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Term 1

Week 7!


This week we started off with out Topic Day!

We look at artefacts from Uganda and researched all about Child of Hope.

We have also thought about and began planning ways we can raise money for Child of Hope to raise money for them to buy new book for their children- watch this space!

In English we thought about how the characters in our class text would feel about the Slavers coming to take them from their village.

We used hot seating to help us relate to these feelings.

Week 6!


This week we have looked at food chains and created out own paper food chains to show producers, consumers, predators and prey.



this week we finalised our research about Africa, linked to our Topic 'Child of Hope'. We then create our own non-chronological report about Africa! Here are a few picture of us proudly showing off our work:


Week 4:


We have had a great week and we have realised we are half way through Term 1, time flies when we're having fun!!

This week in maths we have been exploring place value using concrete apparatus. 


'I love using the counters and Dienes' - Scarlet

'it allowed us to investigate different representations and numbers'- Zuzu

'I am enjoying being challenged and looking forward to even more challenges'- Ophelia 



In Geography this week we looked at the skill of using an atlas to find all 54 countries that make up Africa!

This is linked to our Topic of 'Child of Hope'. This also links to our class text 'The Village that Vanished', which is set in East Africa.

Friday challenge!!

This week we had to work as a team to move a hoop from one chair to another but we had to balance the hoop on our fingers!


'It was really difficult because it was really hard to keep the hoop on our fingers' -Dusty 


'I was really hard but it helped us get better at working together'

Welcome to 4 Dogwood!

It has been great getting to know the children, as a new teacher to the school, they have made me feel very welcomed at SMRP and I am thoroughly excited for the year ahead. The children have loved being reunited and have settled really well back into school life (despite many changes!). 

For the first 3 weeks of term we are diving into our recovery curriculum, which includes Maths, English and a focus on PSHE and well-being.




Important Infomation:


This term PPA will be on a Wednesday afternoon and covered by Mrs.H and Mr.Fry/Miss Dudding.


PE is on Thursday and Fridays. Please ensure your child comes to school dressed in their PE kit with a plain white T-shirt, black shorts and trainers. Children may also need a school jumper and a coat.


Your child will choose a book from the class library as well as a levelled book from the Oxford Reading Buddy. Please encourage your child to read at home and feel free to ask if you need any support. Once they are returned, books will be quarantined before being redistributed.



Week 3:

We are now getting into the swing of being back at school and enjoying our learning. We have been particularly enjoying our Friday Challenges, which have been designed to build resilience, perseverance and improve our growth mindset.

Here are a few quotes from our Friday Challenge:


'Friday challenge is really fun and helps with growth mindset' -Caolan 


'Amazing fun, a little bit challenging though' -Amel 


'It's great to create new skills and ways of learning!' -Annie


'Really fun, helps with concentration ' - Evie 


Here are some pictures of us being challenged!


We have also been enjoying working on our fitness levels in PE this week and have looked at the term 'laddering'. Which means to increase the reps of the exercise slowly. 


In English we have been doing lots of drama and role play to help us understand how body language and gestures can help us understand the personality of a character.