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Term 2

W/B 06.12.2021

Week 6

Another fantastic learning from 2 Whitebeam - we have been so busy with our school production! We hope you enjoyed it 


F I have enjoyed English.  We have written a non-chronological report about our own animals.  My animal is called Manda and it is the biggest monkey-panda in the world! 


 I really enjoyed Maths because I used concrete and pictorial representations to solve word problems. 


I really liked our Friday challenge. I used growth mindset to overcome the challenges of making a paper snowflake!


Well done to all of Year 2 for participating in the Christmas performance.  We are all extremely proud.   +(25marbles!)



Hope you all have a fab weekend - See you all Monday!

Mr Jones and Mrs Slinn

Week 4

W/B 29.11.2021

Well done 2 Hazel for a busy week of learning 


This week, we have been learning really hard.  Let's see what the children in 2 Hazel have enjoyed...


In Maths, we have been using concrete and pictorial representations to add and subtract.  We have used ten frames, partitioned using part part whole models and challenged ourselves further by checking the answers using column addition and subtraction method. 



Today, we have had a day of RE.  2 Hazel have been busy making stained glass windows.  They looked brilliant! 



We have been busy practicing our Christmas performance too and we cannot wait to show it to you.  We hope to see you all next week.


Have a lovely weekend.  See you all on Monday.

Mr Jones and Mrs Slinn

Week 3

An amazing week from 2 Hazel with fantastic learning from all children!



Archie- I really liked English and how we innovated our story 'The Storm Whale'.  We also created our own animals that consisted of 2 predators together.  My predator was called 'Tig-leopard' ready for our non chronological report next week!


Aleah- I really enjoyed Topic where we looked closely at sliders for our DT.  We are going to make our product next week using sliders for it to go forwards and backwards. 



Coco - I really enjoyed science.  We looked at the desert habitat. Dusty - Did you know the Arctic where polar bears live is also a desert ( A very cold desert!) 



Jessica - I really enjoyed science when we created our habitat collages for our sliders to move forward and backwards!




Hope you all have another fantastic weekend.  See you all on Monday!

Mr Jones and Mrs Slinn

Week 2


We all love to read. I love reading because I get to know more about words learn and learn what they mean.  I really like ERIC (Everyone Reading In Class) - Edith


This week we have been innovating the story of The Storm Whale. My new story is called The Snow Wolf and the new character is called Jack who lives near the beach. - Rivers


In Maths I have been enjoying learning how to use a number line to help me work out the answer for adding and subtracting numbers - Iris

I have been learning how to use the column method to add and subtract numbers that go over 10. - Daisy


In PE we have been using the ball to dribble. We used the inside of our feet to dribble a ball around cones - Loki

I used two feet to help me dribble the ball - Arthur


In Science we have been learning about living things and their habitats. Did you know that animals need food, air and water to survive? - Barnaby


On Thursday it was Remembrance Day and we made poppies to remember all the people that have died in the wars. - Stella and Stevie


Welcome back to Term 2!


Here's what we have enjoyed this week- 


I've enjoyed learning about the story of The Storm Whale because it's a lovely sad story. - Arthur


To help us remember the story we have made actions for it - Stella


We have started to write the story in our books - Joey


Our topic in PSHE is Celebrating Differences and we decorated a shield to show two things that are the same and two things that are different between a boy and a girl - Sudais


In Maths we have been learning to make 10 first then add on the rest - Stella

I learned how to bond to 10 by partitioning one of the numbers in the number sentence - Elliot


In RE we learned about who are Muslim and what they believe.  I found out that the Qur'an is the holy book of Islam - Barnaby

Muslims believe that there is one God and they call their God Allah - Rivers


In DT we made a card with a slider and a lever.  We put animals on and a predator that might eat them - Otis