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Term 1

Welcome to Reception!

Our Reception team is 

Mrs Sarah Birch, Ms Liz Radnor and Miss Ana Caballero

What a wonderful start we have had to the year.

This term we are going to be thinking about the key question Who am I? We will be thinking about what we look like. who we live with, where we live and what our likes and dislikes are. Have a look through the medium term plan for some of the activities the children will be taking part in. 


24th September 

This week we have been thinking about what we look like. We read the story 'All kinds of people' and thought about all the similarities and differences between us all. We used mirrors to look at all our features. We also drew around ourselves and named all our body parts and extended this by looking at what is inside our body. We also read a book called 'Hair Love' and thought about all the different types of hair and hair styles in our class and appreciating our similarities and differences. 

In phonics we have been listening carefully to words and trying to segment them into single sounds or phonemes. Next week we will be starting to learn the letter sounds. 

In maths we have been thinking about matching objects in different ways and spotting similarities. 


1st October 

This week we have been thinking about where we live. We thought about whether we live in a flat on a house and what we can see from our windows. We looked at the story 'All kinds of houses' and thought how all our houses are different but have lots of similarities too. We made our houses or flats out of shapes and recognised all the different shapes that make up our houses. 

We have started learning the first set of sounds and the children have been amazing at remembering them and recognising the sound in words. Look out for a date for a reading meeting where you can learn how we teach the children to read and how you can support your child at home. 

In maths we have been thinking about amounts of objects and how we can count them accurately. We have been using more, less and fewer to compare our groups of objects. 


8th October 

This week we have thought about our families and who we live with. We learnt that families can look very different. Some of us have large families with lots of people and some us have small families. We read a book called 'All kinds of families' and ' In every house'. We thought about a what makes a family and decided that love and care make a family. We drew our family in the houses we made and talked about them to our friends. 

The children are learning the letter sounds brilliantly and are beginning to put the sounds together to make words. In maths we have continued thinking about more, less and fewer. The children estimated how many objects we could hold in our hands and and then checked by counting.. 


15th October 

This week we thought about the seasons and how it is now Autumn. We went on an Autumn walk around the park and looked for signs of Autumn. We found lots of leaves have fallen off the trees and most of the trees have red, yellow and brown leaves. We also found conkers which was very exciting. We read a book called 'Leaf Man' and loved seeing all the pictures of leaves as different creatures. We collected leaved from around the school and made our own leaf pictures as well as a leaf crown. 

In maths we thought about pattern and created our own pattern using natural resources such as conkers, leaves and twigs. The children also collected twigs for our crow and ordered them in size to help her build her nest. 

We continued learning our letter sounds and are getting better and better at robot talking words.