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Term 2

On Wednesday it was Miss Stone's birthday and we ate chocolate doughnuts. They were really yummy and we played some happy birthday music. It was really fun! Isabella Rice, Angelo and Rimes.


This week we won attendance Ted because every child was in every day for a whole week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So he came to visit our class. Naia.


When we had attendance Ted he helped us eat doughnuts, play basketball and do our learning. Mercy.


Some people got to change attendance Ted's clothes and we made him wear a Welsh outfit, a year 6 outfit with a blue jumper and a SMRP outfit. Bella.


Today we visited the library and we chose new books and read them. Ta Shiyah.

Attendance Ted

Yesterday we dressed up as our favourite animal and it was fun! I was a chameleon. Ted


There were all different species of animals. I was a Husky dog/wolf. Emilia.


We raised money for the RSPCA charity and I was a dalmation. Ta'shiyah.


It was really cool how everyone dressed up and we had apple slices and oranges. Rimes.


I really liked everybody's costume because they looked really nice. I was a bear. Isabella G.


Today we created lots of different things for our book corner like, parrots, caterpillars, snakes, crocodile and flamingoes. Dilys.


Today we cut off Mr. Dwyer's hair and raised over £100 for the Marmalade Trust. It looked short and funny! Mercy.









Our music in 3 Juniper was really disciplined which means not playing your instrument when other children are playing. Isabella G and Emilia.


In music we have been learning how to play different musical instruments like Glockenspiel, boom wackers, a-go - go, drums, triangle, bells, shaky egg and a musical frog! Angelo.


The glockenspiel was really fun and created an interesting noise like an angel. Ted and Rimes.


The percussion instruments we have been learning to play are bongo drums and claves. Ta' Shiyah.


We loved playing the instruments because we played them and sang songs at the same time. Ted.



Music this week!

Still image for this video

Music this week!

Welcome back everyone!


We hope you are feeling refreshed after the half term break. It's only been a four day week, but it feels like we've still managed to fit a lot in. The children are really enjoying their new rocks topic...please do have a look at the knowledge organisers to find out some of the key facts that we will be covering this term. Ideas for supporting reading and spelling at home will be sent out next week.


Here's what the children remembered about their learning this week:


"We've been learning about the how to use the column method for addition and subtraction"

"In PE we practised passing a rugby ball. We had to focus!" 

"We've been learning about volcanoes in Science." 

"We've been learning about the different types of rock. There are 3 types called sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous." 


In English we practised the skill of revising poems we had already written, to make them even better.


Have a super weekend everyone!


Miss Stone & The Year 3 Team