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Term 1

We are so excited to welcome to Year 6 and look forward to seeing you in your shiny-new, blue jumpers!


This term our PE days are Monday and Friday. Please come to school in your PE kit (black trousers/shorts, trainers, plain white t-shirt and your year 6 blue jumper).


Remember, we are not at the disco (however much we want to be). Please only wear a watch and studs. All other jewellery/hair accessories should be left at home.


This term on a Thursday morning, Mrs H and Dr Fletcher will be covering PPA, teaching Science, Spanish, Spellings and Art.

On a Thursday afternoon, Jimmy will be covering Miss Cameron during her phase leadership time.

Basketball - just like Filthy McNasty and JB

Week beginning 13.09.21


I really enjoyed our special assemblies this week because it was the first time in a long time that we were together because we have been doing them on Zoom - Sherice


In PE, we have been playing basketball and I enjoy it because it makes me happy. We practised aiming, shooting, dribbling and passing - Sokhna


We enjoyed last week’s Friday challenge when we made paper aeroplanes and flew them in the playground -Neshan


We have enjoyed learning about organs in the human body and exploring the circulatory system - Milo


On Monday, we did indoor PE after a long time without it. We did gymnastics and we practised our landings - Amanda


The second week back at school has been hard, but mark my words, we have had fun - Marhar


We can't wait to find out what we will be learning next week!



Week beginning 20th September


This week we have been finishing our art on the hill project, using Yinka Shonibares artwork.


On Friday we wrote poems about our class book, the Crossover using our own characters for a M.O.R.E.R.A.P.S poems. It was a bit challenging but fun to include all the elements of figurative language.


In maths we worked on ordering and comparing large numbers using the greater than, less than and same as symbols. Ascending and descending were also mathematical vocabulary we were able to use with growing accuracy.


Rosie B and Ruby


Week Beginning 27.09.21


On Monday, we had a morning of computing. We made 3D digital models of a keyring, a house and faces on Tinkercad, which is a program for designing 3D models, and learnt how to rotate the blocks and make them hollow.

On Monday, we also did gymnastics and made more sequences that included: travels, rolls, jumps, and balances and performed to the class.


On Thursday after break, we dissected sheep hearts and named all of the key features such as veins, arteries and rooms. We also found heart strings and valves.


Our Friday challenge was to create a learning pit. We have been working on origami and k’nex 3D learning pit to go towards the competition.


On the 15th of September, we recorded our pulse and wrote our result in our books and multiplied it by 10


On Wednesday, we joined with the other class, 6 Sycamore, to learn about Edward Colston, who he was and why his statue was pulled down.


By Samuel, Lansana, Rosie D and Amanda

Computing - Exploring 3D modelling

Week beginning 04.10.21


On Monday, we did gymnastics in PE.  We performed a dance with music to practise with our groups for next week.

On Tuesday, we wrote paragraphs on the circulatory system, describing how the main parts of it work in order to keep us alive.

On Wednesday, we went on a school trip to the M shed to learn about Edward Colston, Britain’s most infamous slave trader. We also went to see number 10 Guinea Street, the house we have been learning about in topic.

In science, we drew a diagram of the circulatory system and used our knowledge to write captions.

In maths this week, we have been practising fluency in our addition and subtraction. We are now able to add and subtract numbers in the 100,000s column.

For PE, we have been playing basketball and played small tournaments like champions, premier league and league 1.

Our Friday challenge this week is to make our own mini movie-character version of what is called Kim’s game. To play, we have to fold a piece of paper into 6-12 squares and draw or write as many movie characters as there are squares on your paper. Next, your partner has to memorize your characters and you have to see if they guessed all your characters correctly while your paper is turned over.


By Amanda, Samuel, Philip and Glory

MShed and route