oranges!wink


Hope you all have a well-rested weekend.yes

Miss Ali


Week Beginning 20.09.2021

Week 3

Busy learning in 2 Whitebeam this week.

Well done team!! blush


In maths, we have been looking closely at the part-part whole model.  We went outside and used base tens to complete our part part whole model.  Some of us even used sticks and tens and leaves as ones.yes


In science, we have been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly.  Did you know that it takes about 2 weeks for a butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis?devil


In English, we have been innovating our story.  We created actions to help us write our story.winkenlightened

In RE, we have been learning about Jesus'yes disciples.  Jesus teaches us to be caring and kind. 


Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  See you all next week. smiley

Miss Ali

Week Beginning 13th September 2021

Week 2


Well done to 2 Whitebeam for working extremely hard over the past week ! (I am awarding 5 marbles  congratulations 2 WB) yesyesyesyesyes




Arthur - I really enjoyed topic especially when we all went to the park to look at Victorian Houses.  Did you know Victorian houses have patterned bricks? laugh


Jithya - I enjoyed working hard in maths especially reading and writing numbers in numerals! cool



Robyn and Jonah  -  My favourite learning has been Science because I really enjoyed looking closely at the life cycle of a frog!smileycool



Dusty - I really enjoyed learning about our story 'it's a no money day'.  We created actions to retell the story!



Have a wonderful weekend, see you all on Monday yes

Miss Ali 

Week beginning Monday 6th September 2021

Week 1 

Wow, what a busy week we have had!!heart


I really liked maths.  We used  concrete resources to help understand our tens and ones smiley Sofia 



Remember, practise makes perfect… hit the link below for number bonds to 10.






In Art, we have been creating and designing our Art labels, It was fun! - heartAnya



In English, we have been learning all about verbs. We used Joe wicks exercise routine to help us come up with our own exercise! We challanged ourselves to see whether we could spot the verbs! cool Arthur



I have enjoyed going out to play and making lots of new friends! heartRobyn



Have a relaxed weekend.  Miss Ali


Welcome to 2 Whitebeam

We hope that you have had a fantastic summer holiday!


This term the children will be engaging in a variety of fun and engaging activities as well as developing new skills and understanding across the curriculum.  


 ** PPA will be on Wednesday AM **



Every week, your child will choose a book from the class library as well as a levelled book from Oxford Reading Buddy.  Please encourage your child to read at home and feel free to ask if you need any support.  Please ensure that children bring in their books every day. Don’t forget to log onto Oxford Reading Buddy:  If you have forgotten your username and password, please speak to a Year 2 adult.





During PE days, the children can come into school wearing PE kits and will stay in their kits for the whole day.  Please can children bring in their school jumpers so that they can wear them after their PE lessons. 



Plimsolls or trainers

Black shorts or black jogging bottoms

White T-Shirt

A hair band for children with longer hair


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me at the end of the school day or make an appointment to talk to me at another time.


Miss Ali


Links for reading and maths: