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Term 1 - Take me to the Islands

Tie-dye, Masks and Carnival Time!

Year 3 have really enjoyed learning about Trinidad and Tabago through the story of Gregory Cool.


We have written our own stories using lots of amazing description based on different settings and we have learnt how to use speech in our writing. In spelling we are focusing on prefixes, looking at how they can change the meaning of a word. 


In maths we have started to develop our knowledge of addition and subtraction with 3 digit numbers. We have been exploring different ways to find the answer for example column addition/subtraction, number lines and mentally in our heads. 


We had a lot of fun in science this week drawing around people and placing the internal organs in the correct place as well as finding out about their jobs. On Friday we are going to do an experiment looking at our heart and how it changes when we do exercise. 


For Art on the Hill we created beautiful clay tiles based on the designs of Lucienne Day!


Today we thought about life on an island. We created our own islands with string and chalk and then we were given scenarios to work through in groups. We then discussed the positive and negative aspects of living on an island. 


Why not make your own island at home of Trinidad and Tabago and bring it into class to show us all. 

Term 1 so far...


As part of our Trinidad and Tobago topic, we have been exploring where the islands are on the world map. We looked at the difference between lines of latitude and longitude and drew key features such as the equator, north pole, south pole and continents on balloons that represented the globe. During music we explored calypso music and the way it made us feel when listening to it. We practised tapping out off-beat syncopated rhythms with claves and learnt about the different types of instruments associated with caribbean music. In our science lessons we have identified which foods belong to each group (carbohydrates, proteins etc) and how they effect our bodies. We also discussed the importance of a balanced diet. We have used the caribbean story of 'Gregory Cool' top explore new vocabulary associated with our topic and to practise using character voices, whilst reading. Using inverted commas (speech marks) in our writing has been a new experience for us and we have had great fun exploring speech through drama before applying this to our writing. We have been listening to a direct speech song which we found very funny, but also useful in helping us to remember the rules for recording direct speech (please find a link to the song in our English Resources). In maths we have focussed on really understanding place value, using physical resources such as 'Base 10' and place value cards. The children have used this knowledge to partition numbers, order numbers and solve problems. We encourage the children to use their verbal and written reasoning skills to explain their answers and deepen their understanding. PE is now taking place on Tuesday mornings rather than on Fridays. This term the children are developing football skills and an awareness of how finding space rather than chasing the ball can be a real advantage! Please ensure your child keeps their PE kit in school for the term so that it is always available when they need it. We have made a great start in our swimming lessons and look forward to seeing the children progress during the course of this term. 


All the best from the Year 3 team