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Term 1

Welcome to year 6! We are really looking forward to a fantastic term with you all.


The class teachers are Miss Cameron and Miss Price and our wonderful LSA is Miss Fletcher. On Monday and Tuesday mornings, we are lucky enough to have Mr Germain who is supporting in class and working with groups. 


On Tuesdays and Fridays, the children must come in in PE kit (plain white top, school blue jumper, black trousers/shorts and trainers).


On Tuesday afternoons it is our PPA time, so the classes will have Mr Germain teaching computing and RE and Bristol Sport who are teaching tag rugby this term.


On Wednesday afternoons it's Miss Cameron's leadership time, so 6 Sycamore will be taught by Mr Germain.



We've had a top week this week! This has included checking our science mould experiment (it is certainly growing fast), introducing a cannon into our PE gym sequences and tasting pomegranate that links to our class text: The Boy at the Back of the Class. Our Friday challenge this week was to use chopsticks to see how many counters we could pick up and move in a minute. The children watching were encouraging their partners with quotes like:


"Come on! You can do it!" 


"You will get there, it just takes time."


"This is it, this time I know you will get it!"




What incredible support and a great way to end the week. Have a wonderful weekend.



Learning to juggle!

Gym on the playground

Week beginning 21st September


We have started to learn how to juggle as it links to our core value of perseverance. We should be able to juggle 3 pairs of socks by Christmas.


We made Millionaire shortbread a few weeks ago as it was the most popular recipe what was made during lockdown. We took it in turns to make/cook it so that we could enjoy the delicious flavours and the armour of the caramel and chocolate.


To decorate our empty and dull walls, we all made lots of origami butterflies and we now have them pinned to the wall in a rainbow pattern coming out from a book!


In PE we have been doing Bristol Sports on Tuesday and on Fridays we do class gymnastics on the playground. Last week Miss Price got little bit too excited and fell over but now she knows she shouldn’t do it again.


Every Friday we do a Friday Challenge. So far we have taken part in a chop stick and tower building challenge and today, our challenge is a drama challenge around fairy tales.


Throughout Year 6, we have been experimenting on bread. We have tested how quickly mould grows by rubbing the bread on different surfaces or putting liquid on it. Now we are a couple weeks in, it looks horrible! We will see how the mould grows and changes the structure of the bread over the next few weeks.









Friday challenge - raising the hula hoop

Week beginning 28th September

This week we learnt that our topic would be about the Red Cross. The Red Cross is a charity that supports people that have been in natural disasters, are in need of help and refuges. We had a zoom meeting with somebody from The Red Cross. We asked her all about her job and what she does for the Red Cross.

In English we wrote scripts and focusing on the boy at the back of the class pretending to be reporters and witnesses, the day after we filmed it and watched most of them.

We have just started a new English topic about a book called The Arrival. It’s a book without any words at all and we have to channel all of our imagination.

Today for the Friday challenge we tried to move a hoop in groups with only two fingers out straight.


Week beginning 5th October


In the body there are loads of organs. The heart is the most important organ in the body because it pumps blood around the body. We leant loads about how the veins and arteries move blood around the body and lungs and the heart is the key part of it all. It was fun when we played a game with red and blue pieces of paper and we were all blood cells carrying blood to the right places.

by Sulaiman and Luc


This week we have looked at maps in groups of 3 and showed coordinates over Bristol. We found coordinates for the school and our houses and Miss Price even gave us coordinates to find a place on the map - it was a farm!

By Rudi and Jackson


On Tuesdays we have Bristol Sport we played (mainly) jailbreak. We played Sharks and Sardines at the beginning of the year and the rest of the time played Jailbreak. Bristol Sport have a club with 5 of us in Elder (as a bubble) too.

By Dylan 


As you may know, The Arrival by Shaun Tan is the book we are focusing on in English at the moment in Year 6. The book has no words and is all about a man who is going on a journey to somewhere which we do not yet know. This week, we discovered a little more about his destination, and wrote about how he may be feeling at that time. We wrote about a series of pictures from the book with subordinating conjunctions and coordinating conjunctions. 

By Alice and Molly  


In our science morning, we dissected a lambs heart! We first looked around the outside and looked at the veins that covered the heart. We then cut it open and saw the ___ in it. It was very hard and strong and it felt like rubber when we touched it! There were tube like things on the top and it felt like plastic. 

By Eman, Rafa and Hannah

Week beginning 19th October



We started the week by making our own board games about the Red Cross, (our topic this term). We were in groups of three, making games with questions and facts about it. The games were on a miniature drawn map.


In English, we have finished the book The Arrival! We aren’t going to say the ending, as we don’t want to spoil it for anyone who wants to read or watch it on YouTube, (which you really should). We wrote our own endings before we saw the real end and edited them with our talk partners. Miss Price thought of a 20 minute slot routine for the writing, with every 20 minutes we read it through and edited it.


By Alice, Dylan and Luc.