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Term 2

WC 29.11.21


A lovely week of learning and celebrations in 3 Larch! We started our week with our class reward pyjama party on Monday. Children enjoyed playing circle games and musical statues with their teddies! And we finished the week with a whole school RE day. In Year 3 we produced artwork of a Bethlehem scene at night, using cotton buds and paint to build up our pictures. Please have a look at the photos below!

Here are some of the other things the children wanted to share about their learning this week:

"In Maths we have been learning about adding and subtracting 3-digit and 2-digit numbers using the column method."

"In Science we looked at a how fossils are formed."

"In English we are learning about settings and creatures."

"In DT we are learning how to sew and make our own tool belts!"

"In PE we have been learning how to move with a basketball and how to control it."



Have a wonderful weekend


Mr Hewett and 3 Larch

WC 22.11.21


This week in 3 Larch we have worked really hard at completing assessments in Reading, Maths, Spelling and Punctuation / Grammar. It's great to see the progress they are all making with their learning. Next Monday afternoon the children are invited bring their pyjamas and a teddy to celebrate the children reaching their target on their reward chart.


We have been learning new skills in basketball during PE and we have been doing some drama through our PSHE lessons around conflict resolution. This week I had my planning time on a different day so that I could see what the children are learning in their Design Technology lessons. I learnt some new sewing skills and vocabulary with the children and I'm very grateful to our parent helpers and Mrs H for making this happen. The children have started sewing a tool belt for a fossil collector to store their tools in. (This links with our School of Rocks topic). In Science this week, we learnt how rocks are weathered to create soil. Next week we will be learning about fossil formation, which I am sure will be very popular with the children.


Have a super weekend everyone and please check out this week's photos below.


Mr Hewett

WC 15.11.21


What a week! Well done to all the children in 3 have made me really proud to be your teacher and you speak so knowledgeably and enthusiastically when visitors from outside of our school ask you about your learning.

The children have chosen the theme 'Under the Sea' for our new class library area and we spent this morning creating artwork for it. We also watched a film this afternoon as a well-deserved treat.

Other highlights include cutting off Mr Dwyer's hair for charity and carrying out a scientific experiment to check the permeability of different rocks.


Have a super weekend everyone!


Mr H

WC 8.11.21


The children in 3 Larch talked to me about their learning this week.

"In Maths we crossed the tens and the hundreds in addition and subtraction."- Ted

"We learnt about rocks in English and Science.." - Taio

"In RE we learnt about the story of Rama and Sita....Sita gets captured Ravana the demon king with ten heads and 20 arms." - Aria

"In DT we learnt how to sew with a needle....we learnt how to do a running stitch." - Aryan

"In English we have been learning about our story 'The Pebble in my Pocket' and we did some drama activities to show how the pebble moved on." - Saoirse

"In PE we learnt how to do do basketball tricks and how to control a basketball". - Suhaib


Please have a look at the photos below.

Check book bags for christmas cards, photos, spelling resources and reading resources.


Have a wonderful weekend


Mr Hewett

WC 1.11.21


Welcome back everyone!


We hope you are feeling refreshed after the half term break. It's only been a four day week, but it feels like we've still managed to fit a lot in. The children are really enjoying their new rocks topic...please do have a look at the knowledge organisers to find out some of the key facts that we will be covering this term. Ideas for supporting reading and spelling at home will be sent home next week.


Here's what the children remembered about their learning this week:


"We've been learning about the how to use the column method for addition and subtraction" - William

"In PE we practised passing a rugby ball. We had to focus!" - Suhaib

"We've been learning about volcanoes in Science." - Dottie

"We've been learning about the different types of rock. There are 3 types called sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous." - Aria


In English we practised the skill of revising poems we had already written, to make them even better.


Have a super weekend everyone and please check out the photos below (some from the end of last term)


Mr Hewett & The Year 3 Team