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Term 1

Welcome to Nursery!

It has been so lovely to meet you all and your parents. We have been learning all about the things you like to do and you have been busy exploring the fun things we have in Nursery inside and outside.

Have a look at our pictures of our first days in Nursery.


This term we will be getting used to the routines of the Nursery day and gradually building up our time together. 

Our topic this term will be 'Marvellous Me!'

We will be thinking about all the things we like to play, what we are good and how we can get better at other things by keeping on trying and not giving up.

We will think about how we are all unique and different but have similarities. We will learn about where we all come from, what languages we speak, who are our special people and the special times we celebrate.

We will be sending photos and observations to parents too so you know how busy your child has been!


week 3 

This week we have been staying in Nursery by ourselves for the whole morning or afternoon. We have had great fun in all the different areas inside and outside and have been getting to know the other children.

We have been getting used to the routines of the day. We have snack time together everyday and listen to stories sitting on the carpet.

Next week we will be staying for lunch! we are all very excited about that!.

Week 4

Another busy week! Another week with lots of 'firsts' too!

We have enjoyed having a breakfast of bagels together every morning and also we stayed for lunch for the first time too.

We walked up the corridor to the hall where we ate our packed lunches. Raisa helps us everyday in the hall and then looks after us at playtime. 

We have been reading a book called 'I like' and been thinking about all the things we like doing in Nursery. Have a look at the photograph of the display we made. We like playing in the water, outside, with play dough, dressing up, building, sand, drawing, writing and so many other things! We also really like playing with our friends.

We have also been reading a book called 'Have you filled your bucket today?' It's all about how you can fill your bucket with kind thoughts and actions. We have a special bucket in the Nursery and everytime we are kind or helpful we get a special ball in the bucket. When the bucket is full we will get a treat. The children decided they wanted Mrs Mengoud to make cakes with us when it is full.

Take a look at the pictures of our fantastic week.

Week 5

This week story has been Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. Elmer was all different coloured and he wanted to be the same as the other elephants. He discovered that it is good to be different and everyone loved him for who he was.

We decorated elephants with different patterns and each of us made a patchwork square and decorated a big Elmer. We all made big Elmer ears too.

Have a look at our photos. We have been having such fun!

Week 6.

This week we have been looking at a book called My World, Your World and we have been thinking about how we are all different and the same. We thought about how we dress, what  we eat, where we live and who lives with us.

We have made some wonderful collages of ourselves, drawn pictures of who lives in our house and done some amazing self- portraits.

We tasted different kinds of bread too from all around the world. We had naan, pitta, tortilla and crusty bread. We thought about how it smelt, looked and tasted the same or different.

We also shared collective worship with the Reception Classes and had our own Harvest Festival. We shared food that came from all over the world and thought about how thankful we were to have the food and how grateful we were to all the people that grew the food and helped to get it to us.

We bought in some food from home and that will be donated to the local food bank. Thank you for your donations.

Week 7

We have been thinking about sharing this week. The children have been listening to the story of Rainbow Fish. He was the most beautiful fish in the ocean but didn't have any friends because he didn't want to share his scales with the other fish. The wise octopus advised him to share and although he wouldn't be the most beautiful fish he would be happy.

We thought about how sharing is caring. 

We have done lots of fishy activities this week, including working together to make scales for th eRainbow fish and finding fish in the slimy spaghetti sea!