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Term 2



We hope everyone is well and recovered from our amazing time at camp. This term our PE days remain the same - Monday and Friday. Please come to school in your PE kit (black trousers/shorts, trainers, plain white t-shirt and your year 6 blue jumper).


Remember, we are not at the disco (however much we want to be). Please only wear a watch and studs. All other jewellery/hair accessories should be left at home.


This term on a Thursday morning, Mrs H and Dr Fletcher will be covering PPA, teaching Science, Spanish, Spellings and DT.

On a Thursday afternoon, Corey will be covering Miss Cameron during her phase leadership time.


Our topic this term is LIGHT and we are excited to explore reflection, refraction and shadows.

Starting to explore light

Week beginning 01.11.21


Hi this week we have been doing tag rugby in PE with Corey, it was so fun for everyone. In English we have been describing a forest from Wolf Brother as it is our new book. It is about a boy called Torak who lives in a forest in the Stone Age.

In science we were discovering how light travels. We learnt it travels in straight lines and cannot bend around corners. In Maths we are learning the column written method for multiplication to help us work out problems.

Spelling - we are adding suffixes to a root word which ends in -fer.

The Friday challenge this week is writing letters to the Marmalade Trust for lonely people to open over the Christmas holidays.

We have also been thinking of things for our book corner from the money raised by Gunk the Teacher.


By Keturah

DT - Cams project

Week beginning 08.11.21


This week on Monday, we learnt how to stag leap. We focused on one part at a time. First, we focused on how our arms should be positioned and how and when our fingers were pointing out. Next, we did distance and height, lastly, finnese.

On Tuesday in English, we sampled sentences from Wolf Brother, our class book, and added subordinate clauses. We had two sentences and one of them we cut up so we could add extra information!

Wednesday was fun because we did maths fluency groups, we were split into four groups and taught by different teachers. We did short division and multiplication.

Thursday we did Art. We made our own cam mechanisms in pairs. We used: Cardboard, paper,  lolly pop stick, hole puncher, card, corragated card and safety pins.

On Friday, we designed and made posters as if we were standing in front of the world leaders, trying to convince them to help save the world!

This week was really fun! In fact it was really REALLY fun!!!

Written by: Emily and Poppy

Week beginning 15.11.21


This week was really enjoyable.

On Monday, in PE we did dancing steps with music. We did it as a year group, it was nice to work as a year group.

On Thursday we did dressing up as our favourite animal to raise money for RSPCA.

In PE on Thursday we played rugby with Corey and Reece. Throwing a rugby ball is different that throwing a football or basketball.

In English this week we have been planning a narrative based on a mystical key, next week we will be writing our stories. 

Today we dressed in spotty clothes for children in need. 

Our Friday challenge is to create an animal that can live on mars. 


This was a wonderful week.

By Neshan and Malhar.

St Mary Redcliffe Church - How is God holy and loving

Week beginning 22.11.21


We finished writing our narrative about a mysterious key that we were given in an envelope; we had loads of great ideas for the story.

In PE we were forming a dance routine including a stag leap to make the dance more complex. On Thursday we played tag-rugby in separate groups with no-bib and bib teams.

In Science we made periscopes with paper and mirrors. Periscope are made from 2 mirrors at a 45 degree angle to help you see over and around obstacles. 

This week on Tuesday we went to the church to explore about Christianity as well as drawing stained glass windows with oil pastels. 

We feel accomplished with our Cam mechanisms, automations made from cardboard.


Advent calendar - God is holy and loving

Musical composition using lego bricks

Week beginning 12.12.21     


On Monday we started our non-chronological reports about light and how shadows or reflections work in our English books we have knowledge organiser that gave us some ides


In math on Tuesday we learned about rotation and coordinate dots to make shapes! We followed to dots all together and cool shapes!!


On Wednesday we finished our non-chronological and published it!! And done a science test!!


Thursday we did paper snowflakes and a nice little part we played outside and had snacks!!!


Friday we cut potatoes in half and made wrapping paper it was soooo fun and we also had the left overs so cool!!!

Rosie D


From 6 Elder we wish you all a very MERY CHISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.   


See you all in 2022!