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Term 1

Term 1 


How has the demographic and population of Bristol changed?

Who were the Windrush Generation?


Welcome back everyone!

We hope that you have had a fantastic summer holiday. We are really keen to get started with this term's learning... it's been great to see the children back in school!

Each Friday we will update our class page with photos and information to let you know what the children have been learning about.



Every week, your child will choose a book from the class library as well as a levelled book from Oxford Reading Buddy (if applicable). 

Please encourage your child to read regularly at home. Sign and date your child’s reading record.

Every Friday reading records will be collected in and children will be rewarded for the number of times they have read at home.


Don’t forget to log onto Oxford Reading Buddy:  If you have forgotten your username and password, please speak to a Year 5 adult.





During PE days, the children can come into school wearing PE kits and will stay in their kits for the whole day.  Please can children bring in their school jumpers so that they can wear them after their PE lessons. 



Daps or trainers

Black shorts or black jogging bottoms

White T-Shirt

A hair band for children with longer hair



PPA cover will be taken by Mrs Fletcher and Bristol Sport on Tuesday afternoons. Mrs Fletcher will take children for ERIC time (Everyone Reading In Class) and RE. Bristol Sport will be covering the skills of tag rugby.


Thank you so much for your continued support



Miss Fraser, Miss Bendon and the Year 5 Team

Week Beginning 6.9.21

Well, what an exciting start to Year 5! We've hit the ground running and had a blast this week, getting to know a bit more about our new classmates and enjoying our new classroom.


Team Building

This week we have taken part in activities that have helped to develop our team building skills. Our challenge was to create a holder that would carry a 2 litre bottle of water across the playground. But of course there is always a catch! Each team only had £2 budget in order to buy all of their resources so money was tight...





In the end we had only 3 teams who managed to pass the test but we had great fun and developed some important skills of resilience and communication (and bartering!) that will help us in Y5.


English - The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander

We started English this week by making predictions about our new book - The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander.



This book was written by Kwame Alexander for those people in history who will always be "The unforgettable, the unafraid, the undefeated" and focuses on black people in history who have helped to shape the world we live in today.

In class, we have reflected on people who we also think are unforgettable, unafraid, and undefeated and explained why so that others can learn about them too.






Week Beginning 13.9.21


Poems of Power


Exploring further into our book this term, we created our own poems based on the message behind the text. These poems are based on strength and facing adversity. We focused on using words with the prefix 'un-' in order to replicate the same repetitive patterns that are included in Kwame Alexander's 'The Undefeated'.






Living Things and their Life Cycles


Our new topic in Science is all about living things and their life cycles. We started off with flowering plants this week and what better way to identify their reproductive parts then to do some dissecting?! We explored the school grounds and choose some flowering plants. Once back in the classroom, we identified the stamen, the stigma, and the ovule and discussed the different ways that pollen from the anther is transferred to the stigma.


Week Beginning 20.9.21


Significant Black Figures of our Past

We have now come to the end of our English unit which has explored 'The Undefeated' by Kwame Alexander. To finish off, we created our own character descriptions of the people featured within the book. Back people who have overcome adversity and inspired others to do the same. Our skill focused on using subordinate clauses and powerful vocabulary. 


Do these people inspire you too?



Week beginning 27.9.21


Y5 Trip to the Mshed


As part of our history topic 'How has the demographic of Bristol changed over time?', Y5 visited the Mshed museum to find information that would help us to understand how Bristol has changed over the years.


We started off learning about how Bristol was involved in the slave trade and the people that fought for it to be abolished. We also saw the famous statue of Edward Colston which was recently pushed into the River Avon by protesters. Moving downstairs, we explored a huge aerial map of Bristol and marked our school and where we lived. We also were able to sit inside real WW2 bomb shelters and a 1960's double decker bus!


Week beginning 4.10.21


Ukulele - Jumping Flea

We have now started our second week of ukulele and we are loving it! We have now learnt the C and A minor chords. We even learnt a song - We Will Rock You by Queen!



"It's really fun and it's good because we've been taking it step by step and now we've learnt quite a lot".


"I enjoy ukulele because it's really relaxing listening to the music".


Diary Writing - Adding Short Sentences for Tension and Drama

Exploring further into our new book, 'High Rise Mystery', we have started gathering more clues in order to identify the culprit of the murder of Hugo Knightley-Webb (part-time art teacher/full-time good guy). Norva and Nik (our 2 main characters) have found his body so our task this week was to write as these characters to describe how they felt after finding his corpse. Who could've done it?!



Week Beginning 11.10.21


Order and Comparing Numbers to 1,000,000


This term in maths we have been investigating numbers up to 1 million. This week we used place value counters to investigate adding and subtracting thousands, ten thousands, and hundred thousands! We have also been comparing the numbers we've made in ascending and descending order.


One of our students asked the class a question:


I have this number: 999.999.999


I want to make it 1,000,000


What do I need to add?


Can you solve it? We were very surprised at how simple the answer was!






Performance Poetry in Guided Reading


Over the last 2 weeks, some of our students have been practising the poetry performances to  the poem 'Question Time' by Julia Donaldson. We had great fun thinking about all the ways we can use our voices and body language to convey a message to the listener.



Week beginning 18.10.21


Life Cycles at Windmill Hill City Farm

For the end of our scientific topic about life cycles, we went on a trip to our local city farm. We learnt about the different ways that seeds can pollinate and took cutting of our own mint plants that we got to take home! We then went to feed the animals and learnt about the different gestation periods of all the animals. Did you know that the gestation period for a rabbit is only 30 days?!