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Term 1

Welcome to Nursery!


The Nursery team is:

Ms Loosley -Monday -Thursday

Mrs Moral -Wednesday- Friday

Mrs Mengoud- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday


We have great fun in Nursery exploring inside and outside and there is so much to do! We love to build, make, create, problem solve, learn new skills, have a go and keep on trying!

We are all friends and work as a team. We love to help each other and work together.


We are really looking forward to learning with your children this year.

Have a look at the topics we have planned for the year in our Yearly Overview and plans for Term 1.

We are starting in Term 1 with the topic 'Who Am I?' 


Week 1

It has been so lovely to meet all the children this week. 

We have been getting to know each other and have been exploring the environment, both inside an out.


Have a look at the pictures of our first days.


Week 2


The children in Nursery have been learning about feelings. We used the story "The Colour Monster" to talk about happiness, sadness, anger, fear and calm. We used colours to link to feelings and children were really engaged. We talked about what made us happy, sad or angry and what our faces looked like when we felt these emotions. Have a look at our pictures and see if you can guess what we are feeling.

Well done Nursery for another fabulous week!

Have a nice weekend.

Ms Loosley, Mrs Mengoud and Mrs Moral

Week 3:

This week we have learnt about our body parts.

We have been listening to songs about the parts of the body, we have observed how we are all different and  unique.

We have done a collage of our face and hair using wool. We also did a hand printing activity with paint and we drew our bodies on a large piece of paper using our bodies as the silhouettes.


We learnt a short poem that goes like this:

10 little fingers, 10 little toes,

two little ears and one little nose.

Two little eyes that shine so bright and one little mouth to kiss goodnight.


Can you practice it at home with your grown up?


Thanks for another fab week Nursery!

see you next week

Ms Loosley, Mrs Mengoud and Mrs Moral 

Week 4:


This week we have been learning about who lives in our homes.

Children have been talking about their families and pets, we have been busy doing mark making on paper houses, building houses with boxes, drawing people and houses on foam and using Lego and duplo to build different types of structures that could be use as a homes.

Children have had a really good week and we have been enjoying the rain in our outdoor space too.

Have a good weekend


Ms Loosley, Mrs Mengoud and Mrs Moral

Week 5


This week Nursery has been learning about things we like.

Children share their favourite stories, food and things to do.

We have had a chance to make a lovely piece of bread into the toaster and they selected their favourite ingredient to spread on the toast. We have lots of children choosing butter and strawberry jam as their first choice also honey was quite popular too.

We had the story of Handa's Surprise and we learn about fruits like guava and avocado. Children had a chance to make a fruit salad and practice their chopping skills with blunt knifes.

On Friday we have a practice at putting our coats on and off for life skills day. 


During this week and the following week children will be taking their new book bags home. They have 2 stories to share with you. please, bring the book bag back to Nursery and we will change your books every week.


Well done for a lovely week of learning Nursery!

Have a nice weekend.


Ms Loosley, Mrs Mengoud and Mrs Moral 


Week 6:

This week we have been learning about Autumn.

Children have enjoy stories like "The Leaf Thief" "Tree" and " We're going on a leaf hunt".

We have learnt a lovely song about Autumn that you can practice it at home too. (copy and paste the link on your search bar)


Children were on a leaf hunt around the school collecting different colour leaves and taking them back to the classroom. We have enjoy lots of artistic activities using leaves, we have made our very own tree and we have use paint on the leaves to stamp them on paper. We have very creative children in Nursery smiley


Well done Nursery for another lovely week of learning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms Loosley, Mrs Mengoud and Mrs Moral 

Week 7


This week we have read the story " The Little Red Hen and The Grains of Wheat".

Children had a letter from the little Red Hen asking them for help to make some bread out of flour and water.

We made bread by mixing the ingredients and rolling it into little bread rolls. 

Here is the link to the story if they want to listen to it again:

Children have been really busy painting pictures of The Little Hen and making lollipop puppets of the different characters of the story (Duck, Cat, Hen and Dog) using some shapes. We even acted out the story.



We had a lovely time playing outside too and the children were really good at placing the pumpkins in order  from lightest to the heaviest. We thought the biggest pumpkin was the heaviest. 


Well done Nursery for another lovely week of learning

Have a lovely half term

See you in November 

Ms Loosley, Mrs Mengoud and Mrs Moral