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Term 2

Term 2 


Earth and Space


Welcome back everyone!

We are ready and raring to go in term 2! 


Each Friday we will update our class page with photos and information to let you know what the children have been learning about.



Every week, your child will choose a book from the class library as well as a levelled book from Oxford Reading Buddy (if applicable). 


Please encourage your child to read at least 4 times per week. Sign and date your child’s reading record, this will be checked on Fridays.

Don’t forget that you can also read on Oxford Reading Buddy:  and this can also be recorded in reading records. If you have forgotten your username and password, please speak to a Year 5 adult.


Times Table Rock Stars

Please encourage your child to practise their timestables on Times Tables Rock Stars at least 3 times per week for around 15 minutes. If your child needs a reminder of their username and password, please ask their class teacher.





During PE days, the children can come into school wearing PE kits and will stay in their kits for the whole day.  Please can children bring in their school jumpers so that they can wear them after their PE lessons. 



Daps or trainers

Black shorts or black jogging bottoms

White T-Shirt

A hair band for children with longer hair



PPA cover will be taken by Mrs Fletcher and Bristol Sport on Tuesday afternoons. Mrs Fletcher will take children for ERIC time (Everyone Reading In Class) and RE. Bristol Sport will be covering the skills of tag rugby.


Thank you so much for your continued support


Miss Fraser, Miss Bendon and the Year 5 Team

Week Beginning 2.11.21


Let's Learn about Earth and Space!


In order to welcome the children to the mysterious world of Earth and Space, we participated in different activities that would get them bubbling in excitement for our new science topic!


Our new book is called 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce and tells the story of a young boy who has accidentally found himself on board a spacecraft and lost in space. Our first task  of the day was to imagine that we were also lost in space and compose a piece of music that would describe how we were feeling. 

We used a range of different instruments and created our own versions of graphic scores so that we could record our compositions.





In the afternoon, we were tasked with creating a spacecraft that would protect an egg astronaut whilst traveling through the Earth's atmosphere. We were only allowed to use 4 pieces of paper, 150cm of masking tape, 1 piece of string, lollipop sticks, straws, and elastic bands. We watched the flight of Felix Baumgartner ( for inspiration, and then worked in groups to design!








Week Beginning 8.11.21


What are comets made of?


Our resident rocket scientist, Dr Fletcher, came to Y5 to teach us all about comets. We discovered that comets are really just dirty snowballs made of lots of different materials such as water, carbon, rock, and gases. Dr Fletcher used liquid nitrogen to help create the comet. It really did look like a dirty snowball!




Letter Writing in English


As we have delved deeper into our reading book, Cosmic, we have discovered more things about the lead Character and all the naughty things he gets up to. This week, he has been mistaken for the new media studies teacher at his new secondary school and tried to lead all the students out of the front gate! For our learning task, we were challenged to use parenthesis when writing a letter as the headteacher to describe to his parents all of the (made up) things that he's been getting up to!




Week beginning 22.11.21


We the Curious!


Finally, the week we were all waiting for and our much anticipated trip to We the Curious! Emotions have been buzzing for weeks and we certainly weren't let down, what a feast for our minds!


We started the day with a workshop about how to train like an astronaut. We were split into 5 groups and had a chance to participate in 5 different activities: designing astronaut nappies, directing robotic arms, creating aerodynamic spacecrafts, discovering what air pressure does to astronauts, and exercising like an astronaut.






After our workshop, we went to the planetarium and we were instantly amazed as the skies seemed to open up and we were transported into space with the help of our 3d glasses. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos but we did get to choose where we wanted to travel. We started off by exploring the 'Rose' which is a storm as wide as 2 Earths on the north side of Saturn. It's name the Rose due to its shape. We then explored the craggy surfaces of Pluto and one of the moons of Jupiter, Thebe.  Thebe has a crater that it so big that Bristol could fit inside it 4 times over.


After the planetarium, we explored the different exhibits and loved all of the interactive activities. We used a HUGE hamster wheel in order to create sand, we made gigantic human-sized bubbles, we created stop-motion animations, and many more things!









Week Beginning 30.11.21


Statistics in Maths


We started our new maths topic this week - statistics! We started off the week by looking at different types of charts and graphs and made choices about how and why they might be used. We then collected data from our class using tally charts to determine our favorite planets in our Solar System. We then used this data to create our own pictograms, bar charts, and line graphs!





We then used our new skills in our science lesson and create different charts to show how long it takes for planets to rotate and orbit the sun:



Week Beginning 6.12.21


Statistics - Line Graphs


Continuing with our topic of statistics in maths, we have been focusing on reading, interpreting, and drawing line graphs this week. We started with simple line graph, ensuring that our scales were equal and accurate:


We then moved onto dual-line graphs and used keys so that the data could be recorded accurately. We found these challenging to draw but persevered and have now become masters!



Poems on Identity - Linked School Project

We received a much-awaited parcel in the post this week from our linked school - Horfield Primary! The parcel contained identity maps which showed all the children in the class and all the things that they felt helped to build their identity, such as favourite things, culture, languages they spoke etc. 

In return, we will be sending our own identity maps, as well as poems that we have written about ourselves. We focused on understanding that no one is perfect, and that there are many sides and identities to each individual. Here is a sneak peak of some of them...