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Term 1

WC 12.10.20


Another exciting week of learning in Larch.


This week in English we have been using Drama to act out an argument between Grandma and George that we later turned into direct speech.


In Art we have had great fun using  plasticine to make our own models for our own stop motion animations. We then used the ipads to shoot our own stop motion movies! We also developed our observational drawing skills by sketching animal skulls as part of our science topic.


In science this week we have really enjoyed our two science days where we learnt lots of interesting information about the human body. We can now identify some our main internal organs and explain what their function is and why they are so important. We also had a visit from 'Bony Tony' the Skeleton who helped us discover why humans and animals need a skeleton. We now know that a skeleton helps to protect our organs, supports our bodies and enables us to move around thanks to the hard work of over 650 muscles in our bodies.


In PE we have continued to develop our team building skills through different games. This week, we really enjoyed playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and ladders.


Have a lovely weekend Larch Class and see you for the last week of term.


Mr Hewett

Wc 5.10.20

Here are Year 3's favourite learning activities from this week

"In ICT we played a game called 'hot potato'. There was a random number and then there were colours . Yellow is when you continuing playing. Red is when you lose." (programming game played on IPADs with Mr Germain

"In PE we worked in groups of 6 with bats and balls and we tried to get to the other side of the line. We had to do it as fast as we could." (relay race)

"We were learning about FANBOYS in English and we were writing about George's Marvellous Medicine." (FANBOYS helps us to remember the co-ordinating conjunctions for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)

"In Maths we have been learning about 100s 10s and 1s. Today we played a game where we had to roll a dice 3 times and make the biggest number we could. (Children decided which column to put the digit in each time the dice was rolled). There were two teams...Team A and Team B!"

"In Science we were learning about MRS GREN....Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion, Nutrition" (These are all indicators of living things)

"In Geography we planned a route from SMR church to the children's hospital and drew a sketch map of the journey"

WC  28.9.20


This week the 3 Larch completed their class reward chart and earned a game of hockey as a result. They were also really sensible at running a game of 'statues' by themselves whilst I sanitized the hockey sticks. We have been discussing our core value of trust this week during collective worship and this was a great example!

In English we have started reading George's Marvellous Medicine. We reminded ourselves of the difference between adjectives, nouns, adverbs and verbs and the children wrote some incredible character descriptions of Grandma. We also learnt about the key features of an instruction text and learnt how to perform a set of instructions for making George's Marvellous Medicine, remembering both the words and actions with the aid of a text map.

Programming Spheros was a real highlight this week in our Computing Lesson with Mr Germain - see photos below

In maths the we have started using marking stations to mark our own work and we have been developing our problem solving and reasoning skills, applying the learning we have been doing around place value.

Now that we have finished our recovery curriculum we have started looking at our new topic 'I do like a bit of giving back'. It's all about the Grand Appeal charity for Bristol Children's hospital. So far we have learnt about how events like Gromit Unleashed can raise money to support children in Bristol who are really unwell. Continuing the Gromit theme, we found grid references for Gromits hiding on a map of Bristol as part of our Geography lesson.

See below for photos of Hockey and drama from last week's Friday challenge (acting out a traditional story)

Well done to 3 Larch for a smashing week. Have a well-deserved weekend


Mr Hewett



WC 21.9.20


This week in 3 Larch we produced some great writing linked to our class text 'Accidental Trouble Magnet', including a diary entry for the main character Omar. We have also been revising the four different sentence types...exclamations, questions, commands and statements. We also acted out some scenarios from the story outside in small groups. In maths we have been exploring place value and how to represent numbers to 100 and beyond using place value resources. We have still been exploring calming activities through our Jigsaw PSHE sessions and we have really enjoyed our regular PE and music slots.

Here is what the children had to say about their learning this week:



"In PE we have been doing games where we have a number and we have to run back to our place before the person with the same number gets back."

"In maths we learnt about tens and ones...if you want to add up a number of tens you have to remember the zero on the end" (e.g. 5 tens = 50)

"In PE we played rock, paper scissors and if your partner loses they have to run to the losing side and you get to stay on the winning side."

"We were learning about the 7 Continents."

WC 14.9.20


Another great week in 3 Larch. Here are some of the children's comments about their learning this week:


"We learnt about Picasso and how he used light and dark colours." (See pictures of our art work below)


"We've been reading 'The accidental Trouble Magnet' and so far its been great!"


"In maths we've been learning about multiplication."


"We also learnt about Venn Diagrams."


"We learnt about fun ways to balance and we did loads of different types of stretching!"


"In computing we controlled the Sphero's using blocks....we worked with a partner to code them."



This week's Friday challenge was all about using chopsticks. The children had to see how many small objects they could transfer from one tray to another in 5mins! Photos below.


Have a great weekend everyone


Mr Hewett

WC 7.9.20


Well done to 3 Larch for completing their first full week back at school. This week we have been enjoying learning both inside and outside of the classroom. The children are enjoying our recovery curriculum text 'Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet' which is all about a boy starting a new school. In maths we have been exploring number patterns using a 100 square and pasta! Highlights for the children have included making 3D maps of the local area in the school garden and engaging in our Friday Challenge competition. This week the challenge was to build the tallest tower possible using just two sheets of A4 paper and one strip of sellotape. Please see photos below.


All the best


Mr Hewett

Welcome to Year 3,

We have really enjoyed welcoming everyone back to school and we are incredibly proud of how well children have settled back into school life and their new routines.

For the first three weeks, we will be focussing on our ‘recovery curriculum’ that includes a variety of PSHE and well-being lessons as well as opportunities to engage and learn about growth mindset. The children will be taking part in a variety of fun and engaging activities as well as developing new skills and understanding across the curriculum. 

We will be updating our class webpage every Friday with photos and comments about the week's learning and any important information. Click on the Term 1 link below to check out this term’s learning!


Every week, your child will choose a book from the class library as well as a levelled book from Oxford Reading Buddy.  Please encourage your child to read at home and feel free to ask if you need any support.  Please ensure that children bring in their books everyday.


PE days are Wednesday and Thursday

Please can children arrive at school in their PE kits on these days and they can stay in them for the whole day. Children must wear a school jumper over their kit.

Every Friday, Mrs McClelland will be teaching in 3 Juniper and Mr Germain will be in 3 Larch on Friday mornings.

LSAs in Year 3 are Mrs Clarke and Mrs Williams


Thank you for your continued support

The Year 3 Team.