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Term 2

Happy Christmas and Holidays to all our lovely children and their parents / carers.  Thank you for all our beautiful and thoughtful gifts and cards.  See you on Wednesday 4th January 1.00 pm.


We have been very excited, brave and super learners this week as we celebrate Christmas.

Well the last few weeks have been super busy as we get ready for Christmas.  

The tally so far is ....


1 Nativity Play - magnificent effort by all the children with brilliant singing and dancing - and no one falling off the stage!

a Christmas Card

a Calendar

A Decoration

A Surprise!


and next week .... Christmas jumper afternoon on Wednesday, Church on Thursday and Party in the afternoon.


Perhaps we should all wear our pyjamas on Friday and have a cosy indoor day!


Thank you for all your support this Autumn, we are having a lovely learning time in Nursery together.


Keep warm and safe this weekend. 


Photos to come next week.

Week 3 saw us take part in so many things.

Wednesday was Odd Sock Day as part of Anti-Bullying Week.  "All different, All equal".  We looked at our different socks and went on a sock hunt to help Mrs Knights find all the socks from her laundry bag.  The blue one with the snowmen wasn't found until Friday!


On Thursday Felix and Ralf discovered that there was a real cooked pizza in Maple Nursery.  We were very surprised.  We wondered if the Little Red Hen had left it for us.  Fortunately Mrs Knights could phone up the Little Red Hen to ask if she had, and we had a lovely chat about our favourite toppings.  Lots of us liked pineapple and cheese or just cheese and tomato.  The pizza was delicious and we said thank you.


Then on Friday we went spotty dotty for Children in Need and explored circles, dots and 'round'.


We are very tired from all our learning this week, so have a good rest.


PLEASE NOTE:  on Thursday 23rd November, all the Nursery staff will be out of class as we have to go on a Paediatric First Aid Course.  This is in school, and I will check in with the children at lunch time.  Please prepare your children for learning with new school adults on that day.  


Mrs Knights

Here we are at the end of a super busy week 2 where the Little Red Hen came to visit and left us some of her beautiful fresh flour.  We added water and left it to rise from flat to fat then baked it in the oven.  We visited the Little Red Hen's kitchen all the way at the other side of school - it was a long, long walk!

The bread was delicious when we tasted it.  The next day she had come back again and left us some of her favourite breads to taste - brioche, bagel and naan bread.  We were really brave to try new textures and flavours.  


We had a go at cutting down wheat with a scythe too!  We had to be very careful to keep the blade down low and use a curve movement.   (the wheat was skittles and the scythe was a toy one!)

We had a go at creating our own windmills with construction as we really enjoyed the motion of the blades spinning.

Finally on Friday we watched a lovely, gentle interpretation of the devastation of war and the healing afterwards on www.cbeebies/iplayer/poppies.  This 2 minute clip explores how a rabbit and friends react during and after the war and as they watch the poppies grow.  It was an excellent introduction to Remembrance Day.


We wish you all a safe and happy weekend.


Next week is Odd Sock Day on Wednesday when we celebrate our similarities and differences.

Friday is Children in Need Day - wear lots of spots and bring 50p.


Mrs Knights

Welcome back to a misty Autumn.  Keep safe this weekend if you are visiting a Firework Party.


This week started with a very exciting look at how we celebrate birthdays.  We finished with a real live birthday party for all of us in Maple Nursery.  Kipper the dog  visited us and showed us the book about his birthday. (Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen)


We planned our party and here's what we did:

wrapped a present

made a hat

made a tie

made a party bag

made a cake!


At our party we played pass the parcel and our prize was a Postman Pat DVD about his birthday party.  Then we opened the presents we had wrapped, went on a hunt for our party bags and found they had filled up with a bottle of bubble mixture.


We were getting a bit tired now so we ate our party food then ran off all our energy outside.  


We spent the whole afternoon at our party - it was wonderful.  


(we also showed that we could cut paper, count candles, measure ingredients and make lots of different marks to decorate our tie!)  Learning is fun.  


Next week is Little Red Hen week - making bread.


Happy weekend,


Mrs Knights, Mrs Moral and Mr Javi


PLEASE REMEMBER to apply for your Reception place.  We can help, please ask.