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Term 1

Week 6

This we week we are still in Amazing Africa and have been learning about some animals that live there. We have really enjoyed learning all about elephants. We have read the 'Elephant and the Bad Baby' book which we thought was great fun and learnt that we must always say please!

We made great big elephant ears and used them to have some listening moments. We were really quiet and listened really hard and made a list of all the sounds we could hear.

We also did an elephant dance that involved some stomping and trumpeting!

Have a look at our pictures.

The Nursery team.

Week 4 - we have been exploring the story of Handa's Surprise.  Ask your children what they can remember - you may be surprised!

We think the story is really funny and exciting.  We have made collages, collected fruit and done lots of counting.  We really like picnics too.

Next week we are discovering a story about a zebra.



school is closed on Friday 4th October

Parent Chats - Tuesday 1st October or Thursday 3rd October - please book your appointments.


Nursery Team

Week 3 - we have been looking at the story "Anna Hibiscus' Song", a lovely story about a little girl who is so happy she thinks she might pop like a balloon!


We have painted self-portraits and thought about what makes us happy.  We love exploring inside - especially sand, water and playdough.  This week we found magnets!

When we are outside we run, climb steps, ride bikes, build models and shout with very loud voices.... We love our Nursery!


Next week we are going to look at "Handa's Surprise" as we continue to explore our Colourful Cultures.


Remember Forest School on Wednesday.


Nursery Team

Week 2 sees us settling into our place and space.  We have explored taking a dot for a walk with pens, chalk and paint and we have created a Gallery outside our Nursery room so please come and look.  

We celebrated the end of the week by wearing spots.

Next week we are starting to learn about Colourful Cultures.  We are thinking about what we look like and what we can do and how we are both different and similar.  Please let us know if you have any artefacts from different cultures that we could show and talk to the children about, thank you.  


Happy weekend,


The Nursery Team

Welcome to the Nursery for the first time or many times!  We are very pleased to have you with us for the year and hope you will love coming and learning with us.  This week we have been very happy to see new and familiar friends and places.  

Next week we will look at a book called "The Dot" and will be exploring making marks in different ways and with different resources.