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Term 2

term 2 -What happens in Winter?

Week 1

Welcome back Nursery!

This week we have been learning about Diwali.

Children have enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita.

Here is the link to the story on Diwali in youtube if you would like to watch it with yours kids at home.


We have been making Rawana faces, making Rangolis with playdough and beans, making sweets with condense milk and coconut and using clay to make our diva lights with a tea candle.

We made Diwali cards with paint and glitter and we had a go at making fireworks with empty toilet rolls and glittery paint.

Children have learnt the song this little light of mine

Here is the link to the song if you wish to sing it with your child.


Children who attended on Wednesday morning and afternoon had their photo taken so check the book bags for the piece of paper with the link and the details to see and buy the professional photos online.


Have a nice Weekend


Ms Loosley, Mrs Mangeoud and Mrs Moral 

Week 2


This week we have been learning about fireflies.

Children made a lovely display with neon paint and glitter on black paper and each child made their own firefly using shapes for the head, body, wings and antennas.

On the black paper children did finger painting trying to imitate the contrast of a firefly glowing at night.

We watched a video where we could see real fireflies glowing in the night.

you can see it at home here


The space under the tower in the classroom was transformed into a dark space using black fabric on the walls and door, children used torches to spot hidden fireflies and we had lovely music and a night light projector displaying the moon and the starts on the walls and ceiling.


On Wednesday morning we did our first Forest School session.

Children were really good at listening to the instructions about keeping themselves safe in the Forest with dogs and strangers.

We gathered lots of natural resources and we learnt their names (red, green, yellow, brown leaves, berries, feathers, sticks, stones, acorns, conkers, pine nuts, mud...) Children had time to play the coo-ee game and we did a bit of tree climbing and exploration around the woods. 

As you can see we had a lovely morning out.


We have tried to show you all of this with lots of photos.

Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as they enjoyed their sensorial play.


Have a lovely weekend

Ms Loosley, Mrs Mengoud and Mrs Moral 

Week 3:


This week we have had the story " Papa, please get the Moon for me".

Below the link for you to watch at home

We have been using glitter and metallic paints to make the different lunar phases and lots of shiny materials to stick on top.

Also, children did a lovely representation of the story using white waxy crayons to draw a ladder and they cut small circles to place on top of the ladder.


On Wednesday we went to the Forest, we had a lovely day exploring the mud and making lovely dishes with it.


Have a lovely weekend

The Nursery Team


Week 4:


This week we have been learning about the stars.

We have had 2 lovely stories : Laura's Star and My Pet Star.


We are learning our Christmas Song and children have been super amazing at learning the moves already!

We have been playing with sparkling water, we had some fun playing with foam and we made lots of lovely pictures with bright paints on black paper and of course with a nice touch of glitter too.

We have been enjoying the time outside in this lovely Autumn weather, spotting trains and enjoying the swings.

On Wednesday morning we did Forest School and we spent a lovely time climbing trees, making mud to use as paint and we used clay and sticks to make hedgehogs and we made little homes out of leaves for the dormice and we placed them on the ground by the hazel trees around our woods.


Have a lovely weekend

The Nursery Team 





Week 5:

This week we had a lovely story called : The little Fir Tree.

We have been learning the geometric shapes too, we have a lovely song that you can play at home:

(Copy the link and paste it on google)


Children have been really busy learning the lyrics for their Christmas play rehearsal. 

We have been making tree outlines and decorating the class ready for Christmas.

Children have been exploring the hole puncher on the making table and using their imagination to make new decorations for the Christmas tree with strings and other arts and crafts resources.

We have been folding paper and making hand made Christmas cards and making marks on them.

Today children learnt what a Christingle is and we made one together.

On Wednesday morning we had Forest School, where we explored bright colours on a Autumn day using the paint to colour the mini trees (sticks standing on the ground) with different patterns. We also did have time to do some digging, playing grandma's footsteps with musical instruments in the forest and we did climbing and mud painting too.


We have had a very lovely and busy week

Have a lovely weekend

Ms Loosley, Mrs Mangoud and Mrs Moral 


Week 6:


What a busy week we have had!

Christmas rehearsal, and 2 Christmas plays!

Early Years children did amazing and we are really proud of our little Stars smiley.


We have been learning about Christmas Story.

We have been making Christmas Cards and decorations and giving a go at writing our names.



We hope you enjoy the photos.

See you next week

Have a lovely weekend 

The Nursery Team 

Week 7:

Today we had the last forest school session of the year.

We created our stick men using sticks, salt dough and buttons and we used pipe cleaners as scarfs. 

We had a lovely picnic party in the forest and Father Christmas came to the forest to give everyone of us a present.

We had the Stick Man story read by Father Christmas and we sang a few Christmas songs to him.

We all had a lovely morning in the Forest!


Merry Christmas everyone!

See you in 2022

The Nursery Team